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Mindvalley Academy Presents The Most In-Depth Home Study Course on Energy Work…

Discover How To Tap Into Your Energy To Get Answers, Heal Yourself, Attract Synchronicities, Raise Your Vibration… And Make An Impact On The world

Join The Healer’s Healer Jeffrey Allen In This Program That Guides You Through The Most Amazingly Effective Energy Secrets To Rapidly Overcome Blocks In Your Everyday Life

This program is for people who understand that they are more than just physical body, that there is a conscious energetic part to themselves — a part of us that our schooling system never taught us how to use.

Duality teaches you to use the energetic side of your dual body to function better in this world. It leads to greater health, increase in your spiritual skills, higher levels of awareness and the ability to function more efficiently in the world.

Imagine living your life with one arm, tied behind your back, functioning as a one handed person in the world. Imagine if your second arm was suddenly released. This is how it feels like when your start to learn to use your energy body which our society has taught us to suppress for so long.

Everywhere you go, you’re interacting with an invisible world.

Look around you now:

Even though you can’t see them, you’re surrounded by invisible radio waves… television programs being beamed right through you… cell phone waves… wifi… electromagnetic forces… and more.

You know these invisible waves are real — otherwise you wouldn’t be able to watch TV, surf the internet, or listen to the radio.

You live in an invisible world of energy.

But did you know…

Jeffrey Allen

Jeffrey Allen

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You Have A Visible Side… And An Invisible Side

If you’re like most of us in the Western world, you identify more with the picture on the left. But the picture on the right is very real too.

It’s a photo of an aura — an energetic field which can be captured using a method called Kirlian Photography.

In fact, everyone has an aura, even though most people have no clue it exists. And this photo provides evidence that there are TWO of you:

A physical you… and an energetic you. But there’s a problem:

Take a look at these pictures. Which seems the most “real” to you?

Most People Ignore Their Energetic Side

We’ve become totally focused on looking after our physical bodies. Many of us watch what we eat… we exercise to keep fit… and we shower and brush our teeth to make sure our physical body functions at its best.

But most people don’t spend nearly enough time looking after their energetic side. It’s probably because our energetic selves are invisible — like wifi and radio waves — so we don’t give them much attention.

But as you’ll discover, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Simply because…


Everything Is Energy

Most people aren’t aware of this, but science has proven that everything in our universe is made of the same energy.

From the screen you’re looking at now, to the ocean and the trees, to the stars in the sky and the bed you sleep on at night — even your body — it’s all made of exactly the same stuff… Energy!

And naturally, because we’re made of energy… we give off energy too.

In fact, energy is literally pulsing through your body right now as you read these words — it’s shooting through so-called meridian lines in your body (the basis of acupuncture) and is swirling in vortices at the center of your being (your chakras).

Sometimes this energy is positive.

But often, it’s negative and self-destructive… causing our life to zig when we want it to zag. Which brings us to the next point.

The #1 Reason Why People Fail

When someone doesn’t succeed in life — when they struggle to attract money, or have a long-term loving relationship, or experience deep happiness — it’s often because they are not in-tune with their energy body.

For example, we know that more than half of marriages end in divorce.

Yet, with a deeper understanding of our energy, we benefit from greater expressions of love, empathy and forgiveness… avoid relationship-straining states like depression and anger… and, yes, enjoy more mind-blowing sex.

The same goes for money.

Many of us struggle to create the income we choose. So we stay in jobs that don’t fulfill us or worry that we don’t deserve to make more money.

But when you tune into your energy — and clear away any limiting blocks — you’ll discover that you can enjoy a life filled to the brim with abundance, passion and success.

Your intuition will go sky-high, you’ll be guided to profitable opportunities and you’ll trust yourself to make the right choice every time.

The Energetic System That Redefined Living An Extraordinary Life

Contrary to what we’re told, living an extraordinary life doesn’t need a big fat bank account, or a social background you’re proud of or high scores in your college GPA score…

The only reason you’re not living an extraordinary life is because you haven’t figured out how to ACTIVATE — and TAP into — your energetic side.

Which means the only reason you’re stuck where you are is because you’re dealing with blocked and dormant energy… which you haven’t yet learned how to release.

But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore…

  • You can walk a different path — a path of energy and vitality, of inner balance and harmony.
  • You can learn how to quickly open to your intuition and spiritual gifts.
  • You can experience a life guided by synchronicity and meaningful coincidences that lead you to everything you want.
  • You can enjoy a life filled to the brim with love, abundance, joy, and fun.
  • And you really can manifest your soulmate, health, wealth — and whatever else your heart earnestly desires.



Introducing Duality: The Ultimate Energy Mastery Blueprint For A Truly Extraordinary Life

We’d like to invite you to a journey into the world of Energy, your personal energy. The feedback we received for this program has made Jeffrey Allen one of the highest rated authors at Mindvalley. You will be astounded by the depth of Jeffrey’s wisdom as well as the way he communicates it to you.

Duality is packed with tools that you can instantly use to improve every area of your life. Their uses range from eliminating energy blocks to discovering your internal compass to communicating energetically and so much more. In 8 weeks, you’ll learn the truth behind universal energy — you’ll not only understand but also discover that it’s easy to manipulate it.

You’ll be startled to find that you no longer have to go from A to B to C, instead, you can go straight from A to C. For the first time, you’ll be able to see the real energy of you.

