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The World’s Most Powerful Life
Envisioning System

Do you have goals so big, you’re not sure how you’ll ever achieve them?

Like becoming a financially free multi-millionaire. Being a world-class performer in your dream career. Changing the world in your own unique way. Having the fit, healthy, age-defying body of a Hollywood celebrity. Or simply enjoying a thrilling lifelong romance with your soulmate.

Lifebook is a remarkable life envisioning system that empowers you to achieve not just one or two of your life’s biggest goals. But all of them. And rapidly.

That’s why thousands of the world’s top performers swear by Lifebook.

In fact Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani is a huge fan himself – and it’s now even part of the initiation process for every new Mindvalley team member.

Jon & Missy Butcher

Why Traditional Goal Setting Doesn’t Work (And Is Sometimes Even Dangerous)

Traditional goal setting focuses on the what – but almost always leave out the how and the why.

And so we end up with a series of loosely defined goals that may not even reflect what we really want. And no game plan to achieve them.

That’s not a strategy for success. It’s wishful thinking.

This is why goal setting doesn’t work for most people – is there any wonder that 80% of New Year resolutions are broken by February?

Lifebook solves this problem by defining your personal Life Vision for extraordinary success in every part of your life – and then guiding you through every step of turning that vision into reality.

Goodbye Goal Setting, Hello Lifebook

The Lifebook process begins by triggering a crucial paradigm shift in your mind, all through one key question:

“Is my idea of success really my own? Or is it a projection forced on me by society and the limiting beliefs I’ve been conditioned with?”

Then, by guiding you through 12 key areas of your life, Lifebook founders Jon and Missy Butcher empower you to create your own personal game plan for success (and not someone else’s).

Unlike traditional goal setting, this game plan keeps you constantly motivated, and aligned with the choices that will lead to the best version you.

As a Lifebook student, you’re always connected to the vision of your best life. You know exactly why you want it. And you’re equipped with a strategy to get there, with the least amount of resistance possible.

The result is you’re finally primed to have it all: the success, the relationships, the health, the fulfillment – without having to sacrifice one for the other.

What Mindvalley Authors Love About Lifebook

“There is no doubt I’ll be implementing all of this in my life.”

I’ve done a lot of things, I’ve been a therapist for 43 years. Be fair to say, I know a lot—but I found Lifebook really extraordinary because it covers all 12 categories. I think it was marvelous.

Marisa Peer

Voted UK’s #1 Therapist, World-Renowned Speaker

“First it was life-giving, and then it was life-changing.”

Taking Lifebook was the absolute best decision I could have ever made. It was life-changing. I’ve never gone through a program that allowed me to so thoroughly orchestrate and navigate my future.

Lisa Nichols

NYT Best-Selling Author, Transformation Coach, Speaker

“I cannot recommend Lifebook highly enough!”

There is no way I could have just sat down and done this myself. But to have this all systematized and ultimately designed into this beautiful, powerful book for my life, my Lifebook—it is life-changing.

Ben Greenfield

Biohacker, Brain & Body Performance Coach, NYT Best-Selling Author

The Lifebook Process At A Glance


How well you’re really doing in the 12 key areas of your life – like your career, finances, health, relationships, and more.


A crystal-clear vision of your ultimate success in these 12 key areas of life.


An easy-to-follow action plan and strategies for achieving that success in every area of life, without sacrificing anything in the process.


With Lifebook founders Jon and Missy, and other Lifebookers – so you’re constantly supported, motivated, and accountable, every step of the way.

Meet Your Lifebook Guides: Jon & Missy Butcher

Jon and Missy Butcher are the founders of Lifebook – but they’re not personal growth teachers. They’re serial entrepreneurs, lovers, and adventurers with a life most people would call “impossible”.

Take a closer look at them, and you’ll know why.

Jon and Missy have founded 19 companies together – including the Precious Moments family of companies, which has made over $10 billion in sales.

But unlike many financially successful people, they’ve also gained incredible mastery over every other area of their lives too.

