Just because tech teams are technically the “back end” of the typical system, it doesn’t mean that we should push them to the back of the office, out of sight from visitors, caging them amidst stiff grey desks, crap lighting, cult movie posters and sci-fi memorabilia (okay sci-fi memorabilia is still cool).

No, Mindvalley is changing the scene. Techies are the real cool kids and we’re going to treat these guys like the tech Sherlocks they truly are.

So last month we launched our new Steampunk office for our Technology Team. We’re looking to hire the best iOS, Android and Ruby developers in Asia, and, true to Mindvalley style – we want to give them an epic place to work.

Steampunk is a literary genre that basically means “Victorian Science Fiction”. It’s the hottest design theme on the planet today – and we even decked the place up with authentic antiques from Europe and custom-made lamps, maps and clocks that replicate the world of Sherlock Holmes and sci-fi novelist Jules Verne. Men dig it, and the ladies find it sexy.

We are looking to name this hot space however. What name would you give it? :-)


 (Photographs by All Is Amazing)