Love Week: A “crazy” tradition that started in Mindvalley on Valentine’s Day four years ago is now a global movement. We’re calling all companies and businesses to join us and watch how this will change their company culture in remarkable ways.

Several years ago, Mindvalley decided that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be a day just for lovers with lovers – it should be an entire WEEK where everybody gets to experience a little love and appreciation at the workplace. After all, love and appreciation lead to happiness. And happiness is known to boost productivity.

“When I first started up Mindvalley, I’d always dabble in different techniques to boost productivity in the workplace,” says founder Vishen Lakhiani. “But if there is just ONE thing that I discovered creates consistent leaps in productivity, it’s this – your level of happiness at work.”

So why shouldn’t work be filled with happiness? Mindvalley started a little experiment that completely surpassed their expectations, proving just how much human beings can truly care for each other when “love” becomes a workplace game.

Love Week 2015 MV

“Happy moments” from Mindvalley’s Love Week in 2014 :-)

Love Week takes place the week before Valentine’s, during which every person participating becomes a Secret Angel to another anonymously (similar to the concept of Secret Santa). This year, it takes place from Monday, February 9th – Friday, February 13th. Mindvalley wants you to get your company to join in on this global movement. Warning – this will shift your company culture.

“Everyone gives. And everyone receives. The culture is incredibly simple yet it creates an immense, positive cultural shift in the company. And what’s even more remarkable is that the friendships and bonds continue long after Love Week ends, and in turn so do the positive boosts in productivity,” adds Vishen.

The week-long campaign will be shared across Mindvalley’s Facebook page and Instagram and Twitter feeds (@mindvalley) using the official hashtag #SpreadLoveWeek, featuring Mindvalley’s own experience of the culture as well as participating companies and teams across the planet that use the hashtag.

Head over to the official Love Week campaign page to find out how you can participate in this global movement to shift company cultures worldwide.