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Leadership & Management

Hero. Genius. Legendwith Robin Sharma

Join the bestselling author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari on a deep dive into the behaviors, mindsets, and habits of the outliers who consistently produce and inspire genius-level work – and skyrocket your productivity, mindset, and leadership skills.

Networking & Marketing

Mindvalley A-Fest

You know your network is essential to your business success. At Mindvalley we don’t just teach you networking skills, we connect you to a global network of women and men who are doing incredible things in the world. Our premier network is the A-Fest community. Learn about A-Fest here and apply to join.

Career & Passion

The Quest For Personal Masterywith Srikumar Rao

Build unstoppable resilience and unshakeable inner peace. The Quest for Personal Mastery is based on the work of legendary MBA professor Srikumar Rao. Rao’s classes at London Business School and Columbia University so shook his students live, they became some of the most popular and in-demand classes on campus. Now you can learn from Rao in this Quest designed to awaken you to new models of happiness, achievement, and contribution.

Business & Entrepreneurship

The New Psychology of Winningwith Denis Waitley

When Denis Waitley first released The Psychology of Winning, it became the leading business audiobook in history, and was even taught in companies like Microsoft and GE. Now Waitley is back with The New Psychology of Winning – an exclusive training program for the Mindvalley Quests platform that conditions your mind for repeatable, unbeatable success in any of today’s rapidly evolving fields.

Speaking & Persuasion

Speak & Inspirewith Lisa Nichols

One of the world’s top orators reveals how to find your unique message, speak with effortless confidence, and inspire any audience. This 30-day Quest helps you both discover your voice, and heal past events that might be making your light shine a little less brighter than it could.

Personal Wealth

Spiritual Laws of Moneywith T. Harv Eker

Harv Eker’s raw intensity and brilliant take on ‘money mindset’ jolts you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to think in a more visionary and structured way about your wealth and income. Take this course if you’re ready to take your wealth to a new empowering level.

Unlimited Abundancewith Christie Marie Sheldon

Experience an energetic clearing that releases you from the 24 ‘Abundance Blocks’ quietly sabotaging your relationship with money and success. Choose from 24 one-hour sessions, each one designed to erase a specific Abundance Block.

Events and Talks

Watch Talks From A-Fest Mexico 2016

At A-Fest Mexico 2016, Mindvalley assembled some of the world’s leading thinkers and speakers to create a full spectrum experience on how to understand, discover and live your mission. Watch the top talks here.

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Become a Mindvalley Tribe Member and get access to Impact at Work. Intimate 60 min mentoring sessions with the world’s top entrepreneurs and professionals, designed to dramatically amplify your performance and impact at work.

This program is available as part of Mindvalley’s Tribe Membership. Join now and not just get Impact at Work, but get several other programs and events included.