Mindvalley Summer School at Mindvalley University, Croatia 2019

The school that teaches kids the things regular school forgot


What To Expect?

Mindvalley is excited to collaborate with WOW Learning Lab to create the kids and teens programs for 3-17 year olds at Mindvalley University in Pula.

World of Wonder (WOW) Learning Lab is a unique POP UP playground for the spirit, open hearts and eager minds of todays’ youth. Built on 40+ combined years of expertise in the areas of progressive child development, immersive multi-sensory learning environments and events, youth mentoring and mind-body facilitation methods, WOW brings the best of ancient wisdom and modern, brain-based research to each gathering. Culminating in a community service project, individual achievement portfolios, a multi-age performance and youth-produced music video testimonials, WOW promises to engender smiles, wonder and the joy of collaborative, student-driven learning for youth ages 3 – 17.

How, you ask? By combining various age-appropriate circle talks, small group discussions, gratitude exercises, peer-to-peer learning, social and emotional learning techniques, quiet reflection, nature walks, journaling, movement, yoga, breath-work, music, crafting, art, athletics, creative visualization, give-back initiatives, the best of tech, youth presentations/performance, multi-age mentor-matches with industry leaders and individual learning & discovery stations.

Who Are Creating And Leading The Programs For Nursery, Kids And Teens?

Judy Julin

WOW’s Founder & Caretaker of Wonder is a gifted EDUpreneur, creative thinker, educationalist and marketing dynamo who’s been active in child enrichment, educational innovation and youth & family wellness programming since 1985. Judy developed and ran Deepak Chopra’s children’s program in 2003-2004 and later founded the child edu-tainment center CosmiKids.org, which was featured alongside Olivia Newton-John in Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success movie. She opened the first of 3 CosmiKids.in centers in Mumbai India in 2013. She is the publisher of InspiredParenting.com, public speaker, workshop leader, published author, & founding member of the social and emotional learning alliance of California (SEL4CA.org).

Leon Campbell, Jr.

WOW’s Program Director & Chief Innovation Officer has been the Director of the Youth and Family Ministry at Agape International Spiritual Center since 2004. AgapeLive.com has one of the largest spiritual youth communities in the country serving over 1,000 children per month. He has developed a comprehensive youth curriculum featuring original programming encompassing self-expression, creativity, character development, universal principles, sacred rituals and service projects for youth of all ages. He’s traveled to Sri Lanka to work with school children, to Kenya as a philanthropic ambassador for youth and to South Korea to support family yoga programming.

Leon is going to be leading the program for the age group 6-9 and facilitating workshops in other age groups as well.

Zachariah Fisher

Zachariah is the founder of the Los Angeles based youth organization Peace Guardians which serves youth, parents, and educators from diverse backgrounds in cultivating optimal potential through conscious connection. His passion for youth empowerment started as a baby. Having lost his father at 10 months old, he felt called to carry his father’s legacy and mentor youth. His teaching style is known for deeper connection to oneself through mindfulness, ancient wisdom practices and the art of flow. He looks at education as a transformational Hero’s Journey into who we are and why we are here.

Starting his teaching career while studying at UCLA, Zachariah was the youngest PE coach in LAUSD from 2003-2007. He founded Camp with Coach Zach which serviced over 1,500 kids in Los Angeles and offered activities including a wide variety of Sports, Martial Arts, Yoga, and Drumming. He is a certified kids yoga teacher and is trained in Trauma Informed Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Martial Arts. He has dedicated his life to cultivating the master within all youth and is fully committed to seeing that mission through as Founder of Peace Guardians.

Z is going to be leading the program for the age group 10-12 and facilitating workshops in other age groups as well.