Six Things That Make Duality Unique

Mindvalley’s new Learning system, launched in November 2016 has so far doubled student completion and engagement rates. Here’s what makes it unique.

1. In-Depth Home Study Course For Energy Work

For Jeffrey Allen, the #1 question he received from his students about mastering Energy Work was this: “Is there a single course or seminar that I can dive into so we can do all the amazing things that you are doing… almost overnight?” Duality was created as an answer to that. Jeffrey looked at everything he’s discovered over the past 17 years prior to it, and made it into ONE amazing course.

2. Powerful Energy Tools You’ll Never Find Elsewhere

The tools you’re going to learn in Duality comes from Jeffrey’s personal experience of living aligned to his energy and taking action in the physical world by following his energetic guidance. Which means that you don’t merely get concepts – you get real-world tools that you can immediately apply to see results. Let your experience be the real teacher.

3. Jeffrey Allen’s Teaching Bridges Logic And Emotion

As an engineer, Jeffrey Allen was trained to think logically. So obviously, he’s applied that same engineer’s mind to studying and teaching energy principles. Which means that he not only teaches his framework, but he also gives you a logical explanation so you can thoroughly be convinced of the logic behind it. No more lingering doubts.

4. Become An Intermediate-Level Practitioner In 8 Weeks

Sure, Jeffrey has spent over 15 years to master these principles. But he doesn’t advise his students to do the same. Instead, he believes that he’s managed to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you the best tools that you can use to hit the ground running in as little as 8 weeks. Energy mastery doesn’t get simpler than that.

5. Pre-Recorded Q&A To Plug The Gaps In Your Learning

During the course of the first and second Duality LIVE course, Jeffrey also conducted a series of 17 pre-recorded Q&A sessions for plugging the gaps in the students’ understanding. You get the recordings of all 17 sessions along with the main 8-week Duality training. We’re sure, right now, you may be having many of the questions contained in those 17 sessions. So listening to it alone can be an enlightening experience.

6. Access To An Exclusive Duality Community

To make your learning last a lifetime, you’re getting lifetime access to a private Duality Facebook group where Jeffrey and thousands of Duality graduates hang out. They are there to help you, share their experiences as they go through the course with you and occasionally introduce new tools and resources for taking your energy practice to the next level.

Instructor Profile

From Engineer to Spiritual Teacher

A decade ago, Jeffrey was living what we in the west would call a ‘successful’ life as a software engineer with a great job, six-figure salary, big house, and all the toys he desired. Yet, external success came with a price… a constant nagging that he wasn’t fulfilling his true purpose. Few people knew Jeffrey’s true passion for helping others through energy healing, teaching & intuition. For 15 years, he had apprenticed with with leading psychics, healers, and mediums in the United States. He quietly served on the board of directors for a spiritual development center, yet he worried his passion was too “out there” and could damage his professional career.

Through a remarkable set of coincidences in 2005, Jeffrey found himself teaching graduate spiritual studies in Uganda, Africa to a talented group of advanced students. Fearing his students would find out he was “an engineer pretending to be a spiritual teacher”, it was Jeffrey who discovered he was “a spiritual teacher pretending to be an engineer”. This experience gave Jeffrey the courage to step out of hiding and into the spotlight.

Jeffrey left his successful engineering life and moved to Sedona, Arizona to began his full-time career as a professional intuitive, energy healer, and spiritual teacher. Clients saw such remarkable results with Jeffrey, he was dubbed the local “Healer’s Healer”. In the decade since, Jeffrey’s success spread globally. He’s counseled thousand of private clients, taught hundreds of live workshops around the world (US, Mexico, Costa Rica, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Greece, and Japan), and reached 100,000s of students through online spiritual training.

Jeffrey’s mission is to upgrade global consciousness by healing, educating, and activating one student at a time!


Jeffrey Allen leading a meditation at A-Fest Greece

Jeffrey leading a meditation at A-Fest Greece

Just moments before Jeffrey Allen got a standing ovation.

Just moments before he got a standing ovation.

What You’ll Learn

8 Amazing Improvements You’ll Enjoy When You Use The Secrets Of Duality


1. Get Answers — Fast!

When you tune into your energy, you’ll quickly open up to your intuition and your other spiritual gifts. This is just like having a built-in “fact checker” — so whenever you’re faced with a decision to make, you can check in and ask yourself, “If I do this, will it be the right choice?”

You’ll love the feeling of getting clear answers, which guide you directly toward the life you’re supposed to be living.

Imagine — no more mistakes, missed opportunities or procrastination — and far more flow, momentum and seemingly effortless success. It’s all possible the moment you discover how to access your intuition.


2. Go From “What Is Energy” to “Holy Smokes, It Worked Like Crazy!”

Whether you’re new to Energy Work or have a solid understanding, the techniques described in this program will tremendously empower you.

You’ll be able to use it to reach your highest potential, or even impact other people’s lives — either way, you’ll live a life you’re meant to be living.

Like electricity, it doesn’t matter if an engineer or a layman switches it on. It will flow and the bulb is going to light up. Same thing with energy. Use the tools and you’ll see results.


3. Manifest The Life You Want

The more you connect with your energy, the easier you’ll find it to shift and change the circumstances of your life — so you can manifest the experiences and outcomes you desire.

Why? Simply because the higher your energy, the more “good” you’ll naturally attract!