For example: instead of buying a generic mansion, they built their own fairytale home from the ground up. Instead of settling for a mediocre relationship, they consciously create a whirlwind romance, even after three decades of marriage. They don’t send their kids to mainstream school. They live in multiple countries every year. They’re grandparents in their fifties, but they look and feel at least a decade or two younger. The list goes on and on.

Over the years, many have asked Jon and Missy how they’ve designed such an extraordinary life. And if they were like most other successful people, they may have struggled to answer.

But Jon and Missy are consciously competent. And they’ve synthesized every belief, strategy, life hack, and model of reality they’ve harnessed to get where they are – into the Lifebook experience you’re about to embark on.

Some of Jon & Missy’s Companies:

Jon & Missy are grandparents in their fifties – but thanks to their health and fitness practices, their bodies seem to defy aging.

Jon & Missy live in multiple countries a year, because they enjoy it. They’ve designed a dream lifestyle on their own terms.

All year round, Jon & Missy speak on various high-profile stages around the world. Their goal is to change a million lives with Lifebook.

What Some Of The World’s Leading Figures Have Said About Jon & Missy Butcher

“Lifebook is the most amazing thing ever done in Personal Development.”

Lifebook is the most amazing thing ever done in Personal Development. I’ve been through it, and everything else in the self-help world does not even hold a candle to Lifebook.

Joe Polish

Creator of Genius Network® and President of Piranha Marketing Inc.

“Lifebook had massive and immediate positive impact for us.”

Lifebook had massive and immediate positive impact for us, which still carries through years after completing the program…and will for the rest of our lives.

Patrick Gentempo

Chiropractor, Author, TV Star and Founder of Action Potential Holdings

“I need to tell EVERYONE about this, EVERYONE needs to experience Lifebook!”

My Lifebook experience absolutely BLEW ME AWAY. I was shocked by how powerful it was. I need to tell EVERYONE about this, EVERYONE needs to experience Lifebook!

Sean Stephenson

Therapist, Self-Help Author and Motivational Speaker

The Story of How Lifebook Transformed Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani’s Life

Vishen Lakhiani is one of Lifebook’s biggest fans. In fact Vishen talks about Jon in his New York Times bestseller, The Code of The Extraordinary Mind – and how his life changed after attending a Lifebook seminar in 2010.

Vishen Lakhiani tells the story of how his life took a remarkable turn after taking the Lifebook seminar.

The 12 Lifebook Categories We’ll Explore Deeply

The secret to extraordinary life lies in creating your vision of success, happiness and fulfilment in all 12 dimensions of being. Lifebook empowers you to know that you CAN excel in all 12 categories of life mastery and equips you with a proven strategy to go out and do it.

  • 1. Health & Fitness
    Lifebook - Physical
  • 2. Intellectual
    Lifebook - Intellectual
  • 3. Emotional
    Lifebook - Emotional
  • 4. Character
    Lifebook - Character
  • 5. Spiritual
    Lifebook - Spiritual
  • 6. Love Relationship
    Lifebook - Romantic
  • 7. Parenting
    Lifebook - Parenting
  • 8. Social
    Lifebook - Social
  • 9. Career
    Lifebook - Career
  • 10. Financial
    Lifebook - Financial
  • 11. Quality of Life
    Lifebook - Quality of Life
  • 12. Life Vision
    Lifebook - Life Vision

How Lifebook Online Works

Lifebook Online recreates the high-end lifestyle envisioning process you’d experience if you were to attend a live Lifebook event.

At a live Lifebook event (costing $7,500 a ticket), Jon and Missy, or a certified facilitator would personally guide you through the 12 key areas of your life, helping you create a unified vision for each one.

Lifebook Online simulates this experience through a series of beautifully produced training videos that are a joy to watch.

Plus, you get to learn practical wisdom from Jon and Missy through pre-recorded coaching video calls where they answer real-life questions from previous Lifebook Online students.

These pre-recorded calls are a highlight for many students, because they’re designed to simulate personal coaching with Jon and Missy. That added human touch – and the love, wisdom, and connection you get from it – is priceless.

The entire process requires 3 – 6 hours a week for 6 weeks: a supremely worthwhile investment for a process that will forever change how you view and approach your life and your goals.

