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The Mindvalley Experience Membership will give you access to more than a dozen transformative and highly curated experiences all over the world, including our most popular events like A-Fest and Mindvalley University. And the best part about it? The people.

Are you a person who is fueled by personal growth and continuously wants to give your best to the world? Do you push back on the status quo? We make our own rules and create our own culture.

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  • VIP access: discount & priority sitting at Mindvalley LIVE: LA (formerly known as Mindvalley Reunion)

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Signature Events


Step into a different reality of wonder and magic. Let us transport you to an extended weekend in paradise and become a part of an extraordinary community of individuals who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world…all through learning and connecting.

Every year, 2000 people from 50+ countries come together at world-class locations.

Learn more: www.afest.com

The After-Movie of Mindvalley City Campus in Tallinn, Estonia

Mindvalley University

Experience 30 days of transformative learning in a university-style setting. It’s our take on what a real university should be.

Join us (and bring your family) in a different city each year for innovative workshops, talks and seminars, plus amazing networking opportunities.

You know the experts you see on global stages, writing best-selling books, or building extraordinary companies? These are the teachers we bring to Mindvalley University, where we are evolving education to provide the real-world skills we actually need.

Learn more: www.mindvalley.com/u

The After-Movie of Mindvalley City Campus in Tallinn, Estonia

Smaller Events. Immersive Transformation


5 days of brainstorming, while connecting and having a blast. Everyone gets to teach and learn from each other— and collectively we’ll strive toward bigger and bolder goals.


Eight days of exploration in adventurous places to fuel transformation. Our adventures propel extraordinary people to do epic things together and form lifelong bonds.


Holidays are something to celebrate with old and new friends. New Year’s Eve? Mardi Gras? Carnival? Party with awesome people…we’ve got you covered.

Mindvalley LIVE

Mentors You Love, Live

See your favorite Mindvalley thought leaders on one stage, for mind-blowing growth sessions called Mindvalley LIVE…these events are open to the public and Experience Members get VIP access and seating.

2019 Experiences Around The World

Mindvalley Events Around The World

The Application Process

Applying takes around 10 minutes. We are looking for good-hearted people who want to see things done differently. Were not willing to fit in a mold and always strive for change.

Once your application has been approved, a fee of $995/year will be due and you’ll be an official MIndvalley Experience Member. Please note there are additional fees to be paid separately for each event.

Once your application has been approved you will be asked to complete Mindvalley Global Campus membership fee of $995/year. Please note that all global campus events fees are to be paid separately.

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