From manifesting a soulmate, to becoming happier, to creating a life filled with wealth, love, and abundance… working with your energy, you’ll discover how enjoyable it can be to manifest the life of your dreams.


4. Feel Happy And Guided

As soon as you eliminate your energy blocks, you’ll effortlessly experience more positive states like happiness, gratitude, love, and joy.

Even better, you’ll quickly let go of — and clear — low energy states like depression, fear, anxiety, and anguish… which constantly pull you back from the life you want.

Not only does this feel wonderful… but you’ll instantly start to magnetize and manifest more experiences to feel grateful for — creating a beautiful, virtuous cycle of abundance and happiness, that guides you to the success you deserve.


5. Stop Fighting Against Yourself

When you live out of alignment with your energy (and most of us do!), you’re literally fighting against yourself. So you’ll often experience struggle in many aspects of your life — from finances to relationships to your health.

But when you start to live in alignment with your energy, you’ll experience true Flow.

Don’t get discouraged if it feels like an uphill climb right now. Soon, with the knowledge you’ll have, you’ll be able to get where you want in the fastest, enjoyable, and most flowing way imaginable.


6. Naturally Accelerate Your Body’s Rate Of Healing

As you learn and practice a variety of proven energy techniques, you’ll discover how to accelerate your body’s natural capacity for physical and emotional healing.

This will help you to clear and balance your energy — in literally minutes a day. So you’ll experience benefits almost instantly!

Imagine — being empowered with greater peace of mind, profound states of wellbeing, and near-limitless energy… as well as near-perfect health. There’s a reason millions of people around the world practice energy work every day!


7. Magnetize New Relationships

The more you work with your energy, the bigger your impact on other people.

You’ll find that positive people will very naturally be drawn to you — because they will feel your energy — and even negative folks in your life will “catch” your positivity and happiness… as a very natural result of being around your higher energy field.

So you can expect your relationships at home and work to improve, automatically, as well as your ability to shift the circumstances of your life. Plus, you’ll attract new and exciting people into your life that “match” your new vibe. This means you’ll make a more positive impact in the world — and attract higher energy people — just by being you!


8. Finally, Live Your Highest Calling

When your energy is unblocked, you’ll begin to experience more abundance, confidence, freedom, joy, happiness and peace — as your “regular” states.

Your focus and productivity will shoot up… you’ll feel connected to Source Energy… and you’ll begin to instinctively and effortlessly bring your deepest dreams into reality.

All without stress… or struggle… or feeling overwhelmed.

This is what it feels like to truly live at your highest calling.

More Success Stories from Jeffrey’s Students


“I was amazed by how easy it was”

In this video, Deanna shares the biggest aha moments during her journey through the Duality course and the story about how she discovered and cleared her biggest energy block – which was a HUGE surprise for her.

Deanna Cobden


“It increased my Energy”

Dianne shares about how she learned about various energy self-care tools from Duality and how it helped increase her capacity to feel and project energy. She says it has even helped her household plants grow better.

Dianne Campbell


“It really changed my life, I can see my energy patterns”

Nicoleta shares how Duality has been a corner-stone to the big shifts that are happening to her life. She also explains how it changed her life and the amazing patterns that she can see happening in her own life.

Nicoleta Sandu


“I now have a safe space between me and my clients”

Shannon wanted to learn Duality because she wanted to set a boundary to the energy she’s taking on during her work as a hairdresser. What she found out was that she can actually shape the energy exchange with her clients far in advance instead of functioning in the reactionary mode.

Shannon Czomba


“My life and the way I feel about it and about myself has improved SO MUCH

I pretty much use all the tools on a daily basis.

When I wake up every morning, I go through the Duality practice of running energy, clearing my chakras, and grounding. Then, on my commute into work on the public transit, I also use the picture clearing technique for my aura and then replace them with positive feelings I want for the day. I did not realize how many expectations and personality traits I’ve been carrying around that aren’t mine but that were imposed on me by parents, teachers, and even myself. Clearing those pictures has made me more accepting of myself and I feel empowered about who myself really is.

When I’m in a meeting, I use the permission rose, which really helps to deal with some of the more charged personalities. In one meeting, where one of the known personalities was operating and speaking in resistance mode, I remembered my permission rose and consciously chose to keep the vibration of my aura cooperative while allowing him to operate at his level. I left the meeting feeling calm and didn’t even think about it for the rest of the day until I got an email at the close of the day from one of my other colleagues in that meeting. It said, “Thank you for being so professional today. I’m really glad to be working with you.”

Finally, I’ve been working with my spirit guides, and though I’m really new at it and not sure what to expect, I have learned to just trust that the answers will come and resolutions will unfold in their right time. I’ve been noticing a lot of synchronization, some small and some larger, and I take it as proof that my spirit guides are telling me they’ve got my back. Mostly, I just don’t worry any longer about things that are out of my control. And I see so quickly what those things are and I get centered by running energy and grounding.

I’m going back through the program a second time and catching onto more good information. And I’m trying out some of the techniques in other situations, such as in my romantic relationship. I think about grounding the two of us in the present moment when we’re together, and this helps me to appreciate my partner and the moment without imposing other stories onto us. And when I’m away from him, I ground and center myself again, and remember to switch my chakra vibration back into self-sufficient mode.

I’m not a master yet, like Jeffrey, but my life and the way I feel about it and about myself has improved so much. I’m looking forward to the cumulative effect of daily practice over time. This is really the way.

