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Discover Lifebook: The Ultimate Lifestyle Design Methodology That Empowers You To Live An Extraordinary Life In All 12 Dimensions Of Your Being

What is Lifebook

Watch a video of Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, introducing Jon Butcher.

What is Lifebook

Lifebook is the premier lifestyle design program that helps re-train your brain to think beyond the outdated, industrial age models of success – and instead frees you to re-define your own levels of success in all 12 categories of life.

You will discover a powerful framework designed to help you align every single one of your goals into one compelling vision of your life that empowers you and fuels you to have it all: the success, the relationships, the health, the fulfillment – without having to sacrifice one for the other.

This is what makes so many people – including some of the world’s top super-achievers – swear by Lifebook and the sheer ongoing impact it triggers in their lives.

The Lifebook Model Of Success

The secret to extraordinary life lies in creating your vision of success, happiness and fulfilment in all 12 dimensions of being. Lifebook empowers you to know that you CAN excel in all 12 categories of life mastery and equips you with a proven strategy to go out and do it.

  • 1. Health & Fitness
    Lifebook - Physical
  • 2. Intellectual
    Lifebook - Intellectual
  • 3. Emotional
    Lifebook - Emotional
  • 4. Character
    Lifebook - Character
  • 5. Spiritual
    Lifebook - Spiritual
  • 6. Love Relationship
    Lifebook - Romantic
  • 7. Parenting
    Lifebook - Parenting
  • 8. Social
    Lifebook - Social
  • 9. Career
    Lifebook - Career
  • 10. Financial
    Lifebook - Financial
  • 11. Quality of Life
    Lifebook - Quality of Life
  • 12. Life Vision
    Lifebook - Life Vision

Meet Jon and Missy Butcher

The Legendary Creators of Lifebook

Jon & Missy Butcher.

Seeking to find more clarity in their lives and of their future, Jon and Missy Butcher set out on putting pen to paper, every goal, every dream and every desire they ever wanted to experience out of life. As they crafted their masterpiece of a life using this process, they soon realized that they had stumbled upon something quite remarkable.

What started of as just their own personal game plan for how they wanted to live their lives, they discovered that they had inadvertently created a powerful tool that could potentially transform the world. A formula that could help others craft their own version of an extraordinary life.

And thus, Lifebook, as we know it, was born.

Lifebook Programs At Mindvalley

Discover signature Lifebook programs available on Mindvalley world class learning platforms

Lifebook Quest

Learn how to apply the fundamental principles of Lifebook in this community-driven 30-day journey with Jon Butcher. This introductory program is designed to quickly shift your models of success in all 12 categories of life for rapid, tangible results.

Lifebook Seminar

Experience the flagship Lifebook seminar where you dive even deeper into each life category you emerge your own fully customized Lifebook that will empower you to live your version of an extraordinary life for years to come. Available as a LIVE 4-day experiential seminar or as an online 6-week coaching program.

Lifebook Mastery

Take the next step of your Lifebook journey and create a powerful, actionable one-year strategy around your unique Lifebook so you accelerate towards your visions in record time. This advanced Lifebook program is specifically catered for Lifebook Seminar Graduates only.

Don’t Know Where To Start?

Experience the free Lifebook Masterclass with Jon Butcher and Mindvalley founder, Vishen Lakhiani, to discover powerful Lifebook principles and how you can apply them in your health, your relationships, your career and more for rapid results.
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Bring Lifebook Into Your School Or Business

Lifebook programs now integrate with schools and businesses

Lifebook For Schools

Integrate the Lifebook Teens program into your school curriculum and provide the tools your students need to unleash their greatest potential.

Lifebook For Business

Bring the Lifebook Methodology into your work environment and empower your employees to produce their best work and live their greatest lives.

To bring Lifebook to your company or school please email our Lifebook Concierge, David Szécsei at

David Szécsei

What Lifebook Students Say

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