You’ve Found
Your Tribe

You’ve Found
Your Tribe

Magical Friendships With People
Who Uplift You

One of the most rewarding things about school is the lifelong friendships you make. That’s why the entire Mindvalley Tribe Membership experience is designed to connect you with amazing people from all over the world.

People on the same journey as you. People from all walks of life. People who uplift you, inspire you, and keep you accountable to your progress. People who just like you, have made lifelong learning their number one goal in life.

Whether you’re in a passionate discussion with us on Facebook, or hanging out with us at Mindvalley Reunion or one of our other global events – you might just meet your new best friends when you join the Tribe.

Deep Online & Real-World Connections

1. The Mindvalley Tribe Membership Private Facebook Group

Strictly for Mindvalley Tribe Members only, this private group is where we share our daily a-ha moments, ideas, special invitations, requests for help, and much more.

2. Monthly Mentorship Classes With Vishen Lakhiani

Our monthly classes with Vishen are a great way for the Tribe to come together, sit by our virtual campfire, and share our deepest thoughts and challenges.

3. Intimate Gatherings Across The Globe

Connect with your Tribe at A-Fest, Mindvalley U, and other Mindvalley events worldwide – and get a special discount for Mindvalley Reunion.


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