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Unlock More Potential with 40 Years of Zen™

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About 40 Years of Zen™

Find your own personal key to unlocking more of your potential.

You’re already working to unlock your full potential — else you wouldn’t even be here reading about 40 Years of Zen™! What if you discovered that you could boost the overall size of your full potential?

And then you “upgraded” the benefits by leveraging technology and guidance not found anywhere else, including a personalized brain map, to help unlock all that extra mental potential?

The 40 Years of Zen Essentials Upgrade

That’s exactly what we do. The 40 Years of Zen Essentials Upgrade 1 program neurofeedback targets and trains the brain’s deep control sites, increasing overall brain coherence, resulting in optimum brain functioning, providing incredible benefits in both personal and professional lives.

It is an intense five day experience that uses our state of the art, custom brain mapping and monitoring equipment to provide instant and constant feedback to you about what your brain is doing We have upgraded the amount of training that you can do by carefully engineering the environment in our facility, by using the most up to date technology, and by providing you with supplementation and nutrition that is designed to support a high performance brain.

Neurofeedback helps you get to the heart of thoughts and feelings that are holding you back. Many ailments and suffering we endure are due to some aspect of false perception or thinking. If you come from a technical background, think of it as “bad data”. Essentially, you are believing thoughts that aren’t true as you listen to the noise in your head rather than accessing the truth and wisdom to be that can be found in the space between your thoughts. By using neurofeedback training, you can filter out the noise and access a higher level of awareness and thinking.

Our tools and training teach you how to achieve a brain state similar to that of a Zen master with 40 years of meditation experience. Once you achieve that Zen-like brain state you unlock more lasting creativity, intelligence and calm focus than you ever realized you possessed. You’ll create more good in less time.

This is an intense program and is not for everyone. You’ll spend five days working your brain in new ways under the personalized and watchful guidance of some of the world’s most advanced neuroscientists, neurofeedback counselors and meditation experts. To ensure the success of your upgrade we only take five people at a time. With such limited class size, along with the top people in this field in the world and the most up-to-date precision equipment the price is $15,000 for each zen seeker joining our five day program.

If you’re interested in combining awareness with self control to become smarter, more creative, calmer and more focused, get in contact with us. We’ll talk with you more about your goals and how 40 Years of Zen can help you accomplish them.

What You’ll Get

1. Harness Your Brain’s Full Potential With The 40 Years Of Zen Mastermind Program

Achieve more, in less time by hacking into one of the most complex and powerful processing systems in the world … YOUR BRAIN. The result is optimum brain function. And it’s only available at 40 YEARS OF ZEN.

2. Customized And Personalized

The 5-day neurofeedback brain training includes a brain map that is used for your unique and one-of-a-kind brain wave training.

3. Peak Brain Performance

Neurofeedback improves the connectivity and processing speed of your entire brain network. The goal is for you to leave your personalized neurofeedback training on the path to peak performance in the most important areas of life.

4. Peak Emotional Performance

Your mental performance and flow state go beyond technology. You’ll utilize targeted personal growth exercises, in addition to state-of-the-art Z-suite technology, to create and solidify profound neurological changes to your “new operating system”.


1. Keep Learning And Growing

The private Mastermind Online Community provides ongoing access to the knowledge of the 40 Years of ZenTM experts, trainers and Dave Asprey, as well as other like-minded graduates. This continued engagement helps lock in and continuously expand the impact of the neurofeedback.

2. Get Results

Emotional balance, increased access to intuition, greater focus and creativity, deeper compassion, broader forgiveness, healthier personal and professional relationships and overall life mastery

3. Days, Not Decades

The 5 Day Essentials Upgrade neurofeedback intensive course trains levels of brain activity and functionality that can take decades to achieve via traditional means.

The 40 Years of Zen™ Mastermind Program includes:

Essentials Upgrade

The Z-State suite of technology is wrapped around targeted personal growth experiences that combine to maximize your neural potential and abilities. Your intense 5 days of training will leverage unique, brain-focused technology that is only found at 40 Years of Zen. The luxury training center is located just outside Seattle, Washington.

Collective Intelligence

Graduates of the training program continue learning via the exclusive Mastermind Online Community. You’ll receive 12 months’ access to Dave, neurofeedback experts and other graduates of the program. This close-knit group works together to achieve more and continuously expand the impact of the neurofeedback training.

Live Web Meetings

Interactive get togethers, hosted approximately every 6 weeks by Dave Asprey, are dedicated to increasing and enhancing mental performance. Share cutting edge research and breakthroughs, get answers to your questions from Dave and provide experiences that the Mastermind Community can relate to and build upon.

Case Study

See behind the scenes with Vishen at 40 Years of Zen

See the 40 years of Zen 3D printed brain scanner and Vishen doing “Cap Training”

What Students Say

“40 Years of Zen surpassed my expectations. I know the insights and the journey I experienced will continue to shape my life in profound ways.”
“40 Years of Zen surpassed my expectations. I know the insights and the journey I experienced will continue to shape my life in profound ways.”

Dr. Robyn Benson

”For me this is like the X-men headquarters. It feels amazing here – with a superhero team.”
”For me this is like the X-men headquarters. It feels amazing here – with a superhero team.”

Jim Kwik

“Neurofeedback is the #1 most impactful biohack that I have used in my entire life”
“Neurofeedback is the #1 most impactful biohack that I have used in my entire life”

Dave Asprey

Payment Information

The Total cost of 40 Years of Zen is $15,000 USD. To get started, all that we ask is for you to make a deposit of $3,500 USD. This is a fully refundable deposit as we walk you through the process of scheduling and logistics.

Next Steps

Once the deposit is received, you will get an email directing you to an application form. You’ll be contacted by the 40 Years of Zen team to complete your application review. We take this step seriously, as not everyone is eligible for the program. Should you not pass the assessment, we will promptly refund your deposit. If the assessment is a success, you will proceed to scheduling your session. You will be asked to pay the balance at this point.