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The Mindvalley tribe is coming together like never before: and we want YOU to join us.

Our new Mindvalley Tribe Membership subscription program gives you everything you need to live, think and give back bigger. Like preferred access to our most acclaimed events. Exclusive transformational training, courses & Quests. Intimate connections with our team, community and teachers. And incredible new opportunities to grow and contribute.

For the first time ever, we’re breaking down our walls and giving you full 360 access to the Mindvalley ecosystem. Because we believe that when we come together, we grow into something far greater than the sum of our parts.

What can we co-create together? Can we redefine learning and education? Can we re-imagine the human experience? Can we help elevate a billion lives across the planet?

Take your seat at the Tribe and let’s find out together.

What It Means To Be A Mindvalley
Tribe Member

When you join the Tribe, your relationship with us evolves far beyond other Mindvalley students and customers.

You become a co-creator in our shared vision for humanity.

What this means is we’ll come together more intimately, intensely, and frequently than ever before, both online and in the real world.

And we’ll immerse you in revolutionary, experimental, sometimes outright crazy ideas and experiences that may not yet be ready for the general public – so together we can perfect them, and use them to spark massive positive change.

This is the deepest possible level of the Mindvalley experience. And when you open yourself to it, and make a commitment to contribute to it, we’ll give you everything we’ve got in return.

Phenomenal Mindvalley Tribe Benefits

As a Mindvalley Tribe Member, you get exclusive invites, training, experiences and rewards not accessible to anyone else – all designed to create maximum forward momentum in your life.

1. Exclusive Tribe Training

Get exclusive access to Tribe-only online training, including brand new monthly coaching content. You’ll level up your life with the wisdom of 100+ additional teachers in addition to Mindvalley’s core 20 teachers.

Consciousness Engineering

How’s this for a superpower: imagine if you could absorb the transformational ideas of a brilliant book or seminar… in the same time it takes to have a short conversation. Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani has perfected a Consciousness Engineering method for pulling off this ‘impossible’ feat. And twice a month you’ll join him in intimate conversation with the world’s brightest teachers, as he rapidly elevates your model of reality with their game-changing ideas and worldviews.

Plus New trainings added every month

Impact At Work

What kind of mark do you want to leave on the world? Impact is our platform to help you embrace your calling, hone your unique gift, and uplift the planet through exhilarating professional growth. You’ll join host Jason Campbell once a month in inspiring conversations with the most brilliant professionals and entrepreneurs on the planet. And discover the disruptive strategies, mindset shifts and daily rituals that pushed them to the top of their game.

Plus New trainings added every month

Behind-The-Scenes Recordings From Our Most Exhilarating Events Worldwide

From A-Fest to Mindvalley U, Mindvalley’s events unite thousands of brilliant teachers, students, speakers and visionaries multiple times a year in stunning exotic locations. We assign a professional film crew to each of these events to record talks, workshops and behind-the-scenes interviews with our brightest participants. As a Tribe Member you get full access to all this footage. It’s like an instant collection of the best TED Talks (and almost as good as being right there in paradise with the Tribe).

2. Life-Changing Events &
Intimate Community

As a Mindvalley Tribe Member, you enjoy velvet rope access to some of the world’s most transformational and intimate events – online and in real life. We come together so we can grow together.

Mindvalley Reunion

Mindvalley Reunion is a two-day celebration of everything Mindvalley: our bestselling authors, our most passionate students and team members, and the deep growth and connections at the heart of our events. From 2018 onwards, Mindvalley Reunion becomes an exclusive event for Tribe Members only. This one’s for us.

Mindvalley U

What would happen if the Mindvalley Tribe – kids, parents, teachers, authors, students, all of us – spent an entire month together in a different city every year? And what would happen if we dedicated that month to intensive learning, bonding and growth? Mindvalley U is a fascinating social experiment and a vision for the future of learning. As a Tribe Member we strongly encourage you to experience it, which is why starting from January 2018, Mindvalley U application will only be for Tribe members.

In 2018, Mindvalley U descends on the spellbinding medieval city of Tallinn, Estonia. More info here.

Online Access to the Tribe

You’re never alone. From Mindvalley Reunion to A-Fest to Mindvalley U, the Tribe comes together multiple times a year at soul-stirring events across the world. And when we’re not bonding on a beach or in an exotic city, we’re co-creating and supporting each other 24/7 on Facebook and our Mindvalley Home learning platform. We’re your new best friends, and we’re all on speed dial.

Monthly Virtual Campfires With Vishen Lakhiani & The Tribe

Once a month, we huddle in our top secret Facebook group for an intimate group coaching session with Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani. You’ll join Vishen for 60 minutes around our virtual campfire as he explores the most important topics in human potential, takes your questions, and dives deep into the biggest ideas coming out of Mindvalley – as together we reflect on our journey and co-create an evolving vision for our future.

3. Special Tribe-Only Perks

Expand your mindvalley learnings/trainings/education/growth to 100+ additional world class teachers. instant access. Only available to tribe members.

20% Or More Off All Mindvalley Courses & Quests

We believe learning is a lifelong adventure – and we know you do too. That’s why your Tribe Membership gets you 20% off all Mindvalley Courses and Quests. Take your pick from our catalogue of leading-edge training from the planet’s top teachers, on subjects from meditation and yoga, to fitness, nutrition and self-confidence.

But Before You Become A Tribe Member, Please Remember…

A Tribe is only as powerful as its members.

So if we’re going to elevate a billion lives together, we need each and every member to be ready to commit and contribute – both to our own growth, and to helping those around us grow too.

Can you make yourself this promise? And do you resonate with the following statements?:

1) I believe a small group of passionate people can change the world
2) I am excited to do my part in pushing humanity forward
3) I am prepared to challenge my old models of reality, if they do not serve me

If your answer is YES – join us now and let’s bend reality together.

Join The Tribe Today & Get:

1. Exclusive Tribe Training

  • Consciousness Engineering: new training every month plus instant access to 50+ hours of archived conversations in our catalogue.
  • Impact At Work: new training every month plus instant access to 10+ hours of archived conversations in our catalogue.
  • A collection of professionally filmed behind-the-scenes recordings from A-Fest and other Mindvalley Global Events. Relive the best talks, workshops and interviews from each event.

2. Magical Events and Close Community

  • An exclusive invitation for Mindvalley Reunion: a private annual homecoming event for our bestselling authors, team, and Tribe.
  • An exclusive invitation for Mindvalley U: experience 30 days of immersive growth and co-creation with your Tribe in a foreign city.
  • 24/7 Tribe access, online and in real life: connect with us at live events, on our private Facebook group, and our Mindvalley Home learning platform.
  • Monthly group coaching with Vishen Lakhiani on Facebook. Ask him anything and help create a vision for the Tribe’s future.

3. Special Tribe-Only Perks

  • 20% or more off all Mindvalley Courses and Quests. Existing ones, future ones, all of them.

$21 /mo*

$0 for 7 days, then charged annually $249

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