Total Life Transformation In Just 6 Weeks

In just 6 weeks, Lifebook Online helps you shape your Lifebook: a personalized game plan that guides you towards extraordinary success in 12 key areas of your life.

As you move through this process, you’ll notice numerous deep shifts in your thoughts, beliefs, and your overall quality of life. For instance, many Lifebook students report experiencing:

  • A greater sense of control in all areas of life
  • More balance between work and personal life
  • A deeper understanding of the Self
  • Amplified focus and productivity
  • Stronger relationships
  • Greater motivation for health and fitness
  • A clearer sense of purpose
  • A more positive money mindset
  • Heightened confidence and self-esteem
  • And so much more

What You’ll Learn

What You Get When You Enroll
In Lifebook Online

Brand New & Improved Lifebook
Training Videos

We’ve collaborated with Lifebook to produce a series of new, beautifully filmed training videos that optimize every step of the Lifebook process (plus like a high-end documentary, they’re an absolute joy to watch). These videos, featuring Jon, guide you through every step of the Lifebook process, and are the next best thing to being at a live Lifebook event.

Pre-Recorded Video Calls With
Jon & Missy

Once a week, you’ll learn from Jon and Missy’s practical wisdom as they answer real-life questions from previous Lifebook Online students. This is a priceless opportunity to receive even more personalized guidance from Jon & Missy.

Create Your Very Own Lifebook

Breathe life into your personalized Lifebook with gorgeous, easy-to-use design templates for each of the 12 categories of life. You can also print your Lifebook, bind it, and display it on your bookshelf as a beautiful reminder of your path to extraordinary living.

Join The Global Lifebook Community

Join a global community of people on your exact same journey towards extraordinary living. Make friends, get help, and co-create with your Tribe on our private Facebook group. And get special invites to Lifebook events online and across the world.

Program Curriculum

Your Lifebook Adventure Begins
On July 1st, 2019

Orientation Phase (The Journey Begins)

Upon enrolling, you’ll get instant access to an orientation video. Here you’ll experience an overview of the 12 categories and learn about the four foundational pillars of the Lifebook program: Premise, Vision, Purpose, and Strategy. You’ll have an introduction to the Lifebook process and the system used to create your Lifebook. Soak it in and get prepared for a life changing experience.

  • Week 1
    Your Health and Fitness

    Explore your health and fitness from a totally new perspective, as you define exactly what you want, why you want it, and what you need to do to get it. During the first category, you’ll get familiar with the way the Lifebook Program flows. This will set the rhythm of the remaining chapters.

    Your Intellectual Life

    It’s time to think about thinking! Your intellectual life holds the power to move you quickly and forcefully towards your life’s goals. By the end of this interactive multimedia presentation you’ll be feeling even more inspired and excited to be designing your life-consciously!

  • Week 2
    Your Emotional Life

    Explore the nature of emotions and discover how you can further develop your emotional intelligence. Make your emotions work for you, instead of living in reaction mode. Sharing your feelings and thoughts with your fellow Lifebook participants is a wonderful way to get even more out of this experience.

    Your Character

    This is the foundational category that affects every other area of your life. During this profound exploration, you’ll define the person you need to become in order to achieve the life you desire. You’ll learn how to consciously choose the character traits you want to build into your life and develop a strategy for accomplishing that. The sky’s the limit in this category, so have fun.

  • Week 3
    Your Spiritual Life

    During this remarkable journey into your spirituality you’ll examine, define, and document your deepest beliefs about life, the world, and your place in it. You’ll discover a strength deep within and gain a valuable new perspective on the purpose and meaning of your life.

    Your Love Relationship

    In this breathtaking category, you’ll dig deep to define the values and expectations for your love life. You’ll achieve clarity on what you really want in this area of your life and identify what steps you can take to create and nurture an extraordinary love relationship.

  • Week 4
    Your Parenting

    A profound exploration for parents and non-parents alike, this category is as important as it gets, because the future of the whole human race depends on at least some of us doing it right! Examining this category at a deeper level than ever before will yield amazing results.

    Your Social Life

    Here you’ll thoughtfully evaluate your relationships with friends and extended family. You’ll come to understand which relationships contribute positively to your life and which ones drain you. You’ll learn what actions you can take to strengthen your most important relationships and what you can do to let unhealthy relationships go.

