Next Mindvalley University City Campus

Next City Campus will take place in Pula, Croatia, June 24 – July 20, 2019


Application Process

Mindvalley University City Campus (previously called Mindvalley U) is now available to Mindvalley Global Campus Members only. Apply here to become a Member and once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive details about how to secure your membership. This annual membership will then unlock your access to Mindvalley University City Campus tickets.

We’re looking for people who are working hard on their personal development, people who have a desire to make a positive impact on the world, and people who have amazing stories to tell.
In a nutshell, our ideal applicant is someone who ‘wows’ us, either with their passion for what they do, by their successes (these don’t need to be professional), and someone whom we know will contribute positive things to our global tribe.

Please note that once you’re approved, all other family members are considered approved. However, your spouse, partner, or another adult that you wish to bring to this event must become a Mindvalley Global Campus Member in order to secure their City Campus ticket.