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Mindvalley Is Creating A Global School That Delivers Transformational Education For All Ages. Powered By Community. Fueled By Fun.

We often hear from people that education failed them. That’s because our industrial age models of learning don’t prepare us for our rapidly changing world. Nor do they teach us the things we need to be extraordinarily happy, free, healthy, and fulfilled.

Mindvalley works with the world’s most legendary teachers on programs and experiences that ignite massive change in our students.

Whether you’re 9 or 90, or thinking of supplementing your university degree or replacing it altogether, we’re here for you. Elevate yourself with some of the most transformational wisdom and ideas on the planet – presented through game-changing design, tech, and community models. And all with the support of a global tribe that uplifts you, supports and makes learning fun.

This is lifelong education – reimagined for the future.

The Mindvalley Advantage

1. World Class Teachers
2. A Learning Platform Designed For Rapid, Powerful Results
3. A New Curriculum For Humanity
4. A Tribe That Supports You

Happening Now At Mindvalley

Upcoming Quests

The Lifebook Quest
with Jon Butcher



Join maverick entrepreneur and life hacker Jon Butcher, as he turns your life into a living Masterpiece through a fascinating 12-dimension process that reveals your most authentic nature and purpose.

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The Wildfit Quest
with Eric Edmeades



Discover a remarkable wellness methodology that reshapes, heals, and energizes your body – not through gruelling diets or exercise, but by holistically transforming your relationship with food.

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The M-Word
with Emily Fletcher



Upgrade your mind, body, and spirit as Emily Fletcher guides you through a series of beautifully simple methods to awaken the power of meditation in your modern life.

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Speak & Inspire
with Lisa Nichols



Connect with your personal message, find your unique voice, and inspire any crowd with confidence in this Quest from one of the world’s greatest public speakers.

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Upcoming Events

Reunion 2018: San Diego
in San Diego, CA


FEB 24FEB 25

Join 1,000+ Mindvalley students in San Diego as we come together to connect and learn from the greatest teachers on Mindvalley’s platform. Featuring Neale Donald Walsch, Emily Fletcher, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Lisa Nichols, Vishen Lakhiani, and more.

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Mindvalley A-Fest: Sardinia
in Sardinia, Italy



Happening May 31 to June 3 in Sardinia, Italy. An invite-only curated community of exceptional people from 50+ countries who come together every year to explore a key topic in personal transformation.

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Mindvalley U: Tallinn, Estonia
in Tallinn, Estonia


JUN 28JUL 22

Join 1,000+ families in Mindvalley’s boldest experiment in education yet. Move to the stunning medieval city of Tallinn for a month as we transform it into a university campus and explore new models of living and learning for kids, teens, and adults.

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Mindvalley Quests

Take courses from the world’s top teachers on Mindvalley’s revolutionary new learning platform for thousands of students start, learn and finish courses online as a Quest. Featuring Lifebook, Alan Watts, Robin Sharma, Wildfit and many other top programs.

Mindvalley U

Why do hundreds of families move to a city together for 1 month to create a futuristic community built around learning, collaboration and deep meaningful connections? Explore Mindvalley U – an alternative to 4 year college degrees for people who want to lead extraordinary lives.

Mindvalley A-Fest

Every 6-months Mindvalley brings together leading teachers to explore an important topic in personal transformation. “A-Fest is unique event that lies directly in-between conferences and festivals — yet it does content better than most conferences and parties better than most festivals.” Apply to attend the most most remarkable personal growth event in the world today.


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