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What People Say About Emily Fletcher

“I rarely have performance anxiety anymore.”

“I used to have terrible stage fright. Since learning Emily’s Meditation everything has shifted. It has taught me to stay in the moment and handle all that life hands me. I rarely have performance anxiety anymore. Even during The Sound of Music Live, performing live for millions of people, I wasn’t nervous.”

Laura Benanti

Tony Award Winner

“She’s up there with the A-players.”

“Emily’s work is good stuff. She’s up there with the A-players in the meditation world.”

Dave Asprey

CEO of Bulletproof Coffee & Host of Bulletproof Radio

“Emily gives her students a non-watered-down version of meditation.”

“Emily understands how to give her students a non-watered-down version of meditation, but she couples that teaching with a nod to how difficult it can be to form new habits in busy lives. She makes sure that her students leave with lots of tricks and tools to nurture their meditation practice, and she provides ongoing support. She is truly the best.”

Jordan Brown

Head of Visioneering, XPRIZE

“People say, ‘you look so radiant!‘”

“I used to think, ‘I can’t ever quiet my mind, how can I learn to meditate?’ After the Ziva course I know that even if I am having thoughts, it is still working. Now it is a part of my daily ritual and people have noticed a change: they say, ‘you look so radiant!‘”

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Actress in Supergirl & Witches of East End

“Life Changing!”

“Emily’s meditation = Life Changing! I just acted in a film, and the director asked me to improvise with my (super famous) scene partner. Before meditation I would have been anxious and panicked, but thanks to my meditation practice, it was calm, easy and fun.”

Susan Blackwell

Actor, Birdman & P.S. I Love You

“Emily Fletcher is a rockstar meditation teacher.”

“If you don’t yet know Emily Fletcher, she’s a rockstar meditation teacher who’s taken all the woo-woo out of it. And she’s getting me take on meditation practice (yes, for reals!).”

JJ Virgin

Celebrity nutritionist & fitness expert, Best Selling Author.

Success Stories From Students Who Mastered Emily Fletcher’s Trainings

“Truly a life-changing experience.”

“Taking Emily’s course was truly a life-changing experience. I learned that by spending my days reviewing the past and rehearsing the future I was missing the right now. I learned that my happiness does not lie on the other side of a paycheck or a person. I feel so deeply grateful that I decided to invest in cultivating a life I truly want to live. It’s like I was given a lifetime of knowledge in 4 days.

Lindsey Clayton

Fitness Expert, Bravo’s Work Out New York

“My health, mental state, and circumstances have continued to up-level.”

Learning to meditate with Emily has quite simply been the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life. Ever since I began meditating, my health, mental state, and circumstances have continued to up-level. Learning this practice is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Elissa Weinzimmer

Vocal Health Educator and Founder of Voice Body Connection

“Emily has given me a stress-relieving tool.”

With meditation, Emily has given me a stress-relieving tool that’s easy to use and simple to understand. It makes me focused, clear-headed, less anxious, and more awesome. With her expert guidance, meditation is now a non-negotiable activity like taking a shower and brushing my teeth. It is maybe the best money I have ever spent in my life.

Barrett Foa

Star of NCIS LA & Broadway

“The results were so powerful and immediate.”

“I never found a meditation practice that I connected with until I was introduced to Emily. It was so simple, yet the results were so powerful and immediate. I feel much more centered and grounded regardless of what chaos may be swirling around me. It has also allowed me to access my creativity and intuition in ways I never imagined. Meditation is now as vital to my daily routine as eating and sleeping.”

Woody Schultz

Writer & Producer

“Everyone should do this – it just makes you better!”

For me the benefits of meditating have been potent. Clarity of thought, rejuvenated energy, laser-beam focus, and stronger listening skills have added up to a major boost in my productivity. Thanks to Emily and her inspiring teaching, I look forward to my 20-minute meditations as little blissful blocks of time with no agenda attached. Everyone should do this – it just makes you better!

Glenn Kallison

President Relativity School

“I am more myself and less my baggage.”

