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You’ve Come So Far… But Your REAL Journey Begins Now

First, you completed Lifebook Online, and designed your ultimate Life Vision.

Then, through Lifebook Mastery, you gained the tools and clarity to turn that vision into reality.

You’ve proven your courage. Your determination. Your commitment to your dreams.

You now have all the tools and strategies you need to live your greatest life – which may now leave you wondering:

You’ve Come So Far… But Your REAL Journey Begins Now

“What’s Next For Me?”

Is this where you say goodbye to Jon, Missy, and Lifebook?

Well, not quite! You see, many Lifebook graduates who make it this far, often come to a profound realization:

They realize that their greatest life isn’t just about the dream careers, the beautiful homes, the exotic vacations, or even most of the goals they envisioned in their Lifebooks.

Because while tangible goals are good, these individuals also begin to receive a higher calling:

A way to keep growing and expanding on their Life Visions…

To stay connected with the inspiring Lifebookers who uplift them every day…

And to even go beyond themselves, and contribute to greater causes.

A lifetime of exhilarating growth, connection, and contribution: this is the purpose of the exclusive Lifebook Membership you’re now invited to join.

Welcome To The Final Step Of Your Lifebook Adventure

Lifebook Online
Step 1. Lifebook Online

Creating Your Life Vision

Lifebook Mastery
Step 2. Lifebook Mastery

Implementing Your Life Vision

Lifebook Membership
Step 3. Lifebook Membership

Lifelong Growth, Connection & Contribution

One of Lifebook’s key philosophies is that true success is not a destination, but a lifelong journey.

Because no matter what your Life Vision looks like now, and no matter how much progress you’ve made towards it -

We know from experience that your passion for growth, adventure, and the pursuit of even greater goals, will never disappear.

That’s just how Lifebook graduates like you are wired.

And that’s why we’d now love to stay in touch with you through Lifebook Membership, and support you in honoring your ultimate life.

Turn Lifebook Into Your Lifestyle

Lifebook Membership is an inner circle of Lifebook graduates personally mentored by Jon & Missy Butcher.

As a subscriber, you get exclusive access to regular monthly training, live coaching calls, accountability sessions, and more: all thoughtfully curated to keep Lifebook graduates connected with each other, and in a beautiful state of perpetual growth.

All you need is a few short hours a month, as we empower you to…

Sustain your momentum of growth and transformation

Sustain your momentum of growth and transformation

At this stage of your journey, you’ll want to start optimizing your daily life in a way that facilitates lifelong growth. But instead of figuring this out alone, you get ongoing access to hand-picked strategies, tools, and inspiration from Jon, Missy, and the community.

Weekly LIVE Video coaching calls with Jon & Missy Butcher

Continuously upgrade the 12 dimensions of your life

Every month, we come together to focus on one of the 12 dimensions of life. Each time we do, you’ll find your Life Assessment scores rising in that area. It’s a terrific way to keep working on your weak spots, eliminate any remaining obstacles, and discover just how far you can go.

Weekly LIVE Video coaching calls with Jon & Missy Butcher

Stay accountable to your best self

When the realities of life kick in, it can be hard to sustain your trajectory of growth, and stick to your new positive habits. The Lifebook Membership community has got your back through regular accountability calls that keep you motivated and on track.

Co-create & contribute

Co-create & contribute with the most inspiring Lifebookers

The Lifebook Membership community brings together our most passionate and capable graduates. You won’t just get inspired – you’ll even get the chance to collaborate on projects and adventures with them, as you elevate both each other and humanity as a whole.

Jon and friendship

Deep friendship with Jon and Missy Butcher

The Lifebook Membership program is Jon and Missy’s playground. It’s where they share their latest experiments, strategies, and experiences in an intimate space with the community. The monthly coaching sessions they host are the most real and raw you can get with them.

What Lifebook Membership Students Say

Jennifer & Keppen Laszlo
“Reigniting Our Love Relationship!”

“The Lifebook Session was only our beginning. The monthly membership exercises and materials are what have really ignited our passion on a regular basis to go back and review the areas of focus, and truly take action.

The results have been fantastic for us both. We go out once a week with our Lifebooks to coffee shops, or restaurants, and talk about what we have been working on, what challenges we faced for the week, and what goals we are achieving. To have us both actively participate in becoming extraordinary has created our extraordinary marriage. We continue to grow as individuals, which is growing us as a couple.”

Jennifer & Keppen Laszlo

Natalie Whitten
“Super-Charging My Health and Fitness!”

