Here’s Why It’s Okay To Be A Little Negative (And How To Manage It Properly

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Most of us think of negativity like a disease, without realizing that it’s a vital part of being human.

Thousands of years ago ‘negativity’ was what kept our ancestors alive – it was much safer to assume that lions were lurking in the bushes than not.

What we call ‘negativity’ is actually a survival mechanism that’s designed to protect us.

But today we live in a completely different environment. We live in comfortable homes with access to food, water, and healthcare.

There aren’t as many physical dangers today as what our ancestors faced thousands of years ago.

Still, that survival mechanism exists in all of us. We assume the worst because it’s much better to be prepared than to be wrong.

However, that very mechanism can also hold us back – if we don’t control it, it can spill to other aspects of our lives, paralyzing us.

Marisa Peer, UK’s #1 Therapist, says the first thing is to recognize that it’s OK to be a little negative.

In the video, she talks about how a little negativity is fine, and even important, because it protects us in certain situations.

So it’s okay to be negative ONLY if it protects you.

But once you realize that, it’s vital for us to change our mindset and start being positive.

In fact, Marisa says 90% of our thoughts should be positive, while only 10% of it negative.

Our mind’s job is to keep us alive – but it’s our job to tell the mind what we want, in order to have happy, fulfilling lives.

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