I am shocked at how effortlessly I have been able to fit meditation into my life. After 10 months of twice daily meditation, I am more myself and less my baggage. You owe it to yourself, to the people you love, and to the random people you interact with each day to try Emily’s meditation.

Meg Wolf

Actress, American Horror Story

“It’s also simple and achievable.”

Emily’s approach to meditation is the most effective form of meditation I’ve practiced. It’s also simple and achievable. The combo of the two has me hooked. I am so grateful for this practice. It primes me for the day. I can really notice a difference in my focus. Emily really gets how tough it is for us to find the time to meditate yet here I am, making the time, because I now know how it’s improving my life.

Ryan Weiss

Life Coach

“It’s amazing what I’ve been able to accomplish.”

It’s amazing what I’ve been able to accomplish since I started meditating. Emily is a very special woman and a gift to anyone seeking joy and fulfillment. When i started meditating, I stopped spinning my wheels and started making 6 figures while doing way, way, way less.

Daniella Rabbani


“Give yourself this gift.”

My practice has become this nourishing force that allows me to be more rested, productive, and in tune with other people and myself. In short, meditation leads you to effortlessly become the better, more expanded version of yourself. If you have even an ounce of curiosity about it, give yourself this gift.

Sarah Baskin

Co-Founder of STF Films, Teacher AMAW

“The single best thing I have gifted myself.”

Learning Emily’s meditation is the single best thing I have gifted myself. It is very user-friendly, foolproof, and extremely effective at dissolving stress. My energy levels were immediately elevated and I need much less sleep. My focus at work has become razor sharp, and I am able to make decisions quickly in a clear and confident manner. My tension headaches abated, and I feel more myself.

Susan Chen

Managing Director, Macquarie Capital

“There are so many positive changes I notice since starting The M Word.”

Before the start I was a sugar addict (and in denial), my sleep was ok, but not great and I had been trying to meditate on and off for the last 3 years. I was fairly stressed but thought this was normal and my energy levels were quite low.

After 4 – 5 days of doing The M word, I just decided to stop eating sugar. And I mean no chocolate, no chocolate croissants, no jam, no ketchup, nothing that contains sugar. And it was easy. I just stopped. I don’t miss it. At all. And I feel great. I also noticed quite early on that I am using my senses more – hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting and smelling things and just paying more attention to everything. I suddenly have more time, my sleep is better and last but not least, my sex life is better!!! I was really skeptical about this when Emily said this would happen… but it’s true and I am sooooooo happy about it.

I use certain guided meditations from the Quest when I need them. I am struggling a bit with mindful consumption still but it’s improving. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone; it doesn’t matter if you’ve been meditating for years or are new to meditation. I love Emily’s approach and the feeling she gives you that everything is ok – having thoughts, feeling sleepy, it’s all good. I made a few really good friends through The M Word community on Facebook too and we will stay in touch and hopefully meet in person soon.

Tajana Belkovic


“Emily’s teaching style is loving and gentle.”

For anyone wishing to start meditation, The M Word Technique is one of the most accessible and user-friendly methods. Not only that, it’s modern rather than monastic. I have meditated for many years, but never established a daily practice. I’ve not heard any other meditation teachers distinguish between a monastic practice and a modern approach.

In addition, Emily’s teaching style is loving and gentle. For those who are nervous and always fussing about whether they are doing it right, she offers reassurance and opportunities for Q&A. I also appreciate the updates on the neurosciences which underpin the process. The layperson doesn’t always get access to and sometimes can’t understand the latest research.

I now have a daily practice. I’m surprised at how easy it is to get up (it helps to be a morning person) and make meditation part of my routine before my morning coffee. Thank you, Emily, for everything that I have gained from your brilliant and loving teaching.

Lynda Philippsen
“I love how it helps me be and feel centered.”

The M Word is very accessible to beginners and an asset for longstanding meditators. I personally have been meditating for over 30 years with different approaches.

Although at first, I felt we kept doing the same thing with The M Word, I can truly and deeply appreciate how important it was for me to take the baby steps, to integrate them and how nicely it affects my meditation practice. I have learned a lot, and mostly for me, it has made meditation simple, leaving the challenge out, leaving more space for accepting what is, and also bringing different concepts together – again simplicity.

