Free ‘5 Days to Discovering Your Purpose’ Course Reveals Your Soul’s Unique Giftedness

World renowned and respected spiritual teacher, Dr Michael Beckwith, gently guides you towards making a deeper commitment in finding your mission and purpose, and shares the soul technology you need to express your unique gifts as you move towards greatness.
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In this brand new course, you will discover:

  • Make a deeper commitment to participate in your personal unfolding by identifying and activating the emerging patterns of your soul’s calling
  • Learn to let go of parental and societal influences dictating how you should be – and embrace what you were meant to be
  • Embrace what you were meant to be with love, acceptance and joy, and become a vibrant conduit to manifest your visions
  • Allow yourself to be pulled by the dynamic vision already coded within you, instead of being motivated by outside influences
  • Learn how to express and radiate your unique giftedness, let it emerge with guided inspiration to actualise your mission and purpose
  • Finally, live in a field of pure potentiality and possibility, and radiate the dynamics of peace and prosperity – truly living your magnificent vision

“Michael Beckwith eloquently unfolds the secrets of deep inquiry for spiritual development, which leads to infinite possibilities in our lives.”
Deepak Chopra

MD & Author of Super Genes

“The teachings espoused by Michael Bernard Beckwith and the wisdom he imparts are for everyone, no matter what their circumstances. He welcomes us all into loving ourselves and loving one another. He has inspired me to do so many things.”
Hill Harper

Actor (CSI:NY) & Author of Letters To A Young

“Activism and mysticism are called upon in Michael’s writings to show us how we can meld into a Beloved Community and therefore become one.”
Ram Dass

Author of ‘Be Here Now’

Here’s what you get when you sign up now:

Your ‘5 Days to Discovering Your Purpose’ course will be delivered via mobile and web experience – here’s what to expect each day:

Day 1

The Study Of Thought

In this class Michael shows what happens when the REAL thoughts of the universe think through you. He explains how to use radiance, emergence and inspiration to bring forth the light, luminosity and the gifted power within you to start living in a field of pure potentiality and possibility.

Day 2

Channeling Consciousness –
Turning Weakness To Strength

In Channeling Consciousness you’ll learn how to actively participate in your own transformation in all eight life structures, by turning weaknesses into strengths with the concepts of Kensho, Satori and energetic shapeshifting.

Day 3

Boost Your Manifestation With Better
Goal Setting

In this class Michael helps you to remember why you came to earth, the gifts you wanted to share, and the difference you wanted to make – goals all worthy of your soul’s calling. He’ll show you how to spark awake that something great already coded within you, just waiting to be manifested through you.

Day 4

Create A Vision For Your Future

Discover how to reengineer your imagination and reprogram your mind to hunt for all the possibilities in which your soul can emerge, worthy of this incarnation. Michael guides you through a series of powerful questions to reveal your unique divine idea for this life.

Day 5

Finding Your Purpose Through Life Visioning

Most people ask themselves disempowering questions, often leading to a downward spiral. In the REAL Life Visioning process, Michael clarifies what questions to ask to empower your life, how to find the gifts you’re supposed to share, and what resources you’ll need to manifest your vision.



Each module has it’s own free audio you can download and use at any time to gain unshakeable self-esteem and confidence whenever you need a boost.

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Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational spiritual community with a congregation of over 9,000 members. He has appeared on Dr. Oz, The Oprah Show, Larry King Live and in his own PBS Special, The Answer Is You, spreading his message to millions of people. He also participated alongside the *Dalai Lama and other New Thought Ministers in The Synthesis Dialogues.

Dr. Beckwith is the creator of the Life Visioning Process, which he teaches all over the globe through his books and seminars. At its core, the process is a way to fully embrace your connection to the divine and let the Universe serve the world through you. Visioning is a wonderful course, and we’re delighted to bring you the teachings from this amazing man.

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