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Your Brain

From All Limitations

Unleash Your Brain

From All Limitations

Unleash Your Brain

From All Limitations

& Develop a Super Memory In Just 30 Days
& Develop a Super Memory In Just 30 Days


Join Superbrain on May 6 with thousands of students to unleash your brain from all limitations.

Why This Program

The Superbrain Quest is an accelerated learning curriculum designed to activate your brain’s limitless potential. Join Master Mind Trainer Jim Kwik on a 30-day adventure towards a bulletproof memory, unshakeable focus, and superhuman productivity. Whether you’re a professional, entrepreneur, student, or just someone looking to unlock the full power of your mind – you’ll experience life-changing elevations in your career and personal growth as you shatter every inner limitation that has ever dared hold you back.

Jim Kwik

Is Your Brain Primed For The Next Stage In Human Evolution?

In the 21st century, information is king. There are more books, apps, courses, and media being published than ever before. Information technology is expanding at breakneck speed. And along with it comes increasingly higher expectations for the ones steering the ship: us.

But here’s the challenge: for most of us, school taught us what to learn and not how to learn. The result? Our brain’s raw processing power has been severely limited. We’re not thinking, remembering, and focusing anywhere near our real potential. And those of us who do have a tremendous advantage in this emerging new world.

Learning how to learn is known as meta learning. Jim Kwik is the world’s foremost expert in training you in meta learning. And in just 30 days, the exercises and mind shifts in this Quest will completely transform the way you absorb, process, and use information.

Welcome to the future of your brain.

  • Learn More About Meta Learning

    The Most Important Skill Of The 21st Century

    Meta learning is a new category of training in the Mindvalley curriculum – and in an age where information is king, it’s also one of the most important. Meta learning means learning skills – like memory, speed reading, accelerated absorption, brainwave control, cognitive optimization, and more – that amplify your results in every other skill and body of wisdom you’re studying.

    Do you want to improve your meditation practice? Your public speaking skills? Your fitness? Your career? Your productivity and creativity? Whatever your goals are, meta learning allows you to reach levels of self-mastery you may have never imagined possible.

    More and more peak performance experts now advocate meta learning as a powerful means of getting ahead in a transforming world – including bestselling authors Josh Kaufman and Benedict Carey, education luminary Dr. Susan A. Ambrose, “human guinea pig” Tim Ferriss, and of course Jim Kwik himself.

    Thanks to experts like these, we now have a far better understanding of how learning occurs in the human mind – and how we can make the most of our mind’s natural mechanisms and quirks to dramatically elevate our learning, absorption, and retention with far less effort.

Instructor Profile

Meet Your Superbrain Coach

Meet Your Superbrain Coach

Jim Kwik’s traumatic childhood brain injuries inspired him to dedicate his life to mastering the human brain. Today he is one of the world’s most in-demand accelerated learning experts amongst celebrities, professionals, and top performers – with clients like Harvard, Nike, Virgin, Fox Studios, and Singularity University. We’re lucky to have secured Jim’s time from his busy schedule to create this Superbrain Quest for the Mindvalley community – and we can’t wait to see what it does for you.


As Seen On:

  • Read A Short Note From Jim

    If knowledge is power, learning is a superpower.

    But it’s a superpower we were never taught how to master.

    Think about it: most of us spend at least 12 years of our lives in school. But while school is a great way to learn what to learn, it doesn’t teach you how to learn.

    After suffering a traumatic brain injury at 5 years old, I struggled to remember and focus and even learned to read 3 years after everyone else. But I survived school because I learned how to game the system. I realized that school tests more for memorization than understanding. So I got really good at regurgitating information – but I couldn’t explain that information to you.

    The problem is that our educational system is sorely outdated. When the American education system was first standardized in the 19th century, it was modeled after factories and assembly lines. Children received their education in batches based on their date of manufacture, AKA their date of birth. Things haven’t changed much since.

    They say if Benjamin Franklin were alive today, our schools would be the only thing he’d recognize. We have spaceships and electric cars, but our educational vehicle of choice is the horse and buggy.

    But there’s good news. You already possess one of the most powerful resources available: your brain.

