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Up To 71% of Employees Aren't Performing At Their Best*

Which Means You Aren't Getting the Outcomes You Need To Compete And Win

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in — to get the right results, you need to get your people working right. Thinking on their feet. Identifying and solving tough problems. Adapting to rapid change (and helping others to do the same). Working together as a powerful team. When your best people perform at their peak, they’re more productive, so your business grows more rapidly. They’re more efficient, so you’re more profitable. There’s less conflict, so you save time and energy for the things that matter. They're more focused, so you get better outcomes, faster.

(*according to a 2017 Gallup survey)

We Built The Leading Personalized, Online Platform Proven to Educate, Train, and Motivate Your Business Professionals

  • 5 Million Students
  • We have a remarkable track record in empowering people. More than 5 million innovators, business leaders, doers, and hustlers have realized their greatest potential using our platform.

  • 800% Better Completion
  • We build courses that learners love to finish. In fact, your employees are 8x more likely to finish a course on our platform than on any other learning platform — which means better results.

  • 200+ Expert Teachers
  • We bring your team immediate access to their dream mentors. Every course comes with fresh perspective, delivered by coaches who really know their material inside and out.

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    We Help You Solve Workplace Challenges Using The Insights of the World's Best Experts, Creating Bite-Sized Coaching Sessions That Lead to Focused Results and High-Performing Teams

    Built To Go With Your Team Anywhere. Creating Better Outcomes Everywhere.

    Some People Call It Culture. We Call It Winning

    Here Are Some of the Results You Can Expect After Using Mindvalley for Business

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    31% More Productive Teams

    Our learners consistently get more things done than their peers. By focusing on what matters and removing distractions, they achieve better outcomes in less time. Using our courses on productivity, they fully utilize the power of momentum.

    (According to Forbes)

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    22% More Profitable Business

    Our learners use what they learned to improve the company they work for in thousands of little ways — all of which add up to significant profit growth. Using our courses on mindset they help everyone dream a bit bigger.

    (According to Gallup)

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    37% Higher Revenue Growth

    Our learners develop habits that enable them to drive sales growth at a level that is truly remarkable. It's not just about employees feeling good. Using our courses on business, they leverage happiness into company success.

    (According to Forbes)

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    84% Better Role Proficiency

    Our learners become more proficient in their leadership roles inside their company. They more quickly take mentoring and turn it into improved job performance. Using our entire suite of courses, they level up their life in remarkable ways.

    (According to Harvard)

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    87% Higher Employee Retention

    Our learners stick around. They aren't likely to jump to the next opportunity at the first sign of conflict. They value what they do and those they do it with. Using our courses on collaboration, they develop into an awesome team.

    (According to Qualtrics)

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    82% More Competitive

    Our learners want to win. And they willing to do everything they can to help the company they work for compete at a higher level. Using our courses on business, they hone their skills into an advantage that makes you formidable.

    (According to Deloitte)

    We Know That Implementing Change Is Tricky

    So We Provide You Everything You Need For A Smooth Experience To Empower Your Team.

    • Unlimited Access To All Content For 12 Months
      Choose a bundle of licenses from the options below and get access to our complete mentoring catalog, from productivity to influence, communication to health.
    • Concierge Onboarding Experience For Your Team
      A facilitator will guide your team every step of the way — from getting started to personalized course recommendations. We have a process built to keep engagement high.
    • A Branded Learning Portal That Fits Right In
      Your mentoring workspace is personalized with your company logo and its own URL. It looks and feels like it belongs along with the rest of the tools you are already using.
    • Comprehensive Engagement Reports
      We'll help you track your team's progress, engagement, collaboration, and support with our reporting tools — all available through your admin dashboard.
    • BTW - There Are Mobile Apps for Android and iOS
      And even your smartwatch. Plus, the website is optimized for both desktops and tablets, empowering your learners to simply focus on great content.

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