I love how “Awakening to the 5 senses” helps me be and feel centered, and The M Word part awakens a feeling of oneness and wholeness as well as a smile, most days. I loved, and love all the steps of the program, I am certainly committed. Thank you, Emily, from the bottom of my heart. Hoping my humble words can inspire others on their path.

Arlette Sauvé


What Students Say About Emily

“I’ve found Emily’s approach to be uniquely effective”

Mark Fisher

Founder, Mark Fisher Fitness

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed Emily’s scientific and verifiable approach”

Jennifer Jubak

Vice President, Barclays Bank

“Emily makes meditation simple and practical”

Dallas Travers

Award Winning Author & Business Coach

“This practice is life-changing”

Abra Jones

Account Executive, Google

“Emily is the most down to earth meditation teacher”

Jon Gabriel

Health and Weight Loss Author and Expert

“Her approach is unique and totally accessible”

Jake Sussman

Product Manager, Mindbodygreen

More Success Stories from Emily’s Students


“This is totally different from any other kind of meditation I’d either tried or heard about.”

~ Stacy London
Fashion Expert, What Not to Wear & The View


“I Cannot Believe That Emily Has Gotten Me To Meditate.”

~ Max Lugavere
American Television Personality/Producer/Filmmaker/Musician


“It Gave Me Peace During The Most Intense And Stressful Time In My Life.”

~ Cathi Peterson


“The quality of my sleep overall is better.”

I found myself waking up more easily in the mornings. I am eating better, my health is better. I am able to remain in the moment and focus on the task at hand with work situations…The quality of my sleep overall is better. I’m falling asleep easier than in the past.

Emily’s guidance, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” has been a HUGE game changer in actually committing to doing this practice. Yeah, sometimes I meditate at 2 o’clock in the morning, and that’s not ideal, but I do it…I actually haven’t missed my meditation since I began 5 months ago BECAUSE of the technique, I’m proud of that commitment to myself.

~ Aléna Watters

Professional Performing Artist


“Emily has helped us to fill up our own tank of energy so we can give our clients even more”

Emily taught the team at Body by Simone to meditate and we were on fire afterwards. When you train as hard as we do it is important to have a way to let the body rest and recuperate quickly. Emily has helped us to fill up our own tank of energy so we can give our clients even more.

~ Simone De La Rue

Founder, Body By Simone


“I’m a lot smarter and more capable than I give myself credit for.”

“I am growing two businesses since meditating, and my auditioning has vastly changed. Before, I was a nervous wreck every time I had an audition and would ultimately never make an impression. The difference is a welcomed and celebrated relief. I’m a lot smarter and more capable than I give myself credit for; it took you, teaching me how to meditate, to remember that.”

~ Sophia Parra

CEO at Coach Social


“Guiding me through the meditation maze, I once was lost in me.”

A while ago I hit rock bottom. My life went from being structured and controllable to being a disaster. I hated my job, my girlfriend dumped me, I couldn’t handle the demands from the company I had next to my main job…I was losing that control. My health deteriorated as well. I started getting hypersensitive towards different smells, I got dizzy, my pulse was all over the place.. and I got all sort of skin conditions. I bet you won’t get surprised when I tell you that my doctor pointed towards stress. According to him, what I was experiencing was the accumulated effect of stress I’ve had these past years. And these things don’t simply go away easily.I’ve always had ups and downs in my life… perhaps overdoing my thinking a bit. Always wanting everything to be perfectly executed which ended up in stress and anxiety. The stresses I’ve had all my life did often go away by themselves. If they were intense I tended to reach out to a basic meditation practice to get a relief, because I somehow knew that it could help. But still, the notion of meditation was totally unclear to me. At the end of the day, when things got better, I never reflected whether it was the meditation helping me or the natural healing process. I soon went back doing the same stressful things and letting go of the meditation practice. And back I was on the hamster wheel again with the stress buildup. So I guess meditation and ease of mind were only interesting to me when things got rough. I saw it as a pill, a temporary tool.