    What if you could focus more, stress less, and sleep better? What if you were able to sift through information overload and pay attention only to the things that matter? What if you always made great decisions and easily solved problems? What if you didn’t have to reach for your phone every time you needed to calculate the tip?

    Imagine how much easier your life would be if all the above were true. Now, imagine it were true of everybody in the world. What would that world be like? How amazing would it be?

    That world is within our reach. It starts with all of us learning how to master our brains – and I can show you how.

    I’m not special. I didn’t naturally have these superpowers. They were learned. And if I can learn them, anyone can learn them – regardless of age, background or education.

Jim’s cutting-edge learning techniques has garnered the attention of the world’s extraordinary thinkers.

From Virgin, to Nike, to NASA, Jim is a highly sought-out trainer for the world’s top organizations.

He went from being “the boy with the broken brain” to the man who trains Hollywood’s superheroes.

The 5 Pillars Of Your Superbrain

Jim combines today’s best neuroscience, speed learning, and peak performance techniques to upgrade your brain into a Superbrain in five key areas:

1. Supercharged Memory

Names, facts, birthdays, anniversaries, shopping lists, passwords – how much easier will your life be when you’re recalling all this information at the snap of a finger?

2. Supercharged Relationships

Use your Superbrain to connect better with people, and amplify your personality and charisma both at work and in your personal life.

3. Supercharged Processing Power

Eliminate brain fog from your Superbrain, so you can think smarter, decide faster, and focus better – no matter how young or old you are.

4. Supercharged Learning

Finish a book 3x faster (and remember every part of it). Learn a new language in record time. Master any new skill with ease. Become a better you in every way.

5. Supercharged Lifestyle

Banish inner resistance and self-sabotage from your life, so you can effortlessly adopt better habits. Eat healthier. Exercise better. See a better you in the mirror.

Elevate Your Learning Experience On The Revolutionary Mindvalley Learning Platform

The Mindvalley Quests learning platform combines the power of community, daily micro-learning, and the world’s best teachers to give you a dramatically more immersive and transformational personal growth experience than ever before.

The World’s Best Teachers On One Platform

From philosophers like Ken Wilber and Alan Watts, to transformational teachers like Robin Sharma and Neale Donald Walsch, Mindvalley Quests curates the wisdom of humanity’s greatest minds to elevate every area of your life.

Deep Transformation In Just 15 – 20 Minutes A Day

Now used by leading-edge schools and companies, micro-learning is the ultimate personal growth solution for busy people. By engaging in daily bite-sized actions and exercises, you’ll experience massive results with minimal effort – and be 500% more likely to complete your curriculum compared to traditional courses.

We’re All In This Together

The Mindvalley Quests platform gives you multiple ways to engage and co-create with your fellow students. Imagine thousands of like-minded people from 100+ countries, supporting you, inspiring you, and holding you accountable to your highest success.

How The Quest App Works

1. You begin the Superbrain Quest with the community on May 6, 2019.

2. You will receive daily guidance for 30 days.

3. You grow dramatically in just 15-20 minutes a day

Program Information

Explore The Superbrain Quest Curriculum

Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Quest is a whole brain training specifically designed for rapid and lasting learning. You will be actively involved in every step of the training.

Warm Up To Your Superbrain


your guide Jim Kwik


the FAST method to learn anything quick


for the quest


how to take notes

  • Part 1: Welcome To The Fundamentals

    (May 6 – 9)

    Understanding what learning really is. Begin to learn new pathways of learning. Plus an understanding of what memory really is. You will meet Jim and hear his story.

    Highlights include:

    • You will understand pivotal concepts such as MOM and SUN.
    • 10 Little known factors that influence memory.
    • Be able to learn long lists in rapid time and remember them forever.
    • And so much more…

  • Part 2: Lifestyle

    (May 10 – 13)

    You’ll learn powerful techniques that set you apart as a memory expert. You’ll notice changes in the way you work and interact with others.

    Highlights include:

    • Discover the physiological elements of memory including food, movement, and sleep.
    • You have your first educational kinesiology day. It defies everything you ever thought about learning.
    • Remove negative thinking from your mind.
    • The connection between sleep, stress, and memory.
    • And that’s just the beginning…

  • Part 3: Remembering Long Lists

    (May 14 – 17)

    Long lists? Not a problem. This is where you discover – Yes I have a Super Memory.

