Your Transformational Education Just Got A Whole Lot More Affordable

Your Transformational Education Just Got A Whole Lot More Affordable

Introducing The Mindvalley Quest All Access: Your Golden Key To Almost All Of Mindvalley’s Bestselling Quests, At A Fraction Of The Price
Mindvalley Opens a Massive $7,332 Discount on The Most Comprehensive Collection of Personal Transformation Systems to Elevate Every Level of Your Life.

The Best of Mindvalley, for the Best You.

The Mindvalley Quest All Access subscription program gives you every single Quest Mindvalley has ever produced – and that we ever will produce – at a surprisingly low annual fee.

You’ll save big on your lifelong education. You’ll discover transformational wisdom and ideas not yet covered in mainstream learning. And you’ll connect with the world’s best teachers and community.

All on one revolutionary online learning platform.

Unlock a New Superpower Every Month with Mindvalley Quest All Access

Quests Collage

What is Mindvalley Quest All Access

Gain new skills and abilities, every single day…

Wisdom, inspiration, and deep connections right at your fingertips…

Lasting personal transformation is your default state.

Mindvalley Quest All Access grants you unlimited access to almost every Quest ever made, plus first-access to all NEW upcoming Quests that Mindvalley creates.

Think of this as your personalized blueprint for transformation — Mindvalley’s vault of personal growth wisdom, from the world’s best teachers.

All our Quests. Now yours to experience without restriction…

And at a tiny fraction of the price – or less than $2 a day, it’s the best deal we’ve ever offered.

It’s never been easier to make transformational learning your daily way of life. No more start-stop personal growth. No more feeling stuck, frustrated, or even lonely.

Instead, Mindvalley Quest All Access empowers you to design your personalized, all-year-round transformation plan to get better everyday, with the most passionate teachers and community on the planet.

Breakthroughs For Every Area Of Life

Craving financial freedom?

How about the fittest, healthiest body of your life?

Perhaps you’re searching for spiritual clarity and transcendence?

Or maybe you just want to find your unique purpose and mission?

Whatever you’re looking to solve, change, or achieve – and no matter what stage of personal growth you’re at – the Mindvalley Quest All Access supports you with unlimited access to dozens of transformational Quests and courses covering every area of life.

Learning Customized to Your Goals

Included in your Mindvalley Quest All Access subscription is the Mindvalley Life Assessment: a highly accurate 20-minute test revealing which areas of your life need the most urgent attention. You can then use your assessment results to pick the right Quests for your personal needs and goals – and design your own bespoke learning curriculum.

Get Trained by the World’s Greatest Teachers

Mindvalley Teachers Mindvalley Teachers Mindvalley Teachers

Why Mindvalley Quest is the Best Education Money Can Buy (Yes, even better than an Ivy League Degree)

1. Access World-Class Teachers

Choose your coach for the day, month, week, or even year, with any one of our world-class experts in their fields of focus.

2. The Best Program on Earth in EVERY Category of Growth

Just like your personal coaches, you’re able to select the area you’d like to focus on — from Wealth, to Abundance Blocks, to Life Mission and more.

3. World’s Most Effective Learning Platform

With a completion rate 800% above industry standard, our Quest models are proven to deliver extraordinary transformations in just 20 minutes or less per day.

4. Over 300K + Transformations

As many as 300,000 students have made the decision to embrace their fullest potential with Transformational Learning.

5. Trusted by Schools and Companies

Global schools and Fortune 500 corporations trust Mindvalley’s programs to deliver personal growth that supports true transformation.

6. An Ever-Expanding Library of Programs

Get access to almost every Quest in the Mindvalley inventory… including new programs and topics that accelerate your growth.

How To Use Your Mindvalley Quest All Access

Step 1 – Take the Life Assessment

You’ll begin your All Access journey with the Life Assessment. This quick quiz will give you a real-time picture of exactly where you are right now, and suggest focus areas so you can see immediate results. The assessment takes 22 mins and will reveal truly remarkable insights on your life.

Step 2 – Choose Your Categories

With so many Quests to choose we recommend you start with your lower-scoring areas in your Life Assessment. Focusing on these areas first will quickly give you the biggest gains and the most growth in little time.

Step 3 – Begin the Quest You Choose

Take one Quest, or a few at a time. You can mix, match, and even take Quests that compliment each other. Quests start at select times with 1000’s of other students. It’s like enrolling in a class.

Step 4 – Connect with Other Students in Active Online Communities

With Mindvalley Quest All Access, you’re never alone. Inside the Tribe you’ll find thousands of like-minded people with the desire to live their most extraordinary lives, just like you.

Participate in accountability calls, get support, join group intention sessions, and connect with members who are ready to get better every single day.

