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Vishen explains why Mindvalley is moving into parenting

What A Time To Be A Parent...

On one hand, we now have more convenience, gadgets, and access to information than our own parents ever did. On the other, we and our children also face emerging challenges like technology overload, gender equality, childhood anxiety, and more.

That’s why at Mindvalley, we believe parenting should be approached like personal growth: with a passion for knowledge, a growth-focused mindset, and a commitment to making conscious choices for the greater good. We call this philosophy transformational parenting.

The 6 Pillars Of Transformational Parenting

Transformational parenting means raising your children with a growth-focused mindset. It’s the core philosophy that drives every piece of training and content that we are creating for you.

Little Humans Icon Parental Beliefs
1. Parental Beliefs

Becoming more aware of the subconscious beliefs that silently shape how you raise your child - and replacing the beliefs that don’t serve you.

Little Humans Icon Emotional Intelligence
2. Emotional Intelligence

Focusing on Social Emotional Learning and other tools that empower your child to express themselves emotionally without fear or self-doubt.

Little Humans Icon Routines and Rituals
3. Routines & Rituals

Children thrive on consistency - so adopting positive routines and rituals can be a priceless way to connect more deeply with yours.

Little Humans Icon External Influences
4. External Influences

Insights and techniques for managing external influences on your child - like family members, teachers and mentors, friends, society, and the media.

Little Humans Icon Parent To Parent Relationship
5. Parent To Parent Relationship

Demonstrating a good example to your child, by learning to treat our spouses/co-parents with love and respect.

Little Humans Icon Education & Growth
6. Education & Growth

It’s never been easier than now to turn education into a fun and fulfilling adventure - so your child develops a lifelong love for learning..

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