Feel the magic of the tribe

An inspirational network of changemakers
all learning together

Imagine an event with the brightest and happiest people you know. The most inspirational learning and growth opportunities – plus a stunning city to call home for a month. All this is what gets our tribe raving.

You will go beyond boundaries and limiting beliefs. There is an open friendly atmosphere where everyone is accepted. People of all ages come together to learn and grow.

What Students Say

“The best thing is being among so many similar and yet unique people!”


“The vibe is phenomenal and non-judgmental”


“I’m thoroughly inspired to take my spiritual practice to the next level and take guided action every day towards my life purpose”


“Beautiful souls from all over the world.”


“The energy is just so positive!”


“Everyone with their story to share and openness to do it”


The tribal dynamic

We go to great lengths to bring the tribe together. To bond, exchange, grow and connect. You will have breakthroughs and who knows, even meet your cofounder, mentor or soulmate.

Students come together to share breakthroughs, help each through challenges and reach their goals together.

Culture weaved in

Regular trips are organised throughout the month. Volunteer for local charities or experience unique Estonian culture. These trips are not just mind-expanding but help our tribe connect, bond and forge strong social connections.

We do Give Back Day every year. An active initiative to give back to the local community. Past projects include: empowering the homeless, planting gardens and building structures, beautification of community centres, providing consulting services and play activities with local children.

Last year

2017 was the first year of MVU and it was in Barcelona. Although it was our first one it was an absolute success. We took all of the awesome bits and upgraded everything else to bring you a bigger better version this year.

A New Model of College (Vlog #3 Mindvalley U.) | Skip Kelly

More Feedback from Students

“What stays with me is the humanity behind it all.”

The everlasting feeling that everyone is there to help you. The possibility to see the soul behind the mask. The joy to give back with an open heart. The confirmation that there is no bigger purpose of life than coming together to build a better world. Thank you Mindvalley U! See you in Tallinn! <3

Denisa Mihaela Puica
“Mindvalley U has challenged me both personally and professionally.”

Everyone there is so diversed in terms of language, culture, ethnicity and talent but yet the vibe is phenomenal and non-judgmental. I can see strong bonds and friendships being formed there, and so many bridges built to keep motivating and encouraging growth with one another. I’m glad I took this leap of faith to travel solo for the first time to experience and to realise that I can and will continue to grow in so many different aspects and make choices/decisions that are humanity plus.

Mellisa Foong
“The highlight was the people I met!”

Beautiful souls from all over the world, everyone with their story to share and openness to do it! Great things happen when amazing people from all over the world come together and share ideas on life and how to push the world forward!

Rain Kärner
“I’ve been a student of Mindvalley for a couple of years now and have taken several courses.”

But the live events just blew me away. The amount of information, the inspiring teachings from both Marisa and Vishen, and the energy and love I received from hanging out with other Mindvalley members was so incredible that I don’t have any adjectives left to describe it! All I can say is I wish I could put that high consciousness into a bottle and always keep it with me! I made wonderful friends, I’m thoroughly inspired to take my spiritual practice to the next level and also take guided action every day towards my life purpose!

Anuradha Mulukutla
“Mindvalley U was Mindblowing U!”

The cultural diversity, the loving and open participants that were available to co-create valuable experiences with each other, everyone who facilitated a workshop or session, the exchange of ideas, the positivity, the support and the high energy of the whole group made my experience priceless! I am definitely going again the following years to inspire myself, grow and contribute with a possibility to create a different and innovative education for us and the future generations.

“It’s a way to live and learn that’s unique to anything out there.”

The speakers, courses and attendees blew my mind. The connection I felt there and continue to feel in the community will forever enhance my life.

Steffani LeFevour

How to apply

Our next event is Mindvalley U, July 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia. Register now by joining our waiting list and you will be notified as soon as we open up applications. Tickets will be available to purchase upon successful application.