Tisha Marina Bernard

Tisha is the founder of the I Choose Peace Academy , whose educational mission is to empower young leaders with the courage, compassion, and leadership skills to create peace within themselves and their peers. As a bully prevention specialist, she has worked with hundreds of schools across the nation to help create safe school environments. She is the recipient of the 2009 Season for Non-Violence Local Hero Award from the Common Peace Center for the Advancement of Non-Violence. As a professional hoop dance performer, she was a featured artist in the documentary, The Hooping Life. Tisha artfully interweaves hooping and dance education as vehicles for social change. Within the last several years, Tisha has teamed up with esteemed educator Dr. Marsha Tongel, who is the thought leader behind a wisdom school program for children & youth called Legacy. Together, they have developed

Pathfinders for Peace, offering children and youth teachings and tools from various cultures and disciplines to help them evolve into the type of problem solvers, leaders and communicators needed to address global social, economic and environmental issues.

Tisha is going to be leading the program for the age group 13-17 and facilitating workshops in other age groups as well.

Cathy Hammons

WOW Program Coordinator – Cathy is an actress, a writer, a social media enthusiast & tech specialist who has spent the last ten years at Agape International Spiritual Center working directly with Leon Campbell, Jr. in the Youth and Family Division serving over 1,200 families a month. At Agape, Cathy responsibilities include lead curriculum developer, event coordinator, operations manager and master teacher trainer. WOW is thrilled to have Cathy, her expertise and her ebullient spirit lead WOW media and operations.

Cathy is going to be leading the program for the age group 3-5 and facilitating workshops in other age groups as well.

Maja Watkins

Executive Director and Founder of ZipZapZopEnrichment.com, Maja has worked with children on many levels. Having a brother on the autism spectrum has given Maja an understanding of how powerful communication is for ALL children. Maja’s education includes a B.A. in Child Development and she’s also a graduate of The Second City where she studied improv and sketch comedy. Maja has worked for years as a teacher and behaviorist where she practices emergent curriculum. Maja’s focus is on inclusive classrooms where the curriculum is designed to allow children and young adults to reach their highest potential in whichever way they feel most comfortable.

Maya is going to be facilitating sessions for all age groups.

Special Guest Teachers Who Will Be Making Appearances

As in every Mindvalley University, our celebrity teachers frequently make appearances in the kids program to teach fascinating new ideas.

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best-Selling Author

Gelong Thubten

British Monk

Shelly Lefkoe

Founder of Empowering The Next Generation

Abdulazez Dukhan

Former Syrian Refugee an Youtube Influencer

Neeta Bhushan

Founder: Global GRIT Institute

Kadi Oja

Director of Mindvalley University

Sammy Shoebox Moses Taggett

Global DJ

Learning Outcomes & Goals for Youth

3-5 year olds

The Ultimate Joy Department

  • Offering Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) tools
  • Understanding and appreciating the gifts of nature
  • Benefitting from mindful, present & intentional caregivers & facilitators
  • Experiencing trust in their own competence with sensitive observation
  • Creating a safe, predictable environment
  • Providing time for uninterrupted play and freedom to explore
  • Modeling a love of learning to the young attendees while having fun and to equip parents with new, easy and empowering ways to BE their best selves with their children

6-9 year olds

The Totally Awesome Academy

  • Developing self-awareness, self-respect and an attitude of gratitude
  • Appreciating the importance and richness of diversity and difference in others
  • Offering Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) tools
  • Understanding and appreciating the gifts of nature
  • Building resilience, self-esteem & efficacy
  • Experiencing the power of thoughts, words and deeds

10-12 year olds

The Totally Awesome Academy

  • Providing a foundation for interpersonal communication and dialogue
  • Affording opportunities to seek the knowledge of past and present wisdom keepers
  • Offering forums for dialogue and sharing to enhance learning, understanding and acceptance of each other
  • Offering Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) tools
  • Integrating learning into an everyday practice
  • Trust-building with self and others
  • Experiencing the power of vulnerability into strength
  • Learning the joy of having permission to be yourself
  • Understanding and navigating relationships through connection
  • Building resilience, self-esteem & efficacy

13-17 year olds

The Extraordinary by Design Department

  • Self-Awareness
  • Social-Awareness & Relationship Skills
  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • Responsible Decision Making
  • Appreciation of Nature
  • Mindfulness
  • Interconnectedness
  • Possibility Thinking

Weekly Themes

Week 1: THE POWER OF W.O.W (A World of Wonder in Pula)

Happening on, June 27 & 28

On Thursday and Friday, we’ll co-create a nature-infused youth-inspired design of our surroundings both inside the hub & outside in the garden and play areas. It will be a unique opportunity to bond, collaborate, team-build and tribe-embrace a one-of-a-kind creation to safely house, energetically uplift and abundantly decorate our differentiated spaces for our four age groupings for the next exciting weeks together. It’s about trust-building with self and others, the power of vulnerability into strength, learning the joy of having permission to be yourself & understanding and navigating relationships through connection during these initial powerful days in Pula.

