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Your Transformational Education Just Got A Whole Lot More Affordable

Your Transformational Education Just Got A Whole Lot More Affordable

Introducing The Mindvalley Quest All Access: Your Golden Key To Mindvalley’s Bestselling Vault Of Quests, At A Fraction Of The Price
Mindvalley Creates a Massive Discount on The Most Comprehensive Collection of Personal Transformation Systems to Elevate Every Level of Your Life.

The Best of Mindvalley, for the Best You.

The Mindvalley Quest All Access subscription gives you access to almost every single Quest Mindvalley has ever produced – and that we ever will produce – at a surprisingly low annual fee.

You’ll save big on your lifelong education. You’ll discover transformational wisdom and ideas not yet covered in mainstream learning. And you’ll connect with the world’s best teachers and community.

All on one revolutionary online learning platform.

Unlock a New Superpower Every Month with Mindvalley Quest All Access

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What is Mindvalley Quest All Access

Gain new skills and abilities, every single day…

Wisdom, inspiration, and deep connections right at your fingertips…

Lasting personal transformation is your default state.

Mindvalley Quest All Access grants you unlimited access to almost every Quest ever made, plus first-access to all NEW upcoming Quests that Mindvalley creates.

Think of this as your personalized blueprint for transformation — Mindvalley’s vault of personal growth wisdom, from the world’s best teachers.

All our Quests. Now yours to experience without restriction…

And at a tiny fraction of the price – or less than $2 a day, it’s the best deal we’ve ever offered.

It’s never been easier to make transformational learning your daily way of life. No more start-stop personal growth. No more feeling stuck, frustrated, or even lonely.

Instead, Mindvalley Quest All Access empowers you to design your personalized, all-year-round transformation plan to get better everyday, with the most passionate teachers and community on the planet.

Breakthroughs For Every Area Of Life


Craving financial freedom?

How about the fittest, healthiest body of your life?

Perhaps you’re searching for spiritual clarity and transcendence?

Or maybe you just want to find your unique purpose and mission?

Whatever you’re looking to solve, change, or achieve – and no matter what stage of personal growth you’re at – the Mindvalley Quest All Access supports you with unlimited access to dozens of transformational Quests covering every area of life.

Learning Customized to Your Goals

Included in your Mindvalley Quest All Access subscription is the Mindvalley Life Assessment: a highly accurate 20-minute test revealing which areas of your life need the most urgent attention. You can then use your assessment results to pick the right Quests for your personal needs and goals – and design your own bespoke learning curriculum.

Get Trained by the World’s Greatest Teachers

Why Mindvalley Quest All Access is the Best Education Money Can Buy (Yes, even better than an Ivy League Degree)

1. Access World-Class Teachers

Choose your coach for the day, month, week, or even year, with any one of our world-class experts in their fields of focus.

2. The Best Program on Earth in EVERY Category of Growth

Just like your personal coaches, you’re able to select the area you’d like to focus on — from Wealth, to Abundance Blocks, to Life Mission and more.

3. World’s Most Effective Learning Platform

With a completion rate 800% above industry standard, our Quest models are proven to deliver extraordinary transformations in just 20 minutes or less per day.

4. Over 300K + Transformations

As many as 300,000 students have made the decision to embrace their fullest potential with Transformational Learning.

5. Trusted by Schools and Companies

Global schools and Fortune 500 corporations trust Mindvalley’s programs to deliver personal growth that supports true transformation.

6. An Ever-Expanding Library of Programs

Get access to almost every Quest in the Mindvalley inventory… including new programs and topics that accelerate your growth.