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Mindvalley Live Armenia, Yerevan

May 7 - 9, 2021


Learn from the best minds in the world, discover new life-changing ideas and make new friends for life.

Learning from Mindvalley teachers

Only 250 Attendees

3 days of transformation

40+ countries

Mindvalley Live unites people who are passionate about personal growth. People who are not afraid to question the status quo and who believe in a world where unity, envisioning and transformation is a way of life.

Here you will find true friends for life — people who are close to you in spirit. By the time you leave the event, you will have a host of amazing ideas to unleash your extraordinary life and awaken your mind.

Here’s What You Can Expect
to Experience At Mindvalley LIVE:

1. Transformational Teachers

Your favorite Mindvalley authors will share exclusive knowledge with you and guide you through a powerful transformational experience. Yes, you can experience them through Mindvalley Quests, but meeting and learning from your teachers in real life will accelerate your breakthroughs more rapidly than you thought possible.

2. International Community and Inspiring Connections

This is the only bilingual Mindvalley event: performances are held with simultaneous translation into Russian and English. You will bond, connect and make new friends with interesting people from around the world: experts from various industries to opinion leaders to entrepreneurs to visionaries.

3. Adventures in the City

We take our events outside the halls — experience adventures in the city itself. You will establish deeper ties with other members, bond even deeper and feel the spirit of the city you are in.

4. Soul Enriching Session

What’s Mindvalley Live without a little ‘Om’? Be prepared to experience immersive group meditation sessions and deep breathing exercises with your tribe. Tap into your soul, be moved and feel enriched like never before

5. Creative Retreat and Fabulous Closing Party

We invite the best artists to our events and give everyone the opportunity to discover and express their talents, turning everyone into musical actors. You will enjoy a grand party that marks the end of Mindvalley Live 2020. Get ready to have a blast!

Go On A Personal Growth Journey With Some Of The Greatest Minds In The World


Founder of Mindvalley


Co-founder of Mindvalley, Entrepreneur, Author


Expert on intuition and Author of 27 best-selling books


Breathwork expert


Doctor, Psychophysiologist and Author. Head of the "Open Dialogue School"


Strategist for Fortune 500 corporations and Author


Best-seller author, Financial coach and Entrepreneur


Olympic athlete and talent amplificator

Magical Moments Captured During
Mindvalley Live Events

Mindvalley Live Istanbul 2019

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What Do Other People Think?

“It was my first Mindvalley Live experience and definitely not the last!”

It was quite a moving experience, I loved being with tribe members, interacting and learning from them as well from top level speakers. It was my first Mindvalley Live experience and definitely not the last!

Ramina Murshudova



One of the best things was to experience the city in groups! That was exactly what was needed, especially when you come for just the event — it would have been sad if one had not visited the Bazaar and hear the singers from the mosques. Wonderful!



“Life changing experience”

Incredible… Life changing experience, not just because of the speakers, but because of the other amazing participants. The combination of speakers, active group exercises and evening leisure activities, all based on sharing love, is a formula for connecting and bonding for greater reach and goals.

Benno Belling


“Great experience!”

Great experience! Must be done when somebody works to improve himself (or herself) at any or all stages. For me I believe that after so many years of inner activities, hours of meditation and also holistic therapies it was about time to feel a shift! And I can see it's happening everyday... It isn't just the energy and inspiration from the event anymore. I can feel that this is something deeper, different… Thank you all!

Lilian Papadakililian


“I have added a lot to my personal growth while going through the event”

I have added a lot to my personal growth while going through the event. I’ve let go of my inhibitions and learnt to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations, especially during the quest. The values added to my purpose or mission are now more strong. Thanks to Mindvalley for developing an unflinching trust and confidence in me to continue with my mission to elevate people.

Gazal Luthra


“By far my most exhilarated experience this year”

Life changing event. World class speakers and amazing people all around. I felt so moved and deeply connected all the way through that it is somehow painful and so emotional to acknowledge all this greatness. By far my most exhilarated experience this year. Thank you so much!



Mindvalley Live Location

Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan

1 Amiryan St, Yerevan 0010, Armenia

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