Happening on:




Week 2: THE POWER OF W.O.W. Part II

Happening on, June 27 & 28

We’ll continue to explore A World of Wonder in the seafront city on the tip of Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula, its protected harbor, it’s beach-lined coast and its Roman ruins. We’ll connect with Pula’s student population, the lush countryside, the local fare & artisans and their rich customs, co-creating together how we can leave Pula with a kind, customized footprint of heart-centered service. W.O.W. exemplifies the importance of wonder and living a life infused with awe & magic.

Happening on:





Happening on, July 6 – July 12

We’ll dive deeply into ways to unlock the power of community. The wisdom of crowds is considerably greater than any one person working alone. Our divergent world views and lenses mean that we all approach the exact same problem slightly differently. By working toward a similar goal or objective, they’ll get motivation, support, and collaboration to push themselves just a bit further than they might have done on their own.
ind, customized footprint of heart-centered service. W.O.W. exemplifies the importance of wonder and living a life infused with awe & magic.

Happening on:





Happening on, July 6 – July 12

We’ll dive deeply into ways to unlock the power of community. The wisdom of crowds is considerably greater than any one person working alone. Our divergent world views and lenses mean that we all approach the exact same problem slightly differently. By working toward a similar goal or objective, they’ll get motivation, support, and collaboration to push themselves just a bit further than they might have done on their own.
ind, customized footprint of heart-centered service. W.O.W. exemplifies the importance of wonder and living a life infused with awe & magic.

Happening on:





Happening on, July 15 – July 19

Our youth are brilliant and motivated. They care deeply, they exercise autonomy, but they still need us to lift them up from time-to-time. When our youth have ideas and are ready to work for change in our world, how do we keep their hopeful spirits rising? How do we build their resilience, self-esteem & efficacy? How do we empower them to speak their truth, share their voice and honor their emotions? We’ll explore this and more through transformative processes, reflective time, talking circles, role-playing, creative, student-led projects, performance art, flow states and play.

Happening on:




Daily Lessons

Week 1: The Power of WOW

The Power of Wonder

Happening on, June 27

We will take the youth on a co-creative exploration with Mindfulness, Intention/goal setting exercises, discovery games, vision boards and more.

By encouraging the youths’ wonder and recording their “I Wonder” questions, we can view those questions holistically and use them to co-create and expand the lessons and projects that will harness student curiosity and engagement.

Happening on:


The Power of Creativity

Happening on, June 28

Helps the youth to be innovative and also encourages them to learn new things. They can grow up as good communicators in addition to improving their emotional and social skills. Creative classrooms can really transform the way students acquire education and how they apply it in their real life. In fact, creative expression plays a key role in a student’s emotional development.

We will organize and assemble our tribes around local, national and international causes (environment awareness, equality, peace etc). We will take a trip to the local park and collect items from nature to create tribal jewelry and stone making.

Happening on:


Week 2: The Power of WOW

The Power of Mindfulness

Happening on, July 1

Mindfulness meditation is a powerful and ancient meditation technique that is proven to help reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and depression, and even help with pain and illness. Vishen Lakhiani says “during meditation you go outside of your physical world and you go within. Meditation is about becoming better at functioning in the world. Meditation helps you “bend reality”. We will use the meditation techniques shared by Vishen Lakhiani.

Happening on:


The Power of Inner Wisdom

Happening on, July 2

Our goal is to enlist the unconscious powers of the mind to create imaginative ways to solve any challenges the youth may face in their daily life. We will use the CosmiKids Inner Wizdom Cards to facilitate the process.