“Lifebook Membership has provided me with the ongoing momentum I need to keep me on track to accomplish my goals in every category. The resources provided each month, especially the book excerpts and member contributing authors, keep me excited about reaching those goals.

In particular, Lifebook Membership has super-charged my Health and Fitness category. There are many knowledgeable and experienced Lifebook members in this area whose suggestions and comments have helped me to reshape the gym routine I’ve had for the past few years. The best thing Membership has done for me is to keep me moving in every category!”

Natalie Whitten

Mike Kevorkian
“Improving My Career and Financial Life!”

“As part of the Lifebook Membership, I went through my 4th quarter goal planning. I got so much out of it that I decided to make everyone in my office do a similar exercise for business. It was a total hit! Everyone was so pumped up today when we reviewed our 4th quarter goals – there was more excitement in that conference room today than I have seen in years!

Every single person that works for me knows exactly what they want, what they have to do to make it happen and how to go get it. This one exercise has literally brought my entire company together and for the first time everyone feels like we are a team.”

Mike Kevorkian

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The regular subscription fee for Lifebook Membership is $97 a month (a fantastic deal for the level of monthly coaching and training you get).

But as a gift for completing Lifebook Mastery, we’re giving you an entire free month of Lifebook Membership access.

This is a very limited time offer; you can see exactly how much time you have left by glancing at the countdown timers on this page.

So if you’d like to join us on this final step of your Lifebook adventure, and be part of our inner circle for perpetual growth, then accept your gift on this page – and let’s take this all the way together.

If you choose to continue your Lifebook Membership after the free period is over, you’ll then be charged the normal rate of $97 a month. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time, at no extra cost or penalty.

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Lifebook Membership

Here’s everything you get when you enroll:
  • A monthly deep dive into one of the 12 dimensions of life
  • Access to on-going training, lifestyle design experiments, and peak performance tools, curated by Jon & Missy
  • Interviews with world-class teachers and experts
  • Access to a community of Lifebook Graduates living the Lifebook lifestyle
  • 2x live coaching calls with Jon & Missy every month
  • Monthly accountability calls to keep you in a state of perpetual growth, connection & contribution

Lifebook Membership
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Lifebook Membership and why should I join?

    Lifebook Membership is an exclusive monthly subscription program for graduates of Lifebook Online and Lifebook Mastery. Every month, you’ll join Jon, Missy, and an intimate group of Lifebookers for special trainings, sharings and accountability sessions – ensuring you’re in a state of perpetual growth, even after you’ve completed the Lifebook curriculum.

    Do you love the Lifebook community? Do you want to stay connected to Jon & Missy? Do you believe personal growth should be a lifelong adventure? Would you like to keep expanding on your Life Vision, improving your Life Assessment scores, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for you? These are some of the many reasons why you should join us for Lifebook Membership!

  • How does this month of free access work?

    When you accept our gift on this page, you’ll get 30 days of free instant access to all Lifebook Membership content and sessions. On the final day of this free access period, you’ll be automatically billed the monthly subscription fee of $97. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time before the free access period ends, and you won’t be charged a single cent.

  • Can I cancel or get a refund on my Lifebook Membership subscription?

    Since this is a subscription, no refunds are offered in the event you choose to renew your subscription after the initial 30 days of free access.

    You can however cancel your subscription at any time.

  • How much time will I need for this?

    Lifebook Membership provides you with an environment to fully integrate the Lifebook lifestyle. Here, you’ll have access to the knowledge, tools, and community that will help you progress on a truly life-long journey.

    While Jon and Missy will provide you with 6-8 hours of hand-picked content, along with invites to 3 one-hour Live Calls for each month, it is ultimately up to you to decide what the right time commitment is for your growth journey. We recommend you regularly book time on your calendar to work on your Lifebook and the goals in it, whether it’s 30 minutes per day or once a week on a weekend afternoon.

  • What happens if I don’t join Lifebook Membership?

    Well firstly, you’ll miss out on your free access gift worth $97 – and that would be a shame!

    Secondly, you’ll also miss out on a wealth of wisdom, guidance, motivation, and co-creation opportunities with Jon, Missy, and a small inner circle of the most passionate Lifebookers out there.

    Remember, Lifebook Membership is about keeping yourself in a state of perpetual growth, connection, and contribution, even after you’ve completed the Lifebook curriculum. It’s about staying aligned with your greatest life and your best self. And it’s about daring to keep pushing your own boundaries, as you reach for even greater visions and goals that you may have never thought possible for yourself.

    If that sounds like something you’d like, then accept your free access and join us!