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Mindvalley Live 2019 takes place in Istanbul, Turkey from October 11-13


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Impact on your life

This Year, We’re Playing Big

The only thing standing between you and a truly extraordinary life is the beliefs that are holding you back. Your limitless potential is waiting to be unleashed — and this year, we’re showing you how to let it out. The theme of this year’s Mindvalley Live Istanbul is Play Big. This event will show you how to overcome your limiting beliefs and help you discover what limits your growth. Together with our speakers, we will aspire to live and play big.

An Incredible, Connected Tribe

Mindvalley Live Istanbul is the opportunity to connect with an incredible community. Network and party with a diverse community of people just like you — entrepreneurs, parents, students, teachers, creatives… anyone and everyone. Meet the tribe that pushes & inspires you to grow and become a better version of yourself every day. It’s a community of people dedicated to personal growth, who seek to constantly transform themselves and the world.

Get Ready to Go on a Transformational Journey With Some of The Greatest Minds In The World


Founder of Mindvalley, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best-Selling Author

Presentation topic:
How to Stand Out in Your Field and Make Big Impact


Co-founder of Mindvalley

Presentation topic:
Being Authentic You


Speaker, Сelebrity Therapist, and Best-Selling Аuthor

Presentation topic:
Four Areas of Abundance
How to Have It All Not Paying Price


Businessman and Professional Speaker

Presentation topic:
Getting Freedom and Creating Truly Exceptional Life
Personal Evolution: Creating Lifestyle Changes That Last


Entrepreneur. Developer. Community maker. Collaborator.

Presentation topic:
Strategies for Playing Big and Scaling Up
The Power of Partnerships



Presentation topic:
The Source of Influencce

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Sessions That Fuel Your Growth

At typical events, it’s all about the speakers and their sessions. At Mindvalley Live Istanbul, it’s all about YOU. More than just the speakers on stage, Mindvalley Live Istanbul is full of moments, sessions, and more that add to your whole self, not just traditional training.

Here’s what you can expect:

Networking Kickoff

Meet new friends and network with like-minded people at our special pre-day session for all of the attendees to get to know each other at Skybar.

City Quest

Get ready for a live quest day — explore the historic city of Istanbul and make transformation a hands-on experience you can remember.

Inspiring Connections

Expand your circle with a diverse tribe unlike any on the planet. Meet and connect with experts from different industries, entrepreneurs, visionaries and thought leaders.

Meditation & Breathing Exercises

Experience special mediation sessions and breathing sessions during Mindvalley Live Istanbul.

Failures Celebration Party

It may sound a little weird, but we’ve never conformed to society’s brules anyway. We’re embracing and celebrating the lessons learned in our failures, to shift your mindset about success.

Closing Party

Join us for an incredible closing party. The new friendships, new beliefs, and new learnings you’ve experienced during Mindvalley Live Istanbul.

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Mindvalley Live 2019 Program
A packed schedule filled with growth, connection and tons and tons of fun.

  Morning Noon Day Afternoon Night
Oct 10


Dinner at leisure

Networking session at Sky Bar

Late night drinks

Oct 11


Welcome session

Rediscovering yourself / Framework
Sessions: How to stand out in your field and make big impact (Vishen Lakhiani)
Being authentic you (Kristina Mand-Lakhiani)

Buffet lunch

Afternoon session: List of dreams
Getting freedom and creating truly exceptional life (Eric Edmeades) Four areas of abundance. How to have it all not paying price (Marisa Peer)

Group meeting

Coffee break

Dinner at leisure on your own

Oops, failure stories that opened up new opportunities

Networking and late night drinks

Oct 12

Departure for quest

Quest in the city
(lunch provided)


Dinner at leisure on your own

Masterminding and drinks at Sunset terrace

Oct 13


Morning Meditation

Sessions: Strategies for Playing Big
and Scaling Up. The Power of Partnerships (Marcus Lekhto)

Buffet lunch.
One commitment

Afternoon session: Path
Personal Evolution: Creating Lifestyle Changes That Last
(Eric Edmeades)
The source of influencce (Petr Osipov)

Closing with Kristina and group photo

Coffee break

Dinner at leisure


Offsite party Arabian nights

Oct 14

Afternoon & Evening / Bosphorus Tour *Optional

We Take Fun Seriously

Our Mindvalley Live Events have one amazing distinctive feature! All of them include educational sessions with the best world teachers, while focusing on the spirit and body of the Tribe. This helps each event attendee experience conscious, creative power and energy.

At Mindvalley, we know: education is impossible and even useless without fun.

So prepare for grand parties, performances and new experiences from our all-star team, comprised of some of the best event organizers on the planet.

Mindvalley Live Experience

Aftermovie 2018 from Tbilisi, Georgia

What else do Mindvalley Live participants say?

It is so cool that Summit brings together people of different ages, different spheres of life and interests. We all have one thing in common, though: our decision to change something in life. Our decision to change and to transform ourselves. After a long meditation I had a great feeling of unity with all of the other participants. It is important that, apart from motivation, we get here effective tools and strategies and write down our goals and clear steps to achieve them: things to be done today, tomorrow, in the next 30 days, to make sure it will manifest in life.

– Alisa Bykova, Russia

At the Mindvalley Live we talk of the ways to think globally, care for other people, be of service to them and create the best products for others. The program is structured in a unique way – each subsequent speaker takes the words of the previous one a step further. I’ve truly enjoyed all three days, and I’m looking forward to be part of the next Mindvalley Live in 2019.

– Dmitry Arkhipov, Kazakhstan

At the Mindvalley Live I’ve managed to realize the things I had at the back of my mind. I’ve managed to uncover them, I’ve looked at them from the outside and made the necessary conclusions to act upon later. After several exercises I decided to expand my business and create a new line of business.

– Azamat Yegizbaev, Kazakhstan

I’ve been following Mindvalley for over a year, and I immediately made up my mind to come to Georgia as soon as I saw a Mindvalley Live invitation. I was truly captivated by Vishen’s idea that everything that happens in life is a vehicle of growth. Now, when I’m at work, with my family or with friends, I keep looking at positive and negative experiences for lessons to derive for my growth. Another key conclusion I’ve made is that if you have sufficient faith and confidence in the things you love, you become a lot more attractive and more likely to achieve success. It was very valuable for me and I truly recommend everyone to take part in the next Mindvalley Live if they have an opportunity to do so.

– Samia Khasan, Somalia


Event will take place in Le Méridien Istanbul Etiler.

Cengiz Topel Caddesi No: 39, Etiler Istanbul, Turkey 34337

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When will Mindvalley Summit 2019 take place? What’s in the schedule?

Mindvalley Live 2019 will take place on October 11-13, 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey (at the hotel Le Méridien Istanbul Etiler).

At present we’re finalising the schedule for the three days of Mindvalley Live.

However, we can already say that Mindvalley Live 2019 will be held at the highest level possible, with the best speakers ever… we intend to arrange the best live Mindalley event in our entire history!

By the way, it will affect the price as well. Closer to the event prices will go up, and Mindvalley Live ticket without a discount will cost USD1,999. However, right now, you still have an opportunity to get it at an early bird registration price, for as little as USD799 (for Global Campus members) or USD999 (for Mindvalley students).

This category of tickets has limited number of spots. Current price is available until June 30th.

Book it now! Should something change, should you be unable to participate, you can return your ticket up to August 25, 2019.

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