Happening on:


The Power of Nature

Happening on, July 3

Environmental education (EE) connects us to the world around us, teaching us about both natural and built environments. EE raises awareness of issues impacting the environment upon which we all depend, as well as actions we can take to improve and sustain it.

Happening on:


The Power of Peace

Happening on, July 4

Social and emotional learning, and conflict resolution will be the foundation of our program. We will facilitate dialogues, workshops and trainings specifically geared towards fostering better communication and conflict resolution.

Happening on:


The Power of Technology

Happening on, July 5

We will use technology in a variety of ways thus, facilitating learning for all age groups. Any kind of learner can find appropriate study materials that can be used for enhancing knowledge. The term technology is very broad and not only includes the use of the Internet but includes other technological improvements such as smart boards and handheld dictionaries.
We will facilitate a variety of Tech games, apps and software to make the learning process engaging, enjoyable and a beneficial experience for everyone.

Happening on:


Week 3: The Power of Us

The Power of Communication

Happening on, July 8

Communication makes learning easier, helps our youth achieve goals, increases opportunities for expanded learning, strengthens the connection between learner and their world, and it creates an overall positive experience.

Happening on:


The Power of Community

Happening on, July 9

Our goal is to create a connection to others, and that the youth feel valued. We want to create opportunities to help our youth make the most of that time together by developing a classroom community each day.

The benefits the youth will realize from being a member of their classroom community are plentiful, and include increased trust to take risks, decreased behavior issues, and a feeling of ownership of their environment and learning. We aim to co-create strong international social bonds at Mindvalley U.

Happening on:


The Power of Laughter

Happening on, July 10

It helps us clarify our intentions in social interactions and it provides an emotional context to conversations. Laughter is used as a signal for being part of a group — it signals acceptance and positive interactions with others. Laughing, like crying, is a good way of eliminating toxins from the body. Since the mind and body are connected, you use an amazing amount of muscles when you laugh. Laughter is the best medicine.

Happening on:


The Power of Love

Happening on, July 11

We will adapt new systems of love as taught by Vishen Lakhiani. We will teach the youth the meaning of Self-Love – how to love and honor the Self. We explore the end-goals for self-love and loving relationships. We will use “The Mastery of Love” by Don Miguel Ruiz as our textbook.

Happening on:


The Power of Words

Happening on, July 12

Words consist of vibration and sound. It is these vibrations that create the very reality that surrounds us. Words are the creator; the creator of our universe, our lives, our reality. We examine the power of words and how they impact our lives. We will conduct several experiments how words influence our reality.

Happening on:


Week 4: The Power of U

The Power of Service

Happening on, July 15

The most effective way for learners to learn concepts such as empathy, service, and trustworthiness is through doing and for that, Service Learning provides the ultimate forum. It is a way of teaching and learning that benefits not only the learner but the surrounding community as well. It offers the learner a chance to connect what they are learning with action, while at the same time helping to improve the lives of others around them. We will look at ways we can serve others.

Happening on:


The Power of Art

Happening on, July 16

The arts is hands-on, has immediate rewards, focuses on positive achievements, develops concrete products and fosters collaboration. The arts provide many opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills through authentic performance. The arts enable children to grow in confidence and learn how to think positively about themselves and learning. Arts education helps make learning matter to students by giving them a medium to connect new knowledge to personal experiences and express what they have learned to others.

Happening on:


The Power of Health & Fitness

Happening on, July 17

One of our primary goals is to help our youth prepare for healthy and productive lives, and nutrition and health education are central to that goal. The most systematic and efficient means for improving the health of our youth is to establish healthy dietary and physical activity behaviors in childhood. We will examine the Health & Fitness Video by Vishen Lakhiani and create a vision for our future health.

Happening on:


The Power of Being Extraordinary

Happening on, July 18

“Driven by a vision so big that you are operating at a level beyond the conventional rules of work and life. The most extraordinary people in the world do not have careers. What they have is a calling.” – Vishen Lakhiani

Happening on:


The Power of Transformation:

Happening on, July 19

We will create an environment where the learner changes their model of reality and shifts their belief. It is a process change where they develop a new system for living, finding ways how to recode themselves.

