Introducing the Mindvalley Global Campus

Become Part of the Global Tribe and Get Access to Hundreds of Mindvalley Events Happening Globally

The Evolution Of Your Education

Mindvalley Global Campus is the next evolution of Mindvalley’s events. Our famous events like A-Fest and Mindvalley University City Campus are now part of a global network of hundreds of events taking place globally, exclusively for members.

This evolution came from feedback from our attendees who wanted to feel more connected to each other and have opportunities to reconnect outside of our main events. Our best memories of a traditional university were always the campus, the connections and friendships – so why not create a “global campus” for Mindvalley members?

Starting in 2019, the dream comes alive with events happening around the world. You no longer just see your friends at A-Fest or Mindvalley University City Campus – we are now planning 100 local events around the world, ranging from adventure trips to socials, and establishing tribe leaders in all major cities.

This new model of personal growth is our vision for the future of education. And we’re thrilled to invite you to become one of the first people in the world to experience it.

Who Joins This Tribe…

Among the 200,000 Mindvalley students worldwide, there is a certain percentage of people who want to go beyond just ordinary learning.

Whether it’s becoming shooting stars in their careers, starting the next great business, dramatically transforming their bodies, or achieving a lifelong goal like writing a bestselling book – these are the people who define what it means to live an extraordinary life.

They —- Never. Stop. Growing.

But what really separates these people from the rest of us who study personal growth, yet often fall short of the results we crave?

The answer, as Mindvalley has consistently observed over the years, is threefold:

1. They Are Engaged In A Community

They are part of a close-knit tribe of value-aligned people that inspires, motivates, and co-creates with them. Rich personal and social connections are a way of life.

2. They Practice Consistency

They make lifelong growth their way of life, and consistently complete the courses, books, and transformational experiences they start. They never stop growing.

3. They Have A Greater Purpose And Mission

These tribe members use personal growth to fuel them to continuously give their best to the world. They don’t accept the status quo nor get tied up in the culturescape. They make their own rules and create their own culture.

The Global Campus Advantage

Every aspect of Mindvalley Global Campus is designed to keep you in a state of perpetual growth – where you’re constantly learning, leveling up, and connecting with amazing people who inspire you to be extraordinary.

From exclusive invites to our best events, to exciting, transformative adventures, to powerful software that keeps you connected to our global student community – you’re getting the absolute best of Mindvalley, every single day.

This is what we offer in this membership:
  • Access to Mindvalley A-Fest
  • Move to a New City Every Year with Your Family as part of Mindvalley University City Campus
  • Adventure Trips
  • Local Events including Socials, Masterminds and more.

How Mindvalley Global Campus Works:
The 5 Features

How Mindvalley Global Campus Works: The 5 Features

1. Attend Mindvalley University City Campus

As Mindvalley Global Campus Membership becomes the definitive Mindvalley experience, our annual Mindvalley U event will be renamed to Mindvalley University City Campus. This groundbreaking event takes you and a Community of our most passionate members to a foreign city for an entire month of personal growth, human connections, and co-creation.

It’s like experiencing the best parts of college again: except you never again need to graduate. The next City Campus is happening in Pula, Croatia June 24 – July 20, 2019. And now, it will be exclusive for Mindvalley Global Campus members only.

Mindvalley University City Campus Price for members starts from $USD 995 per 2 weeks pass. The event is only available for members.

The After-Movie of Mindvalley City Campus in Tallinn, Estonia

2. Join the A-Fest Tribe

The most electrifying event in personal growth. A cross between TED Talks and Burning Man. A radically life-changing experience. A-Fest is known as many things to many people – and as Global campus members, you’ll get to define it for yourself as we descend once a year on an exotic paradise location, for four days of magical parties, Rapid Growth workshops, and intimate bonding with the most inspiring humans you’ll ever meet. Just like City Campus, A-Fest is also becoming exclusive to Mindvalley Global Campus members. The next A-Fest is happening in Portugal.

A-Fest Price for members starts at $USD 3,000. (Regular Guest Price starts from $USD 5,000)

3. Experience Exhilarating Adventures Around The World

Organized by our members for our members. Experience the culture, the history and the people of some of the most exotic corners of the globe in an adventure you will likely never forget.

4. Invites To Local Member-Only Events

We’re investing heavily in bringing the Community together through localized events, organized both by us and on a grassroots level by members themselves. Whether it’s intimate dinners and open mics, to seminars to casual meet-ups, you’ll be the first to know what’s happening in your area.

And Finally, One App to Connect Them All

5. Stay Connected with the New Mindvalley Connect App

The great part of a university has always been the friendships. We’re building a global network of change-makers that you become part off. And with our upcoming Mindvalley Connect app, you can stay connected with one another across the globe, while keeping track of any upcoming event happening in your area or around the globe. Mindvalley Connect is available to enrolled members only. Upcoming versions of the App will be using advanced AI and Machine Learning to help connect you to the right people in your life to help with your career goals, personal growth quests or to help you get the most out of life.

Apply To Join Us

Application deadline is March 4th, 2019

Mindvalley Global Campus is a community-driven experience; and we’re committed to creating an environment of extraordinary positivity, inspiration, and support for all members. Since this is a curated tribe, please fill up the form below.

Please note that we only open up applications for Global Campus Membership 4 times a year. The deadline for this round applications is March 4, 2019.

Once your application has been approved you will be asked to complete Mindvalley Global Campus membership fee of $995/year. Please note that all global campus events fees are to be paid separately.

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