Laying on my couch one day, in fetus position thinking I was doomed, I stumbled upon Mindvalley which was a turnover point for me. There I came across The M Word. The program appealed to me in an instant as it has a modern approach to meditation. The goal of the program is to unwrap the notion of meditation. I saw it as a disclosure program for what meditation actually is and what it can do for you. Emily Fletcher does this in an elegant way. She shows you how you can easily incorporate it into the modern daily life and how you can make it a habit. Meditating is not all about sitting in lotus position and stop thinking for hours as I learned. There are several components in Emily´s meditation routine such as mindfulness, gratitude and visualization practice. These are really powerful and the effects are backed up by science. One of the visualization exercises involves feeling love and inducing this feeling to the environment around you. I personally had difficulties with this. The feeling of pure love is something I haven’t reflected upon in years. So this is an area I’m keen on exploring, which makes the practice even more exciting. Nevertheless, I saw Emily as a sweet mom holding my hand during the whole time while guiding me through the meditation maze, I once was lost in.

The effects of meditation are different for everyone. For me, the main takeaway from The M Word is knowing that there are no right and wrongs in meditation. This definitely boosted my confidence. It sort of made me kinder towards my take on the practice. You know the sense of control I mentioned earlier? I’ve always wanted that control in my life… don’t know why. Probably lots of psychological explanations available for me to dig into. But now, knowing what I know from Emily Fletcher´s teachings, I feel like I’m in a free zone when meditating. Nothing I can do, say, think or feel can hold me back. I don’t need that control anymore. Imagine having access to this free zone every day, where nothing holds you back, where you can recharge your thoughts and be that greater version of you. For me, this has been long awaited.

So what happened after The M Word you say? I quit my job and found a position at a smaller company which primarily works with saving lives, which I love! And guess what, it’s crazy… my pulse is getting more steady, the dizziness is gone and my skin is better. And for the relationship part. I’m getting there. I’ve now taken a step towards understanding and loving myself. From there on I believe things will get even better. Don’t be surprised when you reach the end of the program and feel like you’re starting to wake up from a lifelong sleep. Or that you’re starting to get a sense of direction in your life. It happened to me, and I can’t wait to take this feeling further and explore the depth of my spiritual life and overall capacity.

Thank you, Emily Fletcher and The M Word for having a big role in my awakening.

~ Arash Saghafian


“I’m in love with me. For the first time in my life.”

This is the first meditation program I have ever taken and I am so very pleased with the content as well as the instructor. Emily intrigued me when she said her program was not about getting better at meditation, but getting better at life. I have been a perpetual student always seeking to get better at life. Recently I have been going through what some would call a meteoric personal change that started about 7 years ago when I discovered my true identity as a transgender woman. This epiphany took everyone by surprise….including me.

Prior to this discovery, I was considered to be a quote/unquote “normal” person. I had a wonderful childhood, graduated from college, got married, worked jobs to buy the things we’re told will make us happy, trying desperately to live up to the expectations of others….I was well liked, highly respected, successful at the things I did, multitalented….considered stable, conscientious and kind. There was just one problem….I wasn’t happy and I had nothing left to give anybody.

This is where my true journey began. A path that took me inward on a spiritual quest to discover and unlock not only my true identity but also my soul purpose and passions.

I read all the spiritual self-help books I could find, became a student of the law of attraction and developed my own daily meditation practice by assembling bits and pieces of things I had read.

For the past several years, I automatically (no alarm clock) rise at approximately 2 am every morning unable to contain myself. I rise with positive thoughts, affirmations, and gratitude. I pour my coffee and head to the fluffy pillows on the floor in front of my fireplace. This is where I do my morning meditation, set my intentions for the day and visions for my life. I visualize and anticipate the most wonderful things coming into my life. I set my intentions and go fearlessly with complete honesty and trust in the universal spirit of love for all that is. I don’t know where it came from but it has flooded me with overwhelming joy and gratitude.