Jacqueline Munoz


“This profound experience changed forever my old belief system.”

One of my most profound energy healing memories was about ten years ago when my son, Grant, was about 6 years old. Grant had traditionally slept well through the night. Then suddenly he started having violent dreams, tossing and turning, talking angrily in his sleep. These disturbances intensified to the point where he was now up walking around sound asleep but angrily knocking over lamps and other items. Waking up to hearing crashing noises we would run to his room and ask what he was doing only to get grumbling noises in response. We would then shake him and he would wake up and become his normal peaceful self and not know why he was out of bed.

I spoke to Jeff about this situation with my son and asked if he could remotely take a look at my son’s energy to possibly determine what was going on. Jeff agreed and after a brief period reported to me that Grant had a disincarnate Being very angry at him over past experiences and was actively trying to hurt him.
I was frankly overwhelmed having never heard of or experienced anything like this. All I knew was my sweet young son was in turmoil and I wanted him healthy again. Jeff said he would talk to this disincarnate Being, send him energy, and recommend he go to the light.

To my surprise and delight, after Jeff’s healing with this Being, Grant’s night disturbances ended immediately. He was back like his regular self, sleeping peacefully right through the night.

This profound experience changed forever my old belief system that if I couldn’t see it, then it didn’t exist. I have become more open minded and receptive to new healing, energy, and spiritual concepts, that there is far more to this existence than I can possibly know.

Dave Ingersoll

Real Estate Broker


“I feel on a deep level that I am free to be the fullest”

1. I have ceased to lie awake at night feeling angry, fearful and at war with the world. With the Permission Rose meditation, I feel on a deep level that I am free to be the fullest, most glorious expression of myself, and that I am loved and supported by God/Goddess/The Universe, and that this is true for everyone else as well. There is no competition or combat involved with each person being their unique self.

2. I manifested the most amazing business coach on the planet.

3. I have developed my own screenwriters/healthy mindset online course that embodies a number of the tools and techniques that I learned in the Duality course.

Kim M. Brantley


“The greatest learning from Duality? For me, it’s acceptance.”

The greatest learning from Duality? For me, it’s acceptance. It seems so obvious but is also so hard in practice. After taking Duality, I have learned to…

1. accept that energy clearing is not do-once-and-be-done-forever. I need to keep working on it. The good news is I have the power to clear my own energy.

2. accept that it takes time and practice to get better. Just because I’m not seeing “perfect” results yet doesn’t mean my meditations are not working. Be patient and be happy when the success rate improves.

3. accept that the journey inward is not always easy, but that’s ok. Sometimes it’s painful when I’m going through a growth period, and sometimes it hurts when negative energy is escaping from my body. Know these are actually good signs and once they pass I’ll feel better.

Oh, and I also learned to stay amused and be gentle with myself.

Mu-Yin Molly Chen


“Goosebumps! BIG time!”

Goosebumps! BIG time! Oh, how I love this! Thank you Jeffrey Allen!

I just completed the Chakra Week and finally my life comes to place, just after these five weeks. I was stuck in two chairs which was very surprising for me. Those two, really? And I got so clear why my manifesting never came fully true.

You know, I’ve been reading all these books one can think of this area for about 30 years, taken classes, courses, spent a lot of money… Sure, I’ve been feeling better after a total burn out, but now everything is like AHA-moment, one after the other. I see everything so clearly now, like coming out of a fog for many years. Forever grateful!

Thank you Jeffrey and thank you all beautiful people in this lovely group!

Anya Rosen Lavender


“When I did this I was surprised. It is like no one can touch the inside of me.”

For some time, I have been doing qigong and reiki and I realize there is an energy conflict between each other and did not know what to do with it. I have searched on many places how to deal with this and have come across Duality.

When I practiced this I learned that different types of energy only affects you if you believe it will and in a positive or negative way. As long as you are playing your song, then your song will stay.

When I did this I was surprised. It is like no one can touch the inside of me. Then I added the rose and nothing could come near me unless I chose it to. Sometimes I would get smaller or turn away, then I would simply remember these things and nothing would touch me. Amazing!

Najee Benton


“This program helped me find a balance and stop overthinking different situations”

This program helped me find a balance and stop overthinking different situations, as a result I am able to find solution much faster and better for myself,my work and my families. When I feel tired I use cosmic energy and mix it with earth energy and usually feel much better for next few hours. Really good program, basic things that everybody should know.

Yana Smirnova


“This one is so exceptional, priceless and outstanding.”

I think that Jeffrey is a true leader and role model in the field of spirituality and energy work.This is a field, so many try to explain, teach and understand. And never before have I experienced such a detail oriented, practicable, fun and “down on earth” course. Not to forget to mention the awesome structure on the membership site. Thank you.

Kathrin Bode

Will It Work For You If You’re New To Energy Work?

If you have an open mind and a willingness to try, you will see results.

Whether you’re new to Energy Work or have a solid understanding, the techniques described in this program will tremendously empower you. You’ll be able to use it to reach your highest potential, or even impact other people’s lives — either way, you’ll live a life you’re meant to be living.

It’s like electricity, it doesn’t matter if an engineer or a layman switches it on. The electricity is going to flow and the bulb is going to light up.

Same thing with energy. Just use the tools and you’ll see results.

