Connect with Mindvalley’s Top Teachers and Vibrant Community At

Mindvalley Reunion
in Los Angeles

March 9-10, 2019

Join Us For A Weekend of Learning, Celebration And Transformation

Join us for a weekend of learning, celebration and transformation as we bring to you Mindvalley Reunion. We’re bringing together amazing teachers you might have encountered online on Mindvalley Academy plus a few special celebrity guests. Be one of 1000 to join Mindvalley’s largest event yet. Expect to meet like-minded souls and have tons of fun, Mindvalley-style.

What Reunion Includes:

Reunion is a unique event that brings together Mindvalley Community from across the world.

  • Two content-packed days with a few surprises
  • A complementary pre-day workshop
  • A welcome mingler with the tribe
  • A community of thousands as we start this personal growth movement, fueled by you
  • Connections and bonding time with like-minded souls from 50+ countries

A Message From Vishen Lakhiani

It’s now been 15 years we have been running Mindvalley as a company. But in recent years, we began to realize that we aren’t a company at all… As Mindvalley has grown, the BIGGEST thing our community says we do for them, other than sparking extraordinary ideas, is the fact that we connect them to extraordinary friends. From our online tribes with Mindvalley Quests, to festivals like Mindvalley A-Fest, and a month-long experiences like Mindvalley City Campus, connection and bonding have been a key part of our DNA.

Our community is about amazing people who see growth as a goal. Who understand that self-improvement is a part of life. But more so, Mindvalley community is about applying your fine-tuned mind, body and soul to actually make an impact on the world. To cause a ripple effect in our tribes: families, friends, communities, companies.

This community, 2 million strong, is now more alive than ever. A community of people who see us united as a human species. And our annual Reunion is where we unite to explore how we can be the greatest versions of ourselves, and create a massive positive impact on the world. Welcome to Mindvalley Reunion. I hope you join this group of more than 1000 people coming to Los Angeles this March for a weekend of transformation.

What We’ll be Covering With Some of The Greatest Teachers In The World

We often hear from people that education has failed them. School teaches you to be safe. But ‘safe’ is far from extraordinary. Rather than create a life that’s a masterpiece, our education churns our people designed to lead similar lives. Don Miguel Ruiz, who was a special guest speaker at Mindvalley Reunion in 2017, once told Vishen:

“My books are based on Toltec wisdom. You know what Toltec means? It means ‘artist’. This wisdom is about being the ARTIST of your own life and turning it into a work of ART.”

- Don Miguel Ruiz

Beautiful words, right? Yet our education thus far does not teach us to create lives that are works of art. Instead, it teaches us to create lives that look like we simply photocopied a standardized 1970 version of what living should be. And so many of us live far below our potential. But what if you could bring new found wisdom, energy and power into all dimensions of your life? And boost this with new-found friends? This is where the Mindvalley Reunion comes in.

And no Mindvalley event is complete without a proper time to socialize. In the evening, we will be gathering at the hotel to share learnings and bond in a more relaxed atmosphere. We know most people get their breakthrough when having amazing conversations over or after dinner, so expect to make special friends.


Westin Los Angeles Airport, 5400 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA


Watch What Your Community Experienced At Reunion 2018

"What an incredible event!"

What an incredible event! Thank you Vishen Lakhiani and beautiful Mindvalley Community for an amazing experience. I drove to San Diego with my head down, dragging my feet into the conference room and questioning the purpose of my existence, to grow some gorgeous wings on Day 1 after attending the seminar with Neale Donald Walsch and wanting to fly so high I felt like I was Bending Reality! I probably had about 995 questions going in, and walked out with 993 of those questions answered. Thank you so much for all you do to raise consciousness. Thank you so much for providing us all with the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals. Thank you so much for educating us on our potential Thank you so much for bringing the most amazing teachers on earth to us in one place. And thank you for having the most amazing vision and giving us hope/encouragement to co-create a better world.

Lots of love to you!

- Masooma Tamim

"The experience is life changing!"

The experience is life changing! New friendships are formed, new models of reality are created a new sense of Being is established. Together, we are leading the way to a new level of Global Consciousness. It’s the Mindvalley Tribe’s contribution to the World. I’m grateful blessed to be a part of it!

- Brian Burns

"I’m excited to participate in more events like this!"

For the last few years I have visioned large groups of people having radical experiential transformation. I recognize that the experience we participated in is going to impact and shift humanity, and to KNOW this, I am humbled, and drenched in gratitude. I’m excited to participate in more events like this!

- Jennifer Meehan

"The best education you can possibly get in a weekend!"

An amazing event that brings together truly inspirational and engaging people both on and off of the stage. I would challenge anyone to attend and not change one or more aspects of their lives when they leave. The best education you can possibly get in a weekend! Priceless!!!

- Ian Woodley


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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Mindvalley Reunion and what does the schedule look like?

Mindvalley Reunion will take place Saturday, March 9 to Sunday, March 10 (with a pre-day on Friday, March 8 ) at Westin Los Angeles Airport hotel in California.

The main program starts at 9AM sharp and ends around 6PM on both days (March 9 and 10). Registration starts at 8AM on Saturday, March 9.

On March 8th, there will be pre-event workshops that you can choose to attend. More information about the pre-event workshops will be shared with Mindvalley Reunion attendees soon.

Please note that timings are subject to change and full agenda will be announced 2-3 weeks before the event.

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