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Career & Influence

Bring Mindvalley Into Your School Or Business

Mindvalley’s platform now integrates with schools, universities and businesses.

For School

Mindvalley is currently creating a version of it’s technology and curriculum for high-schools globally. Starting with Finland.

For Organization

Give your members an edge by giving them access to Mindvalley teachers and trainings to help them develop into their greatest selves.

For Corporations

Boost productivity, employee engagement and loyalty by creating a company culture that helps people grow and evolve into their best selves.

Subscribe to Mindvalley Mentoring

Bite-Sized Trainings With World-Class Teachers

Discover the Consciousness Engineering Framework

Get access to interview sessions with the world’s top entrepreneurs and professionals, designed to dramatically amplify your performance and impact at work.

Your subscription gives you access to the Consciousness Engineering framework, with monthly conversations with the world’s brightest minds.

What makes this program unique is the access to talent that we have. Imagine getting into the brain of brilliant minds like Gelong Thubten, Tom Bilyeu, Dave Asprey, Peter Diamandis, Jason Prall, Don Jose Ruiz and Jay Shetty.