Duality: The Fastest Path To Energy Mastery

Over the past 20 years, Jeffrey has personally spent tens of thousands of dollars mastering the principles of the Energy World — learning only from the very best teachers — and it’s for only one reason: to make his life incredibly exciting and fulfilling. What he’s sharing with you will do the same for you.

If you were to look for any other solution to improving your life, like medication, therapy or other entertainment, you’d easily spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month, in accumulated fees (and we’re confident that none of these solutions would be as lasting and effective as this).

And if you wanted to learn the energy teachings of this program one-on-one with Jeffrey… well, the demand for his teaching is so high that he can no longer offer private sessions.

But if you had $10,000 to spare, you could fly all the way to Japan to sit with Jeffrey and study directly from him in one of his workshops.

Program Information

Tune Into Your Energy And Get Answers, Heal Yourself, Create Synchronicities, Eliminate Negativity And Enjoy A Fuller, Happier & Abundant Life

The course is designed as an eight-week curriculum (recorded from Duality LIVE Energy Coaching and Clearing Sessions, including 17 pre-recorded Q&A sessions) and combines powerful guided exercises and meditations with real-world applications.

You’ll master skills and methods like getting answers from your intuition, becoming more present, eliminating energy blocks, self-healing, connecting with your guides, chakra work, improving relationships, attracting synchronicities — and more.

Plus, you’ll also… learn to heal others.

Through this program, you’ll even discover how to heal others and work with their energy. So you will not only transform your own health and happiness, you’ll help others to live amazing lives too.

We believe this program is a guaranteed way to “flip” your life from one of struggle, stress and frustration… into a fresh new place of inner confidence, healing, prosperity, and joy.

There has never been a better time to open up to Duality and Jeffrey believes people are ready. They know there has to be a better and easier way to live.

Maybe you feel this too?

Here’s Everything You’ll Discover In This Program

Week 1: Personal Presence & Energy Awareness

You’ll discover how to instantly Boost Your Personal Presence — so you can be more confident, comfortable and attentive in ANY situation. As you become more present, you’ll start to feel more calm and clarity in your life… with plenty of time and energy to make your deepest goals a reality. In this session, you’ll discover how to anchor your Root Chakra to the center of the earth and learn a simple yet powerful energy focusing technique called “Looking From Behind Your Eyes” — both of which will help you instantly get present whenever you choose.

Topics includes:

  • The Power of Energy Awareness & Healing
  • Your Body-Spirit Connection for Personal Presence
  • Deepening Your Grounding & Personal Presence
  • How to Practice Personal Presence


  • Personal Presence Meditation (Daily Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Getting Into Your Body
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Center of the Earth

Week 2: Mental & Intuitive Clarity — Cultivating a Balanced Mind

You’ll learn how to unblock your energy to Experience Greater Creativity and Clarity. This means you’ll “open the channel” to new ideas and opportunities — and be less fixed in your thinking. You’ll also experience the beginning of energy awareness… turning down the noise so you can hear the signals in your body, your relationships and your life. In this week, you’ll also learn four powerful tools to quickly boost your clarity and creativity — and connect you to your “Higher Mind,” so you can quickly get answers to even your toughest challenges.

Topics includes:

  • Cultivating Intuition and a Balanced Mind
  • Clearing Your Mental Distractions
  • Deepening Your Clarity
  • How to Practice Mental Clarity


  • Mental Clarity Meditation (Daily Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Awareness Warmups
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Center of Head Room and Akashic Records

Week 3: Healing Your Body — Healing Your Body & Channeling Energy

You’ll learn how to quickly Heal Your Body. This exciting session is all about living with greater health, vitality and longevity. You’ll discover 3 ancient techniques for healing, and tap into Earth Energy to clear pain from your body. Plus, you’ll activate your Hand Chakras so you can literally feel energy on demand. Jeffrey will also guide you to clear any aches and pains you may be unnecessarily suffering from — so you can imagine how good this will feel.

Topics includes:

  • Why Do We Struggle & Get Sick?
  • How to Energize & Clear Your Body
  • How to Heal Yourself with Energy
  • Deepening Your Healing Powers
  • How to Practice Your Healing Tools


  • Healing Your Body Meditation (Daily Meditation)
  • Clearing Your Growth Period (Open-Ended Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Running Earth and Cosmic Energy
  • Advanced Meditation — Channeling Healing Energy
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Fine Tuning Your Source of Energy

Week 4: Energetic Boundaries — Understanding Empathy & Healthy Personal Boundaries

You’ll discover how to develop empathy and create Healthy Energetic Boundaries — which means you’ll be far less susceptible to other people’s negative energy and experience more emotional balance. Using an advanced healing technique called the “Permission Rose,” you’ll instantly boost your levels of empathy… without ever being dragged into other people’s drama. This session alone has the power to transform your relationships.

Topics includes:

  • Empathy — Why is Energy Contagious?
  • Healthy Boundaries & Your Aura
  • Who’s in Control of Your Life?
  • Being a Healthy Boundary Ninja
  • How to practice Healthy Energy Boundaries


  • Choosing Your Space Meditation (Daily Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Adjusting Your Aura
  • Advanced Meditation — Clearing Foreign Energy
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Being an Energy Ninja

Week 5: Chakra Healing for Communication & Manifestation

This advanced session is about Clearing Your Chakra Energy. Jeffrey will guide you to create resonance and harmony in your chakra centers — which helps to quickly eliminate limiting beliefs, resistance, and struggle from your life. You’ll also discover how to clear your specific blocks around money, so you’ll instantly open up to a greater flow of abundance. Excitingly, you’ll learn four life-enhancing (and powerful) techniques that will empower you to clear your chakra energy — on demand, whenever you want or need to.

