Here’s what happened when one company tried an experiment & made “Love” part of everyone’s job description for 5 days…

Love Week: A ‘crazy’ tradition that started in one company on Valentines Day four years ago is about to turn into a global movement. Get your company or business to join us. And watch how this might change your company culture in remarkable ways ;-)

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Several years ago, we decided that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be a day just for lovers with lovers – it should be an entire WEEK where everybody gets to experience a little love and appreciation at the workplace. After all, love and appreciation lead to happiness. And happiness is known to boost productivity.

So why shouldn’t work be filled with happiness. So we started a little experiment that kinda blew out of control and showed how just how much human beings truly love and care about each other—when you make ‘love and care’ a workplace “game”.

During Love Week at Mindvalley, every person on the team is designated with a Secret Angel for the week, which takes place around Valentine’s each year (but of course). This year it’s Mon Feb 10 to Fri Feb 14.

And we want you to get your company to join in. Warning—this will shift your company culture. And it you will continue doing this EVERY YEAR. It’s that powerful.

The rules of the game?

  1. Everyone adds their names to a hat. You then draw out names (at random). We do this with 120 people. Gender roles don’t matter. The name you pick can be of any gender, or even your supervisor or boss.
  2. The name you draw is your ‘human’. And your job is to now be a secret angel for this human for the entire week. As a secret angel, you should pamper, treat and surprise your human for five days, and you do this anonymously. Your identity as a secret angel should only be revealed after Love Week is over. Remember that while you are an angel — someone else is being an angel to you. So you too will be receiving ‘love’ all week long.
  3. From February 10th – 14th, every Secret Angel has to show love and appreciation for their human in creative, mysterious, and secretive ways. (Note: Angels can employ friends as “agents” to do their bidding. For example, ask a friend to rub your humans shoulders for 5 minutes on your behalf)
  4. Show the world how the world how much love you are spreading! Join the movement with the hashtags #loveweek. Post your pictures, videos, and stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

On Monday 17th, Angels reveal themselves and get to hug their human.

Tips and Ideas:

We’ve had some generous and creative angels in the past who surprised their humans with flowers, notes of appreciation, paid-for massages, and even a serenade by the more vocally-gifted of us. Other sweet ideas you might consider are: inspiring messages, chocolates, flowers, a delicious lunch, a personalized music playlist, a decorated desk, massage-o-grams, a cup of their favorite coffee, or even something quirky from

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To join the movement comment below – let us know what you think of the idea and if your business is IN.

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