Mindvalley University Online

July 13 - Aug 2, 2020

3 Weeks of Virtual Events, Virtual Connections and Virtual Trainings for the Mindvalley Community

Our 3 Week Mindvalley University now comes online for everyone...

Every year for 3 weeks, Mindvalley University takes place in a major world city. For 21 days, some 300 events happen across the city for people of all ages. We’ve done this in Barcelona, Tallinn and Pula, Croatia and this July we were going to bring this project to Amsterdam.

But due to global quarantine, we decided to postpone our event to 2021.

But we didn’t want to leave our community with no option to connect and learn during the month of July. So we’re creating a virtual version of this event.

And you’re invited.

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DJ Partying at Mindvalley
Performance at Mindvalley University
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From Monday to Friday for 3 Weeks starting from July 13 – Aug 2, 2020, we’ll be bringing you world class speakers, trainers, and ideas to transform your life.

But Mindvalley is also about community. So expect masterminds, discussions and sessions designed to connect you with like-minded people.

This event is 100% free for everyone who had purchased a ticket to:

Mindvalley University Amsterdam 2020 or A-Fest 2020 and for all users of Mindvalley All Access and Global Campus.

Simply check your inbox for an email with your access link with the subject line “Your Free Ticket for Mindvalley University Online.”

If you’re not already a ticket holder for any of the above, learn how to access Mindvalley University Online on this page.

Event Stories

What To Expect

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1. Morning Awakening Sessions

Experience yoga, breathwork, ecstatic dance and more with world-class trainers.

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2. Masterminds and Tribe Circles

Join Mastermind groups where you share insights and discuss your visions and goals with like-minded souls.

Vishen Lakhiani on stage

3. Trainings from Top Teachers

Every day for 3 weeks we will be bringing on Mindvalley’s best teachers to teach a topic related to thriving in our new unusual world.

Our Topics Of Focus

Mindvalley University Online will be focused on topics and agenda designed to help you thrive in this world of sudden change and unexpected events.

  1. Emotional Resilience & Becoming Distraction-Proof

    Develop the resilience you need to overcome fears, anxieties and stress so you can brush off any distraction and stay focused on the things that really matter.

  2. Working & Parenting From Home

    Learn new strategies to stay productive while you work from home while finding the right balance to also support your children’s education and growth.

  3. The Entrepreneurial Mindset In The Quarantine Era

    Discover the right attitudes and tools to bring into your life during this time so your business continues to thrive.

  4. Improving Your Immunity

    Learn insights and practical exercises to stay in optimal health during this vulnerable time, boost your energy levels, have a stronger immune system, recover quicker and clear your body from toxins.

  5. Improving Your Focus

    Learn how to stay focused and stay in a state of flow in both your work and personal life.

  6. Thriving in Uncertainty

    How to change your mindset, keep growing and maintaining higher levels of happiness during these uncertain times.

  7. Food and Wellness

    How to get off sugar (a major immunity damager) and how to eat so that your body stays in optional health during sensitive times. Your health and well-being are more crucial to survival than ever before.

The Schedule

At Mindvalley University Online, expect to learn from the leading-edge experts, teachers and thought-leaders in their field. Whether you choose to join us for a week or for the entire event, you’ll emerge on the other side a fundamentally different person as you level-up in every aspect of your life.

Times mentioned below are in your local time zone

Event Stories

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Can’t make a session due to time zone constraints. Don’t worry, the entire event is being recorded and all sessions with trainers will be available to you for 6 months. For privacy reasons, tribe discussions sessions will not be recorded as during these sessions, fellow participants might share private information.

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