What Students Say About Mindvalley

“The Mindvalley Quest All Access is a tool box for life.””

I like the fact that the Mindvalley Quest All Access is a tool box for life – I call it “my golden tool box” of precious and priceless knowledge. The Quests are packed with all the necessary information that helps one in gaining confidence in who you are and become fearless of discovering the greatness within.

Taina Fareleiro


Zoe Volanthen
“It was a no brainer… I wanted to start them all at once!”

When the offer came to have Mindvalley Quest All Access, it was a no brainer. Now I was a child in a sweetie shop, I wanted to start them all at once!

With limited time in each day I let the universe guide me through the quests in Mindvalley Quest All Access and I chose Jeffrey Allen’s Transcendence quest and Neale Donald Walsh’s Awaken the Species first. I have almost finished these quests, both of which have catapulted me upwards in understanding, believing and looking for the bigger mission in my life. I’m also working through the Chakra Healing quest as this is vital for removing emotional blockages from my past and preventing illnesses. I can’t wait to do the Yoga quest for clarity and wellbeing.

Zoe Volanthen

Southampton, England

“I felt like it was meant especially for me!”

When Mindvalley offered the Mindvalley Quest All Access I felt like it was meant specially for me! Even the money to pay for it manifested instantly! I have taken several quests since then: Unlocking Transcendence, Superbrain, Energy Medicine, Chakra Healing, The M Word, The Longevity Blueprint: and I would say that they brought extraordinary results even more than the physical manifestations… like moving to Dublin and a deep feeling of inner peace, joy and love.

Ana Eskenasy

World Citizen

Andrea Andree
“It’s amazing to have a program to wrap up all the concepts and tools together.”

I’ve already noticed some benefits; namely, I feel more calm and collected, and in control of my life. I planned to take at least two more classes on Mindvalley anyway, so this would allow me to take those and others at a significant savings.

What is great about the Mindvalley Quest All Access it the ability to access from my computer and my phone, so I can learn while I’m at home, work, or driving. THANK YOU Mindvalley for creating such an incredible array of learning opportunities!

Andrea Andree

Founder of Skydancing Tantra, Author of The Art of Everyday Ecstasy and Love, Sex, and Awakening

“This is the best learning environment on the Internet.”

The Mindvalley Quest All Access provides me the opportunity to select excellent courses that interest me and provide great value to my life goals. I love the variety of teachers and guides; the Tribe interaction is both valuable and interesting. My whole life feels better and I am more energized. I am 62 and feel that I have the best part of my life ahead of me. I am falling in love with life again.

This experience has prompted me to write a book about Management and Energy and how it impacts our teams and coworkers. What a great life we can all live. :)

Michael Marchetti


Natalie Kita
“I LOVE having access to inspiration and education whenever I want!”

I joined the Mindvalley Quest All Access after deciding to purchase Becoming Limitless. I loved the course. I LOVE having access to so much inspiration and education whenever I want! Since starting I have pressed play on the next level of my life. Thank you, Vishen and Mindvalley! I am so very grateful for this resource!

Natalie Kita

Delaware, US

Why Mindvalley Quest All Access is the Best Thing Money Can Buy

What’s the best thing that money can buy? For many, it’s self-improvement. When you improve and grow yourself – everything else grows with you. Your career, your life quality and your ability to shape your destiny. This is why personal growth is the best education decision you can make. And in the entire industry, no one matches the quality of Mindvalley. With Mindvalley Quest All Access, you now get every single world-class Mindvalley Quest at your fingertips for just $2 a day.

What You Get for just $595 a Year

Unlocking Transcendence


The M Word


Hero. Genius. Legend.


Quest for Personal Mastery


Psychology of Winning


Speak and Inspire


Awaken the Species




Longevity Blueprint


Zenward Yoga Quest


Rapid HypnoTherapy for Abundance


Habit of Ferocity


Chakra Healing


The Mastery of Sleep


Total Transformation






Uncompromised Life


Energy Medicine


Feng Shui


Conscious Parenting


Conscious Uncoupling


Life Visioning


Programs Coming in the Next Few Months (You will Get Access to these too as part of your subscription)

Eliminate Stress (Paul McKenna)


Integral Theory (Ken Wilber)


Money Mindset (Ken Honda)


Networking (Keith Ferrazi)


Silva Method (Vishen Lakhiani)


Leadership (Keith Ferrazi)


10X: The World’s Most Advanced Gym Workout


Becoming Extraordinary (Vishen Lakhiani)


Mindfulness (Gelong Thubten)


Energies of Love (Donna Eden)


Thinking Big (Naveen Jain)


Total Value: $11,616

Get All the above for just $595 a Year ($2 a day)