Topics includes:

  • How Do We Get Stuck In Old Patterns?
  • Healing Your Chakra Patterns
  • Mastering Communication with Others
  • Breaking Your Manifestation Blocks
  • How to practice Chakra Mastery


  • Chakra Clearing (Daily Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Healing Your Chakras
  • Advanced Meditation — Chakra Talk
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Manifesting Through the Chakras (From Lecture)

Week 6: Changing Your Beliefs — Clearing Your Filters, Reputation & Hot Buttons

You’ll discover how to Get Along Better With Others. You’ll learn the secrets of seeing the world more clearly — with an open mind. Not only will this increase your emotional stability and help to raise your vibration, but you’ll find yourself being more tolerant of others… make a powerful and positive first impression… and inspire people to want to help you. With advanced work on the 7th level of your Aura and the famous “Gold Sun” technique, you’ll be equipped with the most powerful energy clearing exercises you can imagine.

Topics includes:

  • What is stuck energy?
  • Are your beliefs serving you?
  • Clearing Unwanted Beliefs
  • Hacking Your Reputation
  • How to practice Conscious Beliefs


  • Clearing Your Pictures (Daily Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Clearing Your Reputation

Week 7: Using Your Intuition — Flowing with Synchronicity & Abundance

You’ll learn the secrets of Flowing with Synchronicity Into Abundance. This is all about how to “flow” with your energy so you have almost perfect timing… in any endeavor you pursue. You’ll experience the power of “effortless success,” because when you stop trying hard to succeed — and instead simply follow coincidences — you’ll see how easy (and fun.) it can be to create the life of your dreams. Plus, with advanced techniques from muscle testing to intuition to clairvoyant reading, this session will provide you with the skills you need to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Topics includes:

  • What is Intuition?
  • Improving Your Intuition
  • Creating Synchronicity & Abundance
  • How to practice your Intuition


  • Using Your Intuition (Daily Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Intuition Warmups
  • Advanced Meditation — Clearing Intuition Blocks
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Finding Direction and Timing

Week 8: Expanding Your Awareness — Connecting with Your Spirit Guides & Higher Self

In this powerful final session, you’ll be shown how to Connect With Your Spirit Guides and Higher Self. Not only will this help you quickly make the right decisions, boost your creativity and give you inspiration… but you’ll trust yourself more… AND feel more confidence and self-love. It’s a win-win. You’ll also realize a powerful truth first-hand — that connecting with your guides rapidly leads to more love, joy, creativity and abundance in your life.

Topics includes:

  • Living from Your Higher Self
  • Meeting Your Spirit Guides
  • Talking with Your Guides
  • Practicing Higher Awareness & Continuing Your Journey


  • Spirit Guide Conversation (Daily Meditation)
  • Meditation — Spirit Guide Conversation (30 minutes open ended)
  • Meditation — Spirit Guide Conversation (60 minutes open ended)
  • Advanced Meditation — Meet Your Guides
  • Advanced Meditation — Conversation with a Guide
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Becoming Your Higher Self

Three In-Course Bonuses You’ll Absolutely Fall In Love With

17 Energy Work pre-recorded Q&A Audios

In addition to these eight main weeks, you’ll also get additional 17 pre-recorded Q&A audios from Jeffrey. These were recorded to plug the gaps in the students’ understanding and let them benefit from others’ experience. You see, when Duality was offered as an eight-week LIVE program, Jeffrey received hundreds of questions. He painstakingly went through all of them and chose the most crucial ones… those that he knew would trigger an instant shift in your mindset. And he answered them by recording these audios.

All The Incredible Meditations In One Place

You’ll get mp3 downloadable versions of all the powerful, healing and transformational daily meditations included in every week of the training. All you have to do is listen and you’ll be able to practice — and master — the energy techniques from all the weeks.

Use these powerful audio tracks yourself — and with clients — to create a wonderful, peaceful state of mind. And to clear your energy whenever you choose. You’ll find brand new meditations to create abundance, heal your energy blocks, activate your life purpose… and more.

These audios alone are worth much more than the price of the entire program.

Community Support From Jeffrey & Other Students

Yes, this is just for you as a token of appreciation for being part of Jeffrey’s tribe… And he’s known for going the extra mile to make sure you get better-than-expected results from this program.

As part of the course, you’ll be part of a special PRIVATE community of Duality students.

Jeffrey created this closed group so you’ll receive personalized answers to whatever questions that may arise during your journey. You can ask as many questions as you want.

Jeffrey and the team will help you overcome any hurdles you’re facing. This is a BONUS as part of the joining us for the Duality Home Study Program and is not available elsewhere.

What Students Say

Here’s What Past Students Have To Say About Working With Jeffrey Allen:

“Truly life changing Jeffrey Allen — I quite honestly feel a peace I have never felt before.”

“I am so moved by today’s class—everything just became so uncomplicated and clear. All the lines seemed to fall into place—there is so much peace and clarity from the learnings today—it answered questions I felt I have had in me since I was little. I always felt that my hotspots showed my me passions and now I realise that when I release my hotspots – there will be this beautiful space for my REAL passions to come forth. Truly life changing Jeffrey Allen—I quite honestly feel a peace I have never felt before….”

