I would like to take this time to thank you, like all your other students :-), for making this information available to me so that I can realize my true potential and open up a wondrous world that I never knew I could connect to.
Thanks once again Gerald, you have inspired so many people, so selflessly, to greatness, including me.  You have given a gift of knowledge to me that I will never forget.


I would recommend this program! Because it can change the world… People need to understand that we are not just an accident… There is a better way to experience life! And throught Gerald’s program I guarantee you will feel better in your first week!

I personally love it alot! Its extremely effective as there are times when I am not listening to his courses and am relaxed laying down I feel almost like im high! I feel a strong vibration moving through me and its almost like a dream. Just recently I was laying down and I wanted to have an out of body experience, just moments latter I was vibrating and almost thought I was asleep and my eye opened up a little… but it was not my physical eyes I moved my hand to try and open my eyes cause it felt so heavy and I could not open them I used 2 fingers to spread my eyelid open but I was in a dream state! I saw what seemed to be a vision of some sort but it was like water and something was dropped into the water.. It was rippling and I say something like a picture frame with a crystal in it I dont know for sure what it was and I heard a guitar playing it was amazing!

Lance Larkin from Missouri, US