As you may have heard, the most experiential 4-day event returns for a third season – Awesomenessfest 2012! It’s the exclusive beach

retreat that teaches you how to do more, accomplish more, give more, dream more and reach your goals faster.

And you will be pleased to hear that it is no coincidence that Mindvalley has chosen the beautiful location of the Mayan
Riviera. Aside from the exotic location, an abundance of tequila and a strict afternoon siesta policy, the Mayan
Riviera hosts an important link to a major shift that the Universe is experiencing right now.

In recent years, the news has been ripe with stories, conspiracy theories and even films–such as 2012– about the end of
the world as we know it. But is there any truth in this so-called prediction?

According to Diana Magaloni Kerpel, museum director at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, “the world
coming to an end in 2012—that’s an idea of the 21st century. It’s not about the world ending; it’s about cycles of time.
They [the Maya] are really in love with those calculations and they are discovering the universe through their calculations.”

Also, a recent discovery of 1,300 year old Mayan inscriptions refers to the end of a cycle of 5,125 years and the
start of a new era in December 2012, an era full of opportunity.

Life coach and transformational expert Doc Barham reveals his thoughts on the significance of the end of this cycle and explains
why it is no coincidence that Awesomeness Fest 2012 is being held at the Mayan Riviera.

Watch this three minute video to find out the significance of December 2012 and what it has in store for you, wherever you
are in the world!