Deni Ayre


“I’m so completely engaged by the way he has taught this course”

“I’m getting closer to the end of the lectures. And I find myself sad because I don’t want the teachings of Jeffrey to end! I’m so completely engaged by the way he has taught this course. With so much information he’s made it fun and full of life. Absolutely amazing teacher. The best I’ve ever had.”

Denise J James


“Been feeling a greater connection to my value and worth”

“I finished the 8th Week of Duality Training. I have been feeling a greater connection to my value and worth. I have been assertively expressing my desires and permissions to my personal space much, much more. Appreciate all the cheering on and the sharing going on here. Feels safe, comforting and nurturing. I have a lot to go yet, checking all the bonuses out and doing the additional mediations for Week 8.”

Mary Riitano


“I simply had to see it differently”

“Just wanted to share a couple of things! The other day, I did the Mental clarity meditation (week 2) as I had a career question and I know the group is on this week. I was able to see what I am supposed to do and it was something I was already planning to do but with a heavy heart. During this meditation, I was able to see that I simply had to see it differently. I saw that instead of seeing the path as difficult, I could see it as essential to achieving our goal and therefore it is going to be less difficult and will add tremendously to having a successful goal. I also saw the value I was bringing to my husband’s business and finally I understood that everything I do right now towards achieving the goal is actually good, not always easy, but important and exciting. That was a relief.”

Belle Cohen


“Duality changed my life”

“I’ve had a quiet time, just growing inside, living as much as possible in the nature. This morning I woke up from a deep sleep, from a dream – with a sword in my hands, knowing that I have been given all possible power. Everything has turned around. Jeffrey and Duality-fellows – I’m so grateful, thanks a lot to all of you! heart emoticon . – Duality changed my life.”

Marit Wadsten


“Jeffrey Allen’s tools daily practiced made that melanom vanish completely within two weeks.”

“Hi all. I will here share a self experienced energy healing of the body. For several years I have had a cauli flower shaped melanom under my breast in the size of a thumbnail, a little like the picture here. Two weeks ago I learned a qigong technique that together with Jefferey Allen’s tools daily practiced made that melanom vanish completely within two weeks.”

Jane Saleskog


“I was pain-free and have been ever since!”

“After the first healing I received from Jeff, I was a believer! I had been doing a lot of work on family issues and had recently spent time at my parent’s home. One day, I got this shooting pain in my shoulder and was unable to move my arm without incredible pain. I had met Jeff at a yoga class some time earlier and knew he did healing work. When I told him about my arm, he offered to do a healing for me and I gladly accepted. It was amazing! Within five minutes of him working on my shoulder, I was pain-free and have been ever since. Apparently, I had moved some energy around my family and it got stuck. I am a believer and think that Jeff is one of the most incredible people I have ever met”

Diane Irwin
CEO & Business Owner
“Jeffrey’s class is a godsend to me!”

“Boy, I have been clearing out MAJOR old relationship stuff (beliefs, patterns running, agreements, fears) this week. Whew! I feel like a new person. Your class is a godsend to me! Letting go of that being, Friday, really made space to see what was underneath it all, at a really, really deep level — and to see what the patterns and beliefs were within me that would have attracted them to ‘work’ for me in the first place. Felt like I was hitting bedrock on this one and blew right through it.

“I thought the week before was powerful and healing but this class was even more profound. I’m in uncharted territory now and getting clear about where I am to be in all of this — and feeling clearer, free and in my seniority than ever before.

“Thank you for having these classes, Jeffrey!”

Sally Reeves
“Jeffrey is one of the most amazing healers in the world!”

“So excited for this online energy class that Jeffrey Allen is doing. He is one of the most amazing healers in the world, don’t miss out on this free class!”

Wakenda Willingham
“Jeffrey helped me get clear enough to see for myself the path I wanted to take!”

“Working with you helped empower me to be able to see not only into myself but into others coming from a place of no judgment. Simply seeing and recognizing the energies at play and then being able to make choices in a much clearer way. You helped me get clear enough to see for myself the path I wanted to take. It’s a very different way that you have — to empower people to do the work for themselves with the tools that you give us. You changed my life and I am eternally grateful.”

Jenny Bertolini
Clothing and Jewelry Store Owner
“I physically felt better!”

“I had a 20-minute energy cleaning session with Jeffery. Honestly, that day I was feeling so down I could barely stand it. He started an energy cleaning process, and with every move of his hands I physically felt better, and better, and better. So by the end of the exercise, all pain and sorrow that I’ve been carrying the whole day were gone. No doubt, Jeffrey is a gifted person and I’m very grateful for a relief that I needed so much on that day.”

Natasha Zolotareva
Marketing Specialist
“I feel really good now!”

“I have cleared some energy for my husband a couple times now and it really improves how I’m feeling. I had a moment the first time I did it on my own where I realized… ‘Hey! I can actually do this! Amazing!‘… :) So, again, with my deepest gratitude… thanks for everything!”

Julie Carlson
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Energy Healing Fast Start Guide

In addition to the main program, you’ll also get instant access to this powerful little course called Energy Healing Fast Start Guide. In this 45-minute “Quick-Start” video training program, Master Healer Jeffrey Allen reveals to you the essentials of the Energy World.