    Highlights include:

    • Discover the single most powerful memory strategy known to man.
    • You’ll learn a method called Chain Linking that makes it able for you to remember a lot of information rapidly.
    • We’ll challenge many of the paradigms of learning and education today. You’ll wonder why the old systems are still being used. By this time people will be in awe of your super memory.
    • And so much more…

  • Part 4: Remembering Names

    (May 18 – 21)

    Those days are over! Ever forget a name? Never again. You’ll remember everyone’s names – Forever.

    Highlights include:

    • BE SUAVE: How to remember names (forever).
    • The FDR technique.
    • Your Memory is As Easy As PIE.
    • Reinforce your memory by putting the techniques IN your body.
    • And so much more…

  • Part 5: Vocabulary and Languages

    (May 22 – 25)

    Highlights include:

    • Jim’s Ultimate TIP To Learning Anything
    • Yes, now that you could memorize a foreign language … let’s do it!
    • The keyword substitution method – easy shmeezy for you.
    • We’re turning Japanese – a fascinating day and new form of learning
    • And so much more…

  • Part 6: Memorizing Speeches & Texts

    (May 26 – 29)

    Highlights include:

    • A simple 3 step process to memorize all the key points.
    • The location method – no you aren’t lost. But people who don’t know this trick will be.
    • How to memorize speeches word for word – you’ll be stunned by how easy it is.
    • And so much more…

  • Part 7: Numbers

    (May 30 – June 3)

    Highlights include:

    • A Simple System for Remembering Numbers.
    • The world’s oldest memory system for working numbers: The Sounds of Memory.
    • Applying the ancient memory system to your life.
    • And so much more…

  • Part 8: Lifestyle Integration

    (June 4 – 5)

    Highlights include:

    • Taking it outside the lines – an implementation day to integrate your learning.
    • The five levels of transformation
    • Five Levels of learning (all of them will be new to you)
    • And so much more…

A Superbrain Is A Long Lasting Brain

According to Harvard Medical School, something remarkable happens when you feed your brain with stimulating exercises (like the Meta Learning exercises found in the Superbrain Quest): new connections between nerve cells are stimulated, and new brain cells are even generated.

This develops a neurological “plasticity” in your brain, and helps protect you from future brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. And so The Superbrain Quest isn’t just an investment in your present: but also in shaping a healthier, sharper, more productive brain in all stages of your life.

What Students Say

Jim Kwik’s Techniques Have Inspired Some Of The Best Minds In The World

Enroll Now & Get 4 FREE Bonus Features

Bonus Training Video 1:
Overcoming Procrastination (June 6th)

Follow these five fast, easy, and effective steps for beating procrastination – no matter how stubborn your own brain is.

Bonus Training Video 2:
Your 8 Cs To Muscle Memory (June 7th)

Discover a simple framework for using your muscle memory to your advantage, allowing you to absorb more and get more done, with less energy.

Bonus Training Video 3:
Remembering Your Dreams (June 8th)

Dreams can have important messages for you. Follow these six steps to decipher those messages the moment you wake up every morning.

Bonus Training Video 4:
Speed Reading (June 9th)

Learn tips and techniques that will instantly increase your reading speed by 25 to 50%.

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We believe the Superbrain curriculum has the power to change the way humanity learns, works, and grows – and we’re beyond excited to launch it for the first time ever on our Quests learning platform.

So how are we celebrating? By giving you a 68% discount on your enrollment fee, of course.
But only when you enroll before May 6, 2019.

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  • Bonus Training Video 1: Overcoming Procrastination
    Follow these five fast, easy, and effective steps for beating procrastination – no matter how stubborn your own brain is.
  • Bonus Training Video 2: Your 8 Cs To Muscle Memory
    Discover a simple framework for using your muscle memory to your advantage, allowing you to absorb more and get more done, with less energy.
  • Bonus Training Video 3: Remembering Your Dreams
    Dreams can have important messages for you. Follow these six steps to decipher those messages the moment you wake up every morning.
  • Bonus Training Video 4: Speed Reading
    Learn tips and techniques that will instantly increase your reading speed by 25 to 50%.

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