We’re Building the Education Model Humanity Deserves

Mindvalley is a global school of 3+ million people. We produce some of the world’s top training for peak human performance. We host unique events and experiences across the world. And we support communities and causes aligned with our vision for mankind.
We do this by working with the world’s greatest teachers, and spreading their ideas through our leading-edge learning technology – which dramatically amplifies personal transformation, and results in curriculum completion rates up to 500% higher than the industry average.

At Mindvalley, learning is a lifelong adventure.

But not the kind of traditional learning you were taught in university. The Mindvalley curriculum is designed to unleash the fullest potential of your mind, body, and spirit. It’s about being a rockstar at work. Having a healthy, youthful, energetic body. Experiencing unbreakable joy, love, and fulfillment. Connecting deeply with the people and communities around you. And contributing your unique gifts to the planet.

But beyond the tangible, there’s also something else going on beneath Mindvalley’s surface…

Our teachers and students tell us there’s a certain magic in everything we do.

But not the kind of traditional learning you were taught in university. The Mindvalley curriculum is designed to unleash the fullest potential of your mind, body, and spirit. It’s about being a rockstar at work. Having a healthy, youthful, energetic body. Experiencing unbreakable joy, love, and fulfillment. Connecting deeply with the people and communities around you. And contributing your unique gifts to the planet.

Education. Redefined.

At Mindvalley we believe education is the key to elevating humanity. Traditional schooling prepared us for jobs and to be safe. But it ignores the areas that truly lead to extraordinary, meaningful lives. This is where Mindvalley comes in. This is why our approach to learning defies tradition.

We don’t believe in graduation…

we believe in lifelong learning.

We don’t believe in one-dimensional learning…

we believe in empowering every part of the human mind, body and spirit through subjects some schools might still consider taboo.

We don’t believe in a physical school…

we believe the world is our campus. And our students stay connected via our apps. Our University and events take place in countries around the world.

We don’t believe learning should ever be boring…

but rather a fun, thrilling, and rewarding adventure that never ends where happiness, joy and tons and tons of social events and parties are part of the norm.

How Mindvalley Works

1. The World’s Best Teachers

Mindvalley works with the world’s leading authors and teachers to produce the best-in-class program every category of learning we cover. Whether it’s Alan Watts (Zen Philosophy), Robin Sharma (Leadership), Lisa Nichols (Public Speaking), Donna Eden (Energy Medicine) or Neale Donald Walsch (Conscious Evolution), our teachers are men and women at the peak of their field.
We also work with leading edge transformational programs like Lifebook (Life Vision and Goals) and Wildfit (Health and Nutrition) to create learning experiences that are best-in-class.

We guarantee the best.

If any program on Mindvalley is not the absolute BEST in it’s category from a design, teaching or learning experience perspective, our students are entitled to a full refund.

In addition to our 30 leading teachers on our Quest platform, we also provide shorter programs from 100+ additional World Class Teachers: each one a respected leader in their field. You can access this via Mindvalley Tribe Membership.

2. A Curriculum For The Future

The Mindvalley curriculum is designed for a future that’s already taking shape. For instance, by 2029 most of us will have access to unbelievably powerful personalized AI on our smartphones – think Iron Man’s JARVIS. According to McKinsey & Company, developments like this, along with monumental innovations in machine learning, robotics, and 3D printing, will cause 45% of jobs to be wiped out in under two decades.

Staying relevant in this future requires evolving the nature of what we learn.

We believe it’s time to go beyond memorizing facts, into learning meta skills that amplify our mind power and allow us to function as highly evolved human beings. This includes fields like intuition and creativity, conscious leadership, speed reading, goal setting, empathy, healing, coaching and more.

Our goal is to help humanity thrive in this time of change, by elevating five key areas of the human experience:

Our Programs are divided into 5 categories.

  • Performance
  • Mind
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Impact

Productivity & Meta Skills

Master meta-skills that turn you into a highly evolved human being.

Upgrade your learning, memory, productivity, and linguistic & cognitive intelligence through specialized training designed to help you learn everything else better and faster.

Jim Kwik with Vishen Lakhiani

World Expert in Speed-Reading, Brain Performance, and Accelerated Learning


Mind & Spirit

Traditional schools focus on the physical aspect of life, but Mindvalley takes you deeper.

Discover how to transcend your physical reality, and achieve higher states of self-awareness through practices like meditation, mindfulness, accessing transcendent states and modern spirituality.

