Email Copywriter

Emails are the backbone of Mindvalley’s customer communication. A good email is like a TED talk: it educates and entertains. It makes people smile. And it drives them to take action.

Got what it takes to write awesome emails? We’re looking for that special someone to…

  1. Create sizzling hot email funnels for new and existing businesses – the kind of funnels that engage, entertain, and guide customers through a life-changing journey.
  2. Craft compelling email campaigns for product promotions and to reach out to customers.
  3. Dream up new models for email campaigns, optimize existing email funnels and test, test, test!

Nobody learns email copywriting in University – but we would prefer you to have experience in direct response, copywriting or even editorial. You’ve got to be fearless against deadlines. And you’ve got to love teamwork.

Oh, and you get extra brownie points if you’ve got prior experience in online marketing or personal growth. We also have a soft spot for poets and starving artists :-) If you love reading and writing catchy emails/posts this job projects exactly what you’ll enjoy doing.

As the expert senior copy writer at MindValley, Omar is responsible for cranking out amazing emails and inspiring web copy that touches the lives of our customers and followers. He works with amazing marketers from around the world, has access to the hottest learning materials and is always growing his skills. And yes, his office really is a bean bag chair :)

Think you got what it Takes?

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