Happening on:


Examples of workshops and activities

The Guardians Quest with Zachariah Fisher

Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” participants will move through a series of
values as the hero of their own story. Each value/chapter of the program corresponds with
supporting activities that allow each child to uniquely embody that value within themselves. The
Guardians Quest cultivates emotional literacy, community connection and holistic leadership

KinFlow Game in the Park with Zachariah Fisher

KinFlow is a flow-state flying disc game that promotes collaboration while developing multi-faceted physical/mental/emotional skill sets. The intention of the game is to serve as a community tool for accessing collective and individual flow states.

Yoga of Elements with Gregoire Thiry & Dawn Geer

Yoga of Elements is an educational program adaptable to children, teenagers, adults and families which allows self-exploration in the spirit of co-creation. The target of Yoga of Elements is to spread environmental consciousness, social cohesiveness, communicate mindful techniques through breath and movement while promoting an attitude of awareness.

Currently being implemented in different facilities the vision carries tools and teachings from different Yogic Philosophies & Mindfulness techniques, games and activities. Yoga of Elements puts the student at the center of the learning approach, welcomes their contributions, and includes artistic expressions through speech, movement and music. Through the program proposed by Yoga of Elements students learn how to apply conscious listening, accept different world views, while understanding the importance of nature conservancy.

Zip Zap Zop Enrichment Improv with Maja Watkins

This improv class is a fun and non-stressful way to help budding creatives take their talents to the next level in front of their peers! Students will develop their unique comedic voices by engaging in active storytelling, improv scenes, improv games, and character work! Zip Zap Zop Enrichment is fully inclusive and open to beginners through advanced improv levels. Every class is unique because every child is unique!

Love Out Loud sessions for Teens with Nicole Gibson

In this moment right now, we have infinite possibilities. We are connected beyond what our mind could ever conceive – it’s just sometimes… we get in our own way. Fears, insecurities, the critic that exists in our mind – there is a way through it all. There’s a destination that’s peaceful, limitless, powerfully creative and completely self-expressed. After an extensive battle with mental health through my teenage years, I found my way out.

I learnt how to live free of my demons, and you can too. Let me take you on a journey into the depths of self love. In my sessions I’ll introduce you to philosophies, practices, communication styles and facilitated processes that help you break through. Learn how to unapologetically love yourself out loud, and see life through an unlimited lens.

Flash Filmmaking for Teens with Catherine Hammons

MVU teen participants will have the opportunity to write, produce and screen a short film, all completed during our time in Pula. We will divide the teens into production teams that include producers, writers, directors, actors, sound technicians, continuity supervisors and editors. They will learn the basics of storytelling, filmmaking, acting and editing. More importantly, they will have the experience of pure creation made manifest. One of the most satisfying experiences in life is watching an idea become a reality and we are excited to work together to make that happen with our teens!

Penpals with Purpose

MVU kids program participants between the ages of 6-12 will have the chance to connect to the local kids before the event through social media and e-mails to talk about different cultures, summer plans and plan for a get-together during their stay in Pula. The connections are facilitated by the main teachers and facilitators.

Weekly Lunch & Learn sessions for the parents and kids together

Lunch & Learn with Stacey Sellar

Happier Kids & Parents by The Minute will incorporate Positive Psychology’s best
teachings, tips and tools for happier parents, kids and families.

Confident Children: Becoming Braver with Lucy Nathanson

This is a workshop for parents and children. We will use playful activities to help children and parents to think about what it is to be brave; we will explore how we react when we find something scary and what we can do in these situations. There will be thought provoking discussions, and playful activities to allow us to consider becoming braver!

Weekly trainings for Mindvalley U Nursery, Kids and Teens support staff, parents, facilitators and interested people

The WOW team is putting together weekly trainings 6 weeks before Mindvalley U. Please find all of the information, the syllabus, recordings here.