Every year, Mindvalley flies the entire office (and this time 110 of us) to a beachside resort for our annual team retreat – four days and three nights of training, bonding, personal growth and celebrating. Kind of our own private Awesomeness Fest, if you like.

And by celebrating we mean our signature Mindvalley parties. And by that we mean keeping taking our party themes seriously. This year we went from hip hop Ghetto Fabulous to Nerds & Geeks and a rather naughty Pajama Party.

But we also decided to add a plot twist to the agenda – by throwing in an obstacle course to shake things up first thing in the morning, and see just how much our teams can work together under pressure… and just how much they trust each other.

This involved everything from having to build and device a floating transporter using balloons, garbage bags and ropes; transfering team members through a complicated human web; a series of mind puzzles; forming a tight train with a blind lead and a hilarious “banana race” that had everybody in really awkward positions!

Here are some pics from our long, eventful and epic weekend at the Le Meridian Khao Lak Resort in Phuket Thailand last July. Welcome to Mindvalley :)