  • Week 5
    Your Financial Life

    Lifebook Members regularly tell us that this is the most profound category of them all – making the Lifebook Program the best single financial investment they’ve ever made. Here you’ll deeply explore the true nature of money – what it is, where it comes from, and how wealth is actually created. From this process of self-discovery, you’ll come to view yourself and your financial life in an entirely new way.

    Your Career

    Explore the meaning and rewards of a great career. Discover the three pillars upon which a successful, fulfilling career is based. Learn strategies to take any career to a higher level – and make more money in the process!

  • Week 6
    Your Quality of Life

    This category will get you crystal clear on how you wish to spend the hours, the days, and the years of your life. As you delve into your Quality of Life you’ll discover how it can lead to rewarding spiritual, intellectual, and emotional breakthroughs and improve who you are as a human being.

    Life Vision

    You’ve thought through your entire life, one category at a time. Now, you’re going to EXPERIENCE the life you intend to create. Using a deep, guided visualization exercises, we’ll take a journey to your future… So you can see, feel, touch, and taste it… Experience your life 5 years from now – crystal clear, vivid and compelling. After this exercise, you’ll have a newfound clarity for how you will live from this day forward.

    The Journey Continues

    Welcome to the Lifebook Family! You’ll emerge from this experience different than when you first joined us. Your Lifebook Online Program may have ended, but your new, self-directed life, created by your own conscious choice, is only just beginning.

Plus A Priceless FREE Bonus:

Handpicked Pages From Jon Butcher’s Personal Lifebook

“Can I see what your Lifebook looks like?” – is one of the most frequent requests Jon gets from curious Lifebook students.

So now, Jon is sharing selected pages from his Lifebook with all Lifebook Online students – each one overflowing with the most empowering strategies and visions for various areas of life.

Just review these pages as you’re building out your Lifebook for a dose of instant inspiration.

Elevate Your Learning Experience On The Revolutionary Mindvalley Learning Platform

The Mindvalley learning platform combines the power of community, consistent daily or weekly micro-learning, and the world’s best teachers to give you a dramatically more immersive and transformational personal growth experience than ever before.

The World’s Best Teachers On One Platform

From philosophers like Ken Wilber and Alan Watts, to transformational teachers like Robin Sharma and Neale Donald Walsch, Mindvalley curates the wisdom of humanity’s greatest minds to elevate every area of your life.

Deep Transformation That Builds Over Time

Now used by leading-edge schools and companies, micro-learning is the ultimate personal growth solution for busy people. By engaging in daily or weekly bite-sized actions and exercises, you’ll experience massive results with minimal effort – and be 500% more likely to complete your curriculum compared to traditional courses.

We’re All In This Together

The Mindvalley Quests platform gives you multiple ways to engage and co-create with your fellow students. Imagine thousands of like-minded people from 100+ countries, supporting you, inspiring you, and holding you accountable to your highest success.

How It Works

1. You begin the Lifebook Online program with the community on July 1st.

One community, one start date: we’ll move towards the finish line together, as we support and uplift each other every step of the way.

2. You receive weekly guidance for 6 weeks

From a supportive online community, to regular check-ins with your Mindvalley Tribe Facilitator on our private Facebook page – you’re never alone.

3. You grow dramatically in just 3 – 6 hours a week

3 – 6 hours a week is all you need to watch your video lessons, practice your exercises, and awaken the power of Lifebook Online in every area of your life.

What Lifebook Students Say

Lifebook is so powerful that we have the entire Mindvalley team take part in Lifebook trainings.
Here’s what they have to say about their Lifebook experience.

“Lifebook can change education!”

Lifebook is a structure I can fit all the different pieces of my life together and get a harmony of it. Lifebook could be the alternative to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Lifebook can show young people that it is possible to create an extraordinary life without drugs and crime.

Dan Frendin

“I like Lifebook because it has practical impact instantaneously.”

I like Lifebook because it has practical impact instantaneously. Lifebook is really fantastic and effective, mainly because it takes away the feeling of being overwhelmed, it organizes your thoughts, your self-development including practical sides of your life and supports you to set out simple action steps to start moving forward with right away. It is really amazing.


