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Become the most lit up version of yourself and join our curated, question-seeking, world-changing group of incredible humans from around the globe. Meet people JUST LIKE YOU.

The Mindvalley Global Campus Membership is the one and only pass you will EVER need to get access to the very best experiences Mindvalley has to offer. From access to our premier member-only event, A-Fest, to exclusive discounts for events like Mindvalley University and Mindvalley LIVE, and unlimited access to almost every single Quest and Course Mindvalley has ever made (and that will ever be made) with Mindvalley Quest All Access. Mindvalley Global Campus membership is designed to keep you in a state of accelerated growth all year round.

Are you a person who is fueled by personal growth and continuously wants to give your best to the world? Do you push back on the status quo? We make our own rules and create our own culture.

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  • One-time application process for access to our flagship event, A-Fest, which is now available exclusively to Mindvalley Global Campus Members
  • Discounted tickets for Mindvalley University and Mindvalley LIVE
  • VIP treatment at each and every one of our events – No matter where we come together you’ll be invited to join us at private gatherings and dinners, with Vishen and other VIPs, priority seating, and more
  • Exclusive private group to connect with other Global Campus members
  • Concierge to assist in your membership experience
  • Access to transformative and highly curated experiences all over the world, including celebrations, VIP gatherings and meet-ups
  • Access to Mindvalley Quest All Access, granting you unlimited access to almost every single Quest Mindvalley has ever made (and that will ever be made)

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A-Fest, Mindvalley’s premier member-only event, gathers an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world.

Step into a different reality of wonder and magic. Let us transport you to an extended weekend in paradise and become a part of an extraordinary community of individuals who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world… all through learning, connecting, bonding and growth.

Learn more: www.afest.com

The After Movie of A-Fest Bali 2018

Mindvalley University

Experience a 21-Day deep dive into the topics that truly fuel your growth. This global campus takes place in a different city every year. Here you’re able to immerse yourself in a curated community of 1,000+ tribe members, many alongside their families, to experience workshops, talks, and seminars, plus amazing networking opportunities.
We bring in experts in every field of life: conscious uncoupling, entrepreneurship, modern parenting, spirituality, and so much more. All to support your personal development journey, at any age and stage of your life.

Learn more: www.mindvalley.com/u

The After-Movie of Mindvalley City Campus in Tallinn, Estonia

Mindvalley Live LA

Join Top Teachers from Mindvalley in Los Angeles for a 2 Day Event that Brings together Learning, Community, Social Gatherings & Transformative Workshops.
Mindvalley Live brings together people with a passion for self-evolution. Our community are those who go against the status quo; who seek personal growth as a way of life; and choose to view the world through a different lens.

Learn more: www.mindvalley.com/live/la

The After Movie of Mindvalley Live 2019

Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass

Accelerated Growth All Year Round

The Most Comprehensive Collection of Personal Transformation Systems to Elevate Every Level of Your Life.

Upcoming Events

Mindvalley A-Fest: Jordan

May 27 – 30, 2021

Mindvalley University
Mindvalley University Tallinn

July 12 – August 1, 2021

The Application Process

Applying takes around 10 minutes. We are looking for good-hearted people who want to see things done differently. Were not willing to fit in a mold and always strive for change.

Once your application has been approved, a fee of $995/year will be due and you’ll be an official Global Campus Member. Please note there are additional fees to be paid separately for each event.

Once your application has been approved you will be asked to complete Mindvalley Global Campus membership fee of $995/year. Please note that all global campus events fees are to be paid separately.

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