Discover The Truth About Your Life In 20 Minutes

The FREE Lifebook Assessment Gives You An Accurate Report Of Your Wellbeing In 12 Key Areas Of Life - Including Your Career, Finances, Health & Relationships

What’s The Real Difference Between An Ordinary And Extraordinary Life?

It’s pursuing your destiny with full intention - instead of letting life just happen to you.

It’s nurturing and showing up with your greatest strengths - instead of giving into your weaknesses.

And it’s choosing to have it all, from career and financial success, to amazing health and relationships - instead of sacrificing one good thing for another.

The First Step Towards Extraordinary Is To Evaluate 12 Key Areas Of Your Life:

1. Physical
2. Intellectual
3. Emotional
4. Character
5. Spiritual
6. Romantic
7. Parenting
8. Social
9. Financial
10. Career
11. Quality of Life
12. Life Vision

These categories may seem obvious at first - but how many of us actually make time to reflect on them? And deeply understand how each of them shapes our realities?

This priceless clarity is what you get in the free Lifebook Assessment on this page: taken by thousands of people worldwide, and previously retailed by Lifebook for $49.

Are you ready to discover the truth about your life, the person you are, and the person you could be? It’s time to take the Lifebook Assessment.

How It Works

Step 1

Take the 20-Minute Lifebook Assessment by answering a series of simple questions.

Step 2

View your scores in all 12 key areas of your life, and discover your weak and strong areas.

Step 3

Discover how each area of your life connects, and how you compare to others.

Step 4

Get your fully personalized, step-by-step roadmap for creating your ultimate life.

Why Are We Giving Away This $49 Assessment For Free?

Lifebook and Mindvalley are on a mission to elevate one million lives through Lifebook’s 12-category methodology. By giving away vital parts of it for free - like this Assessment - we’re able to rapidly expand our reach and empower more people.

And, it’s our hope that when you complete this Assessment, you’ll consider enrolling in the full Lifebook experience - where together we’ll shape a grand vision for each of the 12 areas of your life.