A next-generation publishing company for the next-generation author

Mindvalley is one of the world’s fastest growing new media publishing companies, and we’re in the business of spreading enlightened ideas.

We take publishing to the next level. We connect personal growth authors with the Internet generation through new media platforms like video, mobile apps and social networks.

What makes us different is the Mindvalley DNA, an optimized marketing process designed to refine and promote an author’s work on the Internet and beyond.

We’re on a mission to touch 1 billion lives by the year 2050 – and to get there, we’re on the lookout for visionary thinkers, authors, and leaders. People who are pioneering new ways of parenting, entrepreneurship, spiritual growth, self-development, and more.

Book marketing expert, Michael Drew declares Mindvalley to be the “Future of Publishing”.

6 Ways to be Published by Mindvalley

1. The Choice Channel

Get exposure with an article on our network! We publish two of the biggest blogs in the game – Finerminds for personal growth and Insights for business.

2. Mindvalley Mobile

We’ve created Omvana, the sophisticated meditation app on the iPhone that allows tens of thousands of authors (and users) to share their customized, personalized meditations with the world.

3. Legendary Events

Our events – AwesomenessFest for personal growth and Zentrepreneur for business – are invite only, have cult status, and regularly attract some of the world’s most renowned speakers.

4. Mindvalley Academy

Join our growing list of digital authors who are published on Mindvalley Academy, our personal growth library seen by over 200,000 students.

5. Get Exposure

We’ve had huge success with Google Adwords, Facebook and list generation – which has made us the single biggest promoter in the industry. Got a hot product? If it meets our standards we can drive millions of visitors to your product.

6. Let Us Launch You to the World

Each year we launch 3-4 new big authors and if you’re one of the lucky few – you’re set for life. We made Burt Goldman, Christie Marie Sheldon, The Silva Method and Omharmonics some of the most popular programs in the personal growth industry with hundreds of thousands of students.

We’re engaging the generation beyond books

So why should you look beyond traditional media, and expand into this exciting new world? Well for starters, new media allows you to…

  • Get your home-study course published online without the traditional hurdles of book publication, physical distribution and costly marketing.
  • Interact with your worldwide audience and dominate the social media sphere.
  • Create rich user experiences through technology like HD videos, online events and immersive multimedia content.
  • Stand out in your niche through highly targeted visibility campaigns.

9 reasons authors work with Mindvalley.

1. We create works of art

From a product’s branding to production to marketing, every step of the Mindvalley DNA is engineered to turn our authors’ content into high-impact works of art.

We believe the user experience is crucial–which is why we avoid unsightly and misleading direct response websites that convert, but damage brands in the long run.

Instead, we build visually stunning and authentic websites that leave a positive brand impression on users. And according to our analytics, they also outperform standard direct response websites by 30-100%.

2. We nurture passionate global communities

We don’t stop at making superb content and websites–we also help our authors connect and interact with their fan bases, both online and offline.

For example over the past 2 years, we’ve generated over 800,000 subscribers and $12 million worth of home study course sales for The Silva Method. And over 60% of their last seminar’s attendees were Mindvalley customers.

3. We host awesome personal growth events

Every year we host a variety of events like Awesomeness Fest –an annual festival held in exotic locations where some of the world’s leading personal growth icons, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and other brilliant minds get together to network, share ideas and have a ton of fun.

Today, Awesomeness Fest is one of the most popular non-profit personal growth gatherings in the world, and it allows our authors to participate and connect with some of the industry’s most influential personalities.

4. We’re all about the personal touch

Laura Silva, President of Silva International, talks about working with Mindvalley.

Mindvalley is a boutique publisher. We currently work–and play–with a carefully selected group of 10 authors. When we’re not planning our next big launch together, we attend insider events and hang out at parties across the world.

But being all about the personal touch doesn’t mean we think small or sacrifice on profits. Because the amount of traffic and sales we generate for each of our authors are leaps and bounds beyond what they’d get by working with a large publisher.

The home study course sales that our authors enjoy are 50-100 times greater than what they’d get with mass-market publishers. Consider this — Burt Goldman, one of our first authors, approached us in 2005. He had a self-published book that was selling just a few copies a week, which we rebranded into an online community known as The American Monk.

The American Monk went on to become a case study in viral marketing. Burt’s biggest ever earnings from his self-published book was $1,000 per month. His biggest ever royalty cheque from The American Monk stands at $98,000 per month. And Burt’s second product, Quantum Jumping, has gone on to become the single best selling personal growth home training program on the Internet today.

Our typical selection ratio is 1 out of 100 would-be authors. Many of those who aren’t published still get to participate in the Mindvalley experience by contributing to our FinerMinds blog, which has over 454,000 active members, is one of the biggest personal growth communities on the Internet today.

