A Curriculum Optimized For Profound Personal Growth

A Curriculum Optimized For Profound Personal Growth

Curated Tribe Training For Extraordinary Personal Growth

Transformational Ideas You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

As a Mindvalley Tribe Member you’re immersed in a curriculum of exclusive training that goes for beyond our regular Quests and courses – all curated by Vishen Lakhiani and his team.

Included in your Membership is access to Consciousness Engineering: a monthly mini course with Vishen and one of his top personal mentors, that elevates you in areas like biohacking, elevated states of consciousness, minimum effective dose fitness, and much more. Plus incredible professional mentorship through monthly Impact At Work sessions.

You’re getting hundreds of hours of high level and exclusive training material, at just $0.70 a day. And thanks to our innovative learning technology, the freedom to absorb it all wherever and whenever you want.

Choose How You Want To Grow

1. Next Level Training With Exclusive Tribe Teachers

An average Mindvalley Quest is 4+ hours of training. Mindvalley Tribe Membership gives you hundreds of hours of high-end training with an exclusive network of teachers, experts, and mentors: available nowhere else but here.

2. Monthly Mentorship Classes With Vishen Lakhiani

Connect with Vishen and ask him anything on a monthly mentorship class filled with deep conversation, bold new ideas, and co-creation of our Tribe’s vision. It’s the next best thing to having Vishen as your personal coach.

3. Exclusive Mindvalley Documentaries

Watch exclusive, beautifully produced documentaries that explore today’s most important ideas, issues, and emerging trends in the Mindvalley community – including the Emmy Award-nominated Live Your Quest.

4. Private Recordings From Global Mindvalley Events

From A-Fest to Mindvalley Reunion: get behind-the-scenes interviews, stage recordings, and other insider footage from our sold out events across the planet. Without having to book a single hotel or plane ticket.

5. The Best Deals For All Mindvalley Products

As a Mindvalley Tribe Member, get the lowest price on all Mindvalley’s online products, as well as a discount on Mindvalley Reunion: our annual real-world gathering for the Tribe. The more you learn, the more you save.

Take Your Education Everywhere

The official Mindvalley app lets you stream or save your Mindvalley Tribe Membership trainings from your smartphone or tablet – and level up your life anywhere and anytime. It’s daily personal growth, made easy.