I start by focusing on my breathing, calming my spirit, relaxing my body….releasing any and all angst and negativity within me. I then acknowledge my oneness with all things on this earth and in the heavens above….and I affirm this is where my true strength and courage resides. I realize it is here where I can create my life by clearly envisioning my desires.

I visualize in great detail these desiderations and feel overwhelming joy at the thought of already having them….and then….I release all fear and doubt….and simply allow it to happen with gratitude. This is it….this is what I do every morning without fail….not out of duty or requirement but with joyous anticipation and expectation for it has changed my life dramatically.

I’ve fallen in love. I’m in love with my life again. I’m in love with my future. I can look at my past and it all makes sense. I’m in love with my opportunities, the road ahead and most importantly….I’m in love with me. For the first time in my life….I fully know and truly love who I am. And I love everything about me. I love my heart and my soul….my clothes, my hair and my skin. I love my body, mind, and spirit. Never before have I known such full unequivocal acceptance of myself….until now.

Emily’s The M Word technique not only fully supports my daily practice but enhances it by providing very thoughtful guided meditations for specific situations that arise for each of us throughout the day. It doesn’t matter where we are in our personal journeys, whether at the beginning, middle or end, I believe everyone can glean something beneficial from Emily’s The M Word technique. My personal favorites are:

Day 16: How to make meditation non-negotiable
Day 20: Stress
Day 23: Pep Talk
Day 28: Better Sex
Day 29: Forgiveness
Day 30: Finding Your Purpose

I love Emily’s positive approach, her soothing voice, her sense of humor, her understanding of us as imperfect/perfect humans and most of all….her deep, deep desire to help all of us….get better at life. I hope you realize….you can’t go wrong with this. Emily….thank you

~ Jennifer Putnam-Petrone



“I really liked the way that Emily has integrated these practices into modern Western life.”

I came to The M Word from a slightly different place in that I already know how to meditate. I learned about five years ago and had incorporated it very successfully into my daily life until two years ago when a series of life-changing family experiences (including the death of my Dad) threw all of my routines out of the window. I kept promising myself that I would get back into meditating as I know that doing so makes me a nicer, calmer person, but I found it difficult to find the time to fit it in again.

I decided to take The M Word course as I liked the way that Emily came across in the preview video and I wondered whether using her techniques would make it easier for me to start my meditation practice again. To be honest, I found that although a lot of what was in The M Word was familiar to me because of my previous Indian-based meditation learning and initially I wasn’t sure that I would learn anything new, but what I really liked was the way that Emily has integrated these practices into modern Western life. Her sense of humor and her passion for meditation come across very clearly in the training videos and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to them. It has been a relief to hear her talk about the issues that we all face and know that meditating is not an “either/or” subject requiring us to drop out of “normal” life but instead is something that we can use to help us to deal with these everyday issues.

It’s been easy for me to meditate every morning using The M Word technique and whether it’s because I already have a “base” of meditation or not, I have found that the well-being benefits have come back to me very quickly. It is not a chore to get up a little earlier to meditate and I know that I am going to face in a much calmer state of mind. In fact, I think this course should be essential for every Mum with a school run to do!

~Christine Perry


“Emily’s walking the talk with her enthusiasm, competence, confidence and loving kindness!”

I was at a critical point for the successful breakthrough in my business, still debilitated with physical, emotional and monetary “debts” from my past. However, I once was a Yoga and Meditation teacher once myself before I became a transformational-vibrational coach shifting the consciousness of my clients, I couldn’t really commit to a “daily classical” meditation, rather I switched between, writing, walking, singing meditations, which corresponded more the “nature” of my being. This felt right for me and still does and it also created some sort of distraction doing it unconsciously as a way of not allowing me to have deep results with the meditation.

I felt very impatient about the “from my perspective extremely” little steps in the meditation process in the beginning, because I was already practicing the meditation Emily showed us in the Master Class, since I had such profound experiences with it, and as an overachiever and high-performance business woman, I was used to doing more in the given time frame. However, I was able to get conscious about the patterns that drove me into exhaustion and overwhelm in the past and quickly adapted to a more self-love oriented procedure.