“This course has changed my life!”

I have let go of many dysfunctional beliefs around how to function, think, evaluate and define my future – it has also allowed me to broad shoot my life, which no prior course has offered which has been a game changer for how I approach and coordinate my life.


Lifebook Will Transform Your Life. We Guarantee It.

That’s why we’re giving you two options: you can refund the program 10 days after the start date, or you can submit a request to refund your $500 accountability deposit after you the finish the program.

If you decide to finish the program, as long as you complete Lifebook Online by August 16th, 2019, you can request a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Your time and resources are precious – and you deserve nothing but the best transformational experiences on the planet.

Lifebook Online is – as far as we know – the only personal transformation program that offers a refund just for completing it. It’s an extraordinary guarantee on an extraordinarily life-changing experience – and we hope you take advantage of it.

  • Kristi Anier
    Customer Happiness Manager

Enroll Now

How To Get Your FREE Access To
Lifebook Online

We’re on a mission to touch one million lives with Lifebook. We’re serious about that goal. And it’s why for a very limited time, we’re giving away FREE access to this premium program that normally costs $1,250.

To qualify for this free access, all we ask is that you actually complete the entire program – because that’s the only way it’s going to change your life.

So here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Enroll in the program and submit a refundable $500 accountability deposit (this is our way of encouraging you to start and finish the program).

STEP 2: Watch every training video released weekly, and use it to fill in your Lifebook templates.

STEP 3: Listen to all of the weekly, pre-recorded coaching calls with previous Lifebook Online students.

STEP 4: Submit your full refund request by August 16th, after the program has ended, for your full $500 refund.

Enroll Today And Get A Chance To Experience The Entire Lifebook Online
For Free

Here’s everything you get when you enroll:
  • The full Lifebook experience through the new and improved 6-week Lifebook Online video curriculum (2 categories per week)
  • Pre-recorded weekly coaching calls with Jon and Missy Butcher – learn practical wisdom as they answer questions from previous Lifebook Online students
  • Convenient, printable, gorgeously designed Lifebook templates so you can effortlessly lay out all 12 parts of your Lifebook (compatible with Apple and Windows computers)
  • Access to thousands in the global Lifebook community through our private Facebook group
  • Begin your Lifebook Online journey on July 1st with thousands of others for an immersive community experience
  • Award-winning customer support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of
  • And best of all: a 100% rebate on your accountability deposit when you complete the program by August 16th

Enroll Now

Lifebook Online

Apply for a 100% refund when you complete the program by August 16th



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How exactly does Lifebook Online work?

    Lifebook Online is the online version of Jon and Missy Butcher’s critically acclaimed Lifebook life envisioning retreat. Through a 6-week series of intimate videos and pre-recorded coaching calls, you get an identical experience as the live event. And you emerge with the exact same personalized Lifebook to guide you towards extraordinary success in 12 key areas of life. All from the comfort of your own home, and at a tiny fraction of the price.

  • What’s included in the program?

    You get everything you need to shape your personal vision for the 12 key areas of your life, shape your own personalized Lifebook, and stay motivated every step of the way. This includes 6 weeks of video training, pre-recorded coaching calls, convenient Lifebook design templates you can use on any computer, and access to our global community through our private Facebook group.

  • How much time will I need for this?

    You’ll want to set aside 3 – 6 hours a week for 6 weeks (and if you’re committed to living your greatest life, it’s the best time investment you’ll ever make). Here’s how that breaks down:

    • You’ll watch an average of 2 Lifebook training videos each week (120 – 150 minutes)
    • You’ll personalize each chapter template with your own photos and quotes (15 – 30 minutes)
    • You may also want to set aside additional personal time for meditation, visualization, and reflection (optional)

  • When does the program begin and end?

    Lifebook Online begins on July 1st and ends 7 weeks later on August 16th (final date to finish the program and apply for 100% rebate).

  • How do I get Lifebook Online for free?

