“Mindvalley is a bit of a cultural anomaly. Based on the way we think the world should work, Mindvalley shouldn’t exist. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Malaysia is a country suffering from massive brain drain. Every year it loses 1% of it’s population to more developed countries like the USA, Canada, Hong Kong or Australia. Vishen was born in Malaysia and has watched the majority of his friends from high school leave Malaysia for richer countries. One of his goals is to end this loss of talent. His plan? Creating the World’s Single Greatest Workplace right here in Malaysia and changing the way the world and Malaysians view the country.

“I’m a big fan of the idea that what you believe comes true about the world and about your reality. So I decided to created a new vision and belief. And that vision was: ‘I am going to build the best damn place to work. Not in Malaysia, but on the planet. And it’s going to be right here in Kuala Lumpur. Screw Brain Drain.”’

In this speech Vishen shares the principles he brought into Mindvalley to transform it into one of the world’s best places to work — his vision, notions of work space and culture, happiness at work, and how to attract brilliant employees. This has resulted in the company, although based in Malaysia, dominating it’s industry globally, growing by 80% every year for the last 5 years, and becoming a talent hub now employing people from 30 different countries, all of whom move to Malaysia to work from Mindvalley HQ.

“We spend 70% of your working hours at work… So why shouldn’t work be the happiest, most fulfilling, most celebratory, most enticing times of your life? That’s what we owe the human population. And that’s why a massive work revolution in corporate companies, start-ups and government is necessary.”

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