Emily Fletcher

Founder of Ziva Meditation and the creator of zivaMIND, the world’s first online meditation training


Health & Fitness

Transform your body with today’s most effective science for longevity, fitness, weight loss, and healing.

Mindvalley uses biohacking and deep behavioral change techniques to create sustainable new lifestyle, dietary and exercise habits – so your live longer and feel absolutely fantastic.

Wim Hof

Dutch daredevil, commonly nicknamed “The Iceman” for his ability to withstand extreme cold


Love & Relationships

Show up as a better friend, lover, family member, manager or entrepreneur, and global citizen.

Through human consciousness frameworks like Integral Theory and Culture Hacking, Mindvalley conditions you for deeper compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence with all individuals and groups of people.

Marisa Peer, Dan Savage and Esther Perel with Vishen Lakhiani

Renowned Therapists, Speakers, and Bestselling Authors


Career & Influence

You don’t just crush it at work – but you leave a positive imprint and legacy for future generations.

We don’t just train our students to be the most successful entrepreneurs, employees and professionals – but to also influence culture, business, and the environment in a positive direction for the generations to come.

Robin Sharma

Writer and Leadership Speaker


3. Learning Tech that Leads to 500% Better Results

The apex of Mindvalley’s learning technology comes together in Quests: a new kind of learning platform that revolutionizes the online education experience by bringing together the world’s best teachers, micro-learning, and 24/7 connectedness to our global community.

With Mindvalley, all your programs are available for life on Mindvalley Home, which brings together tech and art to make learning convenient, fun and sexy.

Our programs are about deep personal transformation – but it’s also a fun and beautiful work of art that’s as much a joy to experience as a good film, documentary, or music video. We commission award-winning visual and video artists from across the world to make this happen.

Enroll In A Mindvalley Quest

4. The Tribe Effect

The greatest thing about college that most people remember are the friendships and community. You can’t innovate on education without innovating on community.

Thus, Mindvalley is a global community of dreamers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, rebels, parents, teachers, coaches, bestselling authors, visionaries, professionals, artists, innovators, community leaders, students, philanthropists, inventors, healers and more – all brought together by our passion for lifelong learning and contribution.

We believe our community is the most important pillar of our ecosystem, and the key to making a tremendous impact on humanity.

The reason for this is pointed out by science writer Matt Ridley:

“Human achievement is based on collective intelligence – the nodes in the human neural network are people themselves. By each doing one thing and getting good at it, then sharing and combining the results through exchange, people become capable of doing things they do not even understand.”

This is why every touchpoint of the Mindvalley experience is designed for connection and co-creation.

Mindvalley Quests students, for instance, all begin their learning curriculum at the same time, and cross the finish line together. Imagine thousands of like-minded people from 100+ countries, supporting you, inspiring you, and holding you accountable to your highest success.

The most exciting aspect of our community, however, happens when we come together at various Mindvalley events across the world each year like A-Fest and Mindvalley U.

Our Tribe Effect is Best Reflected in Mindvalley Events


The Most Exhilarating Personal Growth Event On The Planet

Twice a year, 400+ extraordinary people gather in an exotic location to bond and explore the outer limits of human potential. This event is called A-Fest, and it unites some of the world’s brightest changemakers and visionaries in an intimate setting.

From catamaran cruises to deep dive workshops to midnight bonfires, every moment of A-Fest is carefully designed for maximum transformation and human connection. Some people describe A-Fest as a cross between TED Talks and Burning Man. Others call it the best personal growth event they’ve ever experienced. Everyone walks away profoundly rejuvenated and transformed.

Mindvalley U

College Reimagined For The Future

What would happen if the entire Mindvalley community – kids, parents, teachers, authors, students, all of us – came together for an entire month in a different city each year? And what would happen if we spent that month co-creating immersive workshops, curriculums, pop-up schools, conscious business alliances, and other life-changing experiences with each other?

Mindvalley U is a bold social experiment, and a vision for the future of education: one where the world is our campus, and learning never ends.

Become a Mindvalley Member

Here’s the best way to uplevel your experience with Mindvalley. Become a Tribe Member.

Tribe Membership is your All-Access Pass To A Life Of Extraordinary Growth & Contribution. Tribe Membership gives you access to 100+ of Mindvalley’s top mini-courses, plus access to our online community, free passes to certain Mindvalley events and much, much more.

Meet The Team

230 people from 46+ Nations come together to create that Mindvalley magic.