    Easy, just enroll in the program and engage with every part of the program: watch the videos, fill in each of your 12 Lifebook templates, and either join the live coaching calls, or listen to the recordings. Then, once you’ve compiled your Lifebook, just submit your refund request by August 16th. You’ll get every cent of your $500 enrollment fee refunded.

  • What if I don’t complete the program or submit my refund application on time?

    If this happens, your $500 enrollment fee won’t be refundable. The good news is that fee is still more than 50% off the regular price. And you’ll still have lifetime access to the entire program, so you can complete it at your own pace.

  • What If I can’t start on July 1st – can I still participate?

    Yes, you can start at a later date. But you’ll have to do it at a faster pace to catch up with the community, if you want to complete it on time and qualify for the full refund. Alternatively, you can take your own time and do it at your own pace – but this means you’ll have to pay the discounted fee for the program. Plus, you’ll miss out on experiencing it with the community.

  • Will I lose access to Lifebook Online program when I request for refund?

    If you decide to request for your accountability deposit refund, you’ll lose access to Lifebook Online on the Mindvalley platform. The program videos won’t be available anymore, however you’ll get to keep your Lifebook templates and other resources you downloaded during the program.

What Students Say

“I am getting rid of all the ‘things’ society places a value on and building a life that I can control.”

The biggest impact was the decision to declutter my life. I am getting rid of all the “things” society places a value on and putting more energy and resources toward building a life that I can control. This is, of course, a long-term vision and I have been able to start looking long term instead of wasting energy on immediate gratification.

Nico Smit

South Africa

“I feel inspired and on fire, ready to take on each day with a focused purpose and plan”

Thanks to Lifebook Online, I’ve really narrowed my focus with my career and going after things that I had put off for years. I have a trip planned with my husband to go to the Dominican Republic next week! We haven’t taken a trip just the two of us in years! I feel inspired and on fire ready to take on each day with a focused purpose and plan.

Ashley Fite

United States of America

“Lifebook Online had a profound impact on my relationship.”

What Jon and Missy teach you in Lifebook Online is how to ask bigger questions about what you believe, what you want and then just what it will take for you to get those very things. The experience had a profound impact on my relationship simply by sharing the process with my partner. Lifebook Online is a one of a kind experience; everyone on the planet should have a Lifebook of their own.

Stephanie Hess

United States of America

“It helped my wife and I reach new heights as a couple and with our 5 kids”

Lifebook Online has been such an amazing experience – it really helped my wife Sandy and I (we’ve been doing it together – totally recommend this!) reach new heights as a couple and with our gorgeous 5 kids. It’s now part of our live and we have introduced our children to the concept and have started some work on their Lifebooks.

Christos Miliankos


“ I hope to finish the work on my book and with the help of Lifebook, it’s no longer an IF it’s just a WHEN this will happen”

Lifebook is THE only real holistic life-changing programme I came across so far. It’s the best Mindvalley program till today. I hope to finish the work on book 1 of my epic high fantasy series by the end of this year, but with the help of Lifebook, it’s no longer an IF it’s just a WHEN this will happen.

Robert Schmidt


“It’s 100% effective.”

It’s 100% effective. The transformation and shift of consciousness is more than worth the effort and commitment. It deepened my awareness about the balance I envision to achieve between all the areas in my life and lead me to explore unvisited concepts about my life purpose.

Kati Hibjan

Life coach & blogger

Enroll Today And Get A Chance To Experience The Entire Lifebook Online
For Free

Here’s everything you get when you enroll:
  • The full Lifebook experience through the new and improved 6-week Lifebook Online video curriculum (2 categories per week)
  • Pre-recorded weekly coaching calls with Jon and Missy Butcher – learn practical wisdom as they answer questions from previous Lifebook Online students
  • Convenient, printable, gorgeously designed Lifebook templates so you can effortlessly lay out all 12 parts of your Lifebook (compatible with Apple and Windows computers)
  • Access to thousands in the global Lifebook community through our private Facebook group
  • Begin your Lifebook Online journey on July 1st with thousands of others for an immersive community experience
  • Award-winning customer support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of
  • And best of all: a 100% rebate on your accountability deposit when you complete the program by August 16th

Enroll Now

Lifebook Online

Apply for a 100% refund when you complete the program by August 16th



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