You’ll discover that you have a unique and limitless capacity to heal yourself… how to feel energized and “charged”… and proven ways to let go of any challenges in your life.

Plus, you’ll practice powerful energy techniques that help you to get near instant results.

By the end of this foundation session, not only will you be feeling inspired, excited and charged with your new knowledge… you’ll be ready to master the advanced topics taught in the DUALITY course.

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3. Try It For 10 Days: You Don’t Even Have to Make Up Your Mind Right Now

The Duality program is one of our highest rated programs in the Mindvalley Academy. With Duality, currently 96% of people who start, love the program enough to continue into Month 2. (Duality has an NPS Score of 74, higher than commercial products like iPhone). Which means this: if you go through the program and utilize the tools, you will see results.

That being said, if you aren’t completely blown away by the course, even if you just don’t like the color of the cover, all you have to do is send just ONE email for a prompt and instant refund. You do not have to make a commitment until you’ve fully tried this out for 10 days. Try at least one lesson and then decide — this is our commitment to our students.

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Included in this program
  • All the great secrets of the energy world in one place that you can use to transform your life.
  • Eight-Week Training Program which reveals exactly how to tap into the limitless potential of your energy. You’ll master powerful healing techniques, including Root Chakra Opener, Higher Mind, Intuition Boost, Access Earth Energy, The Permission Rose, Gold Sun — and many more.
  • 17 pre-recorded Q&A sessions to plug any gaps in your understanding. These Q&A will open your mind to new possibilities, new awareness and new questions to ask yourself that you would never have thought of yourself.
  • 32 Guided Meditations and Journeys as separate MP3s — Do not miss even one! As you go through each one of them, you’ll literally feel yourself getting more and more powerful… beyond anything you can imagine.
  • An unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.
  • Award-winning customer support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of.
Plus, Access To The Following Bonus Programs:
  • Energy Healing Fast Start Guide (value: $97) — an essential video training program introducing you to the fundamentals of the Energy World.
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Where Is Your Life Headed?

Duality is not just another course out there. It’s an opportunity. An opportunity to really master the secrets of the energy world. And turn your life into a masterpiece.

A masterpiece where you are free of the Energy Blocks that have been holding you back.

Where you constantly reward yourself and your loved ones with a life of abundance, freedom and profound happiness.

Will you grab this opportunity now?

Or will you miss the boat and choose a life of struggle, where problems are a constant worry, self-sabotage keeps getting in the way of success and your full potential is never realized?

If you’re ready for that journey to turn your life into a masterpiece, Jeffrey Allen is ready to help you through every step of the journey. This is a life-changing course and we cannot wait for you to experience your powerful transformation.

So if the ideas on this page resonate with you, we invite you to enroll now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Success Stories from Jeffrey’s Students

Catherine Robertson Went From Overwhelmed To Expanded

Reiki Healer Catherine Robertson used to be completely overwhelmed with people’s energy. She couldn’t distinguish between her energy and other people’s. But after she met Jeffrey she learned how to expand her energy so big so that she now enjoys a bird’s eye view of all the different energies and has the power to choose which one to pick up and read, and which ones to leave untouched. She credits this to Jeffrey’s easy-to-implement techniques.

Catherine Robertson

Judy Hinojosa Got Clarity On Her Own Energy

Judy Hinojosa is a naturopathic doctor who’s never been able to understand herself clearly. That changed after she started working with Jeffrey. She now understands her own energy very well and navigates her life around that. And that understanding has also helped her heal her blockages. She says one of the unique things about Jeffrey is that his techniques are extremely grounded and practical and hence directly contributes to results in the real world.

Judy Hinojosa

Mary MacPhee Found The Missing Piece Of Her Life Puzzle

For quite some time, Mary Macphee couldn’t wrap her head around her troubled relationship with her daughter. But after working with Jeffrey, she found out the missing piece of the puzzle in a bizarre way as she explains in this video. The whole experience with Jeffrey left her with a world of peace within herself.

Mary MacPhee

Click “Add to Cart” & Try Jeffrey Allen’s DUALITY Program Now

Included in this program
  • All the great secrets of the energy world in one place that you can use to transform your life.
  • Eight-Week Training Program which reveals exactly how to tap into the limitless potential of your energy. You’ll master powerful healing techniques, including Root Chakra Opener, Higher Mind, Intuition Boost, Access Earth Energy, The Permission Rose, Gold Sun — and many more.
  • 17 pre-recorded Q&A sessions to plug any gaps in your understanding. These Q&A will open your mind to new possibilities, new awareness and new questions to ask yourself that you would never have thought of yourself.
  • 32 Guided Meditations and Journeys as separate MP3s — Do not miss even one! As you go through each one of them, you’ll literally feel yourself getting more and more powerful… beyond anything you can imagine.
  • An unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.
  • Award-winning customer support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of.
Plus, Access To The Following Bonus Programs:
  • Energy Healing Fast Start Guide (value: $97) — an essential video training program introducing you to the fundamentals of the Energy World.
Digital Access

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the entire course.

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Digital Access Plus Completion Certification

Get the digital acess plus a certificate of completion when you take the final exam at the end of the course.

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Or Pay 3 Easy Installments of $129
Best Value Package, Digital Access, Completion Certificate
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Get the entire program shipped PLUS digital
access to the online course and the completion certificate.

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