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How To Cure Loneliness And Create A Sense Of Belonging In Your Life

Join Vishen Lakhiani with the co-Founder of Daybreaker and author of BELONG, Radha Agrawal, to discover how to find your tribe, create a community, and live a more meaningful life through deep relationships.

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In This 60-Minute
Mindvalley Mentoring Training, You Will:

  • Discover a simple “VIA” chart to find your true values so you can naturally gravitate towards like-minded people
  • Write a three column bucket-list to define your dream friends: From now on you will know exactly who to connect with – and who to avoid – to establish those deep, fulfilling relationships
  • The four stages to find your perfect tribe (this is where you feel like home and where your dream friends hang out)
  • Want to build your own tribe? Use CRAWL method to bring people together so you can make an impact in the world or engage in the same passions
  • How to use the “DOSE” principle (based on human biology) to create powerful community events that nurture deep connections – and keep people coming back for more
  • And many other tips on living a more fulfilling life through deep relationships…

About Radha Agrawal

Radha Agrawal is the Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Community Architect of Daybreaker, the early morning dance and wellness movement that currently holds events in 25 cities and over a dozen college campuses around the world with a community of almost half a million people. She is a successful entrepreneur (Co-Founder THINX, LiveItUp), author, globe-trotting speaker, DJ, inventor, and investor.

Her new book BELONG answers the questions, “how the heck do I find my people?” and “How do I create large and meaningful communities in the real world?”. She spent 18 months synthesizing her key methods for community building, peeling back the curtain on exactly what she and her team did (and continues to do) at Daybreaker so that anyone interested in creating their own community could have a blueprint for how to do it.

Radha Agrawal

Meet Your Host, Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, one of the fastest-growing personal growth companies on the planet, with a family of over three million customers, subscribers and raving fans.

Leading an international team of 200 people from over 50 countries at Mindvalley HQ his goal is to revolutionize the global education system by bringing to the forefront transformational and personal growth education, and making these practices more mainstream.

His New York Times bestseller, The Code of The Extraordinary Mind, blends evolutionary biology and computational thinking. In September and November 2017 it hit #1 across all Amazon charts and became the most read book on Amazon globally.

Dave Asprey

The free screening of this training is now closed, but you can watch it today on Mindvalley Mentoring

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