5. We help inspire other businesses across the world

Because convention isn’t really our style, we’ve turned Mindvalley into a testing ground for innovative ways to run a business. What happens when employees share in profits? Or vote for their own salary? How would our work environment change if company meetings were banned and instead replaced with Awesomeness Reports?

The result, we often find, is a happier, more inspired and more productive workplace –one that many companies across the world are beginning to emulate. For the past 4 years running, we’ve even made it on WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces, alongside other forward-thinking companies like Zappos and Groupon.

6. We put the planet first

Our single biggest rule is to make a positive impact on the planet. Our products empower people to embrace enlightened lifestyles, and give back to their communities. And our conscious business practices include donating a portion of our profits to worthy causes like Amazonian rainforest preservation.

Our second biggest rule is keeping our customers happy –and that’s where our customer support team comes in. This in-house team is dedicated to delivering an awesome experience for every Mindvalley customer through an interaction policy we call Heroic Customer Support.

Our third biggest rule is prioritizing our people, which are our employees and authors. We love looking at the WorldBlu awards hanging on our walls, because they illustrate our commitment to workplace democracy and treating our people with the integrity, respect and transparency.

Our fourth biggest rule is making profits through our 4-tiered process, the Mindvalley Values System. We choose to make money only when our actions are in alignment with all the other rules. If our business activity is good for the planet, our customers and our people, then it’s good for us. And guess what? If our track record is anything to go by, we actually make more money this way.

7. We deliver the best knowledge consumption experience on the Internet today

When a customer buys a product through Mindvalley, they are guided to use the program through an online membership area known as the Mindvalley Library.

This system helps customers use our products, purchase additional content, and get customer support when they need it. We’ve spent over 7 years building this system to make sure our customers are getting the best online knowledge consumption experience.

8. We’re on a mission to change the world

Our goal is to spread enlightened ideas to 500 million people by the year 2050, and make a profound impact on the way people think, learn, work and grow.

We dream of changing the education system to go beyond traditional college degrees, and into mastery of physical and mental pursuits like fitness, health, goal-setting, intuition and creativity. Today we’re at 1.2 million subscribers, so we’ve still got some work to do before we can hit our target–and that’s why were looking for more awesome authors, and expanding into growing markets like Latin America, Russia, Poland, and India.

9. We give our authors the freedom they deserve

It’s only natural that an author’s knowledge and training systems evolve as time goes by –yet in a traditional publishing deal, a publisher would still have the rights to sell an author’s outdated content 5, 10, even 15 years down the road. The problem is, this outdated content may no longer serve or represent an author’s current brand and viewpoints.

That’s why we’ve created the Freedom Clause a policy, aligned with the Mindvalley Values System, that gives our authors the freedom to pull their product off the market at any time they see fit. When an author signs a publishing deal with us, they’re signing to keep it out there for as long as THEY want. They have the option to pull their content off the market from as little as 6 months after we launch it.

Another important part of the Freedom Clause is we don’t ask our authors for an exclusive deal. When they publish with us, their content remains legally theirs, so they can work with other marketers and agencies to leverage this content in other forms of media.

We believe the Freedom Clause gives our authors what every author deserves in the first place: the liberty to use their work in their own way.

How we cracked the code to awesomeness

Creating one of the world’s top online publishing companies was the last thing on Vishen Lakhiani’s mind. At the time he was an up-and-coming meditation instructor and computer engineer in New York, looking for a way to get people into his classes.

He knew posting flyers on sidewalks and approaching individuals would only get him so far. He wanted an efficient solution. Something that would work on autopilot, and reach out to large groups of interested people for him.

It didn’t take Vishen long to realize that solution was the Internet. So using his background in computer engineering, he decided to learn the ins and outs of e-commerce, an industry that was slowly booming in 2002 with new advertising platforms like Google AdWords entering the market.

Vishen started off by sending his advertising traffic to free online meditation courses. The idea was to get people to read them, and get them hooked on attending his classes. The response to this course was, in Vishen’s own words, insane.

Within a short time, these online courses had been downloaded by over 800,000 people. These people served as Vishen’s first database of potential customers–and after spending 5 years optimizing the process of converting leads into buyers, he went on to earn over $10 million in sales in meditation products alone.

The news soon spread like wildfire, and other authors began approaching Vishen. To cope with the demand, in January 2003 he founded Mindvalley. And we’d like to think we’ve come a pretty long way since then.

Is there a Mindvalley author in you?

  • Are you an established author looking to break into the online market?
  • Do you already have an online product/website/presence that you want to improve?
  • Do you already have a small but loyal following, and want to take your game to the next level?
  • Are you an aspiring author who’s tried self-publishing, but can’t get the results you’re looking for?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we’d love to hear from you. Just fill in our Author Publishing Application here to submit your information to our Publishing Team.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page here.