At the same time, I could see how I constantly propelled myself from one success to another without, acknowledging my successes, what led to not having acknowledged my successes moneywise in my outside world. I think one of the greatest gifts for me, was to realize, that part of my missing success, was that I was not acknowledging my successes in the past. Emily’s statement, that “you can’t build on successes, that you haven’t acknowledged” was really my “awakening call” and biggest take out from the course.

I enjoyed very much, the “food for the mind” in Emily’s videos, because for my personality if I understand, why I do things, I’m more open to “feel”. Although a lot of the explained scientific teachings, were already known to me, the way Emily presents them is fun and showed me additional perspectives, I hadn’t considered yet!

I started to implement more stillness (being still from the inside) instead of calmness, which I consider (doing still, shutting down) in my life and to make “stillness, the feeling of unconditional love and gratitude” a non-negotiable part of my life. I developed more self-love, without beating me if I sometimes have “my schedule of my own” to do the practice. I give myself the gift of freedom, to choose the perfect time for this meditation, even if the perfect time for me is in the evening instead of the morning – and I feel good about it.

Thanks to Emily for showing up in the unique the way she does! Heartfelt thanks to the supporting team that makes this course possible. Heartfelt thanks to Vishen for his mind blowing, work he does with Mindvalley to shift humanities’ consciousness – looking forward to making a big impact as well with my transformational work as well and being happy and grateful be in communities of like-minded people, which is a must to work at the leading edge of consciousness.

I am working myself for shifting indoctrinations and old paradigms in humanity consciousness and the way Emily does it, reaches many suffering, traumatized loving beings because she reminds them of her vibrational being, the joy and love and peace they can find within themselves!

~Jacqueline D.M. Canonica, Switzerland.

Transformational Vibrational Coach

Gets A Lot Of Love On Facebook Too

Elaine Lepage Very informative and great insight to enjoy the flow vs. “Follow this way” from guided meditations totally love how invigorating it felt after can really feel the passion and fulfillment simply from her coaching, love it!

Zenas Chin Authentic and fun! Her teachings & exercises made me contemplate on where I am, where I’d like to be, and how I could use more meditation in my life.

Helen MacMillan Enjoyed your meditation Emily. Thank you!

Margot Weisz This is great! I always feel like I’m filling with love when I’m around those I love and it fills me so I can return it to the world. Thank you for affirming that feeling! Beautiful.

Ilias Kapsis Awesome! Really amazing speaker that communicates so effectively even the most complex thoughts in a brief and natural way…Really made me reconsider my meditation habits and push for more..It’s really fun now!

Christine Lannak The meditation that was just in the Masterclass has left me so relaxed and centered. I know so many people that can use this. Going to start spreading the word about these incredible programs and all the benefits of Mindvalley. Thank You Vishen, Emily and all at Mindvalley.

Natalie Stow Emily Fletcher I did your webinar yesterday, to say the meditation at the end is powerful really is an understatement!!!! Omg when you said send your love out to someone and feel them receive it, I did just that, afterwards I was just going to wash my car and my phone rang it was that person they wanted to know if I was in so they could visit, how quick was that response, and I haven’t seen this person for over 20 years so it’s not if they always call me, so so powerfully amazing and magical, you certainly are the best meditation teacher I have ever come across, never had a result anywhere near as quick as that wow wow wow, I’m sending you a huge hug lady thank you dearly love & light.

Eliza Johnson This is so important! I often compare my insides with others outsides. And meditation helps me with this default setting. It all about connection. Thank you Emily!

Cheryl Hutchings Thank you Emily for inspiring us to give more of what matters most — love! Your teachings are becoming a part of my daily living.

Manjari Dassanayake Thank you for being my happy pill Emily. You helped me through my tough sail! bless your good work. Keep it up.

The M Word Quest

In Just 33 Days, Build A Meditation Morning Practice To Become A Top Performer At Work & Life

Powered By Mindvalley’s New Quest Learning Methodology, The M Word 33-Day Quest takes you step-by-step through a series of The M Word techniques that install a morning practice and teaches you how to use meditation as a tool for day-to-day challenges.