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70 Minutes

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Chakras Meditation

Includes an immersive 20-minute meditation guided by Anodea Judith.

Discover How To Realign Your Chakras In This FREE Masterclass.

Achieve Wholeness as a human by balancing your chakras. Watch this 1 min Masterclass Trailer to learn what the masterclass is about. Share the link with your friends and family who can benefit from the masterclass.

Trailer of the Masterclass

In This Masterclass You’ll Learn:

  • Discover the “architecture of your soul” through your seven chakras – and how each chakra impact key elements of your human experience (from your wealth, your love life, your ability to communicate, and more.)
  • Rapidly diagnose which of your chakras are open or closed so you can identify which area of your life to focus your attention to most.
  • The #1 mistake spiritually-inclined people make in their spiritual growth journey that actually makes them feel less fulfilled and whole in life.
  • How to use the “2-Way Chakra Energy Current” so you can manifest your ideal life AND tap into a higher consciousness for inspiration – all at the same time.
  • Ever find yourself reliving the same negative life experiences over and over again? Learn how to use your Chakras as a tool to heal even your most painful traumas and finally liberate yourself from a cycle of pain, frustration and anxiety.
  • And many more…