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Transformational learning in the form of personal growth, mindfulness, fitness, well-being and entrepreneurship are more than just our thing – it’s our passion, our specialty, and what makes us proud of the work we do.

The demand for personal growth products in this industry has exploded in the past decade and we’re here to meet this need, estimated to be a $60-billion industry worldwide.

We’ve got a nice slice of that pie.

…and we’ve got a hot Affiliate Program to match, with more than 200,000 happy clients to date. A program that meets the six key factors for your success.

6 Things Every Affiliate Marketer Needs.

1. A Large Library Of High-Quality Products

As an affiliate you’re looking for a company that carries variety, that gives you options, and that caters to different customers or the many different areas in the lives of your audience – yet has a clear focus and direction on its niche.

Mindvalley hosts an online academy that offers many of the hottest personal growth products in the industry. We’ve partnered with outstanding authors and publishers that have chosen to have their products on Mindvalley Academy – our cutting-edge, high-end learning platform and storefront that currently caters to 1.5 million students.

When you sign up with us, we keep you updated regularly through emails and blog posts on our Mindvalley Affiliate Blog so that you’re always in the know of upcoming launches and offers.

As an affiliate marketer, you also need to focus on high-quality products – the kind that makes your customers value you and buy from you over and over again. How do we define “high-quality”? With our own customized quality checks. For instance, each product considered goes through a customer survey that poses what strategist Fred Reichheld calls The Ultimate Question:

On a scale of 1-to-10, how likely are you to recommend this product to your family, friends and neighbors?
― The Ultimate Question

Any product that scores less than 8 is dropped from our shelves. So when you’re looking for a valuable and effective affiliate product, ensure that the publisher you’re working with is asking their customers the same question.

2. Solid and Accurate Sign-up and Tracking System

We’ve got a sign-up process that’s so simple, you can begin earning commissions right away – without any hoop-jumping. You’ll also get accurate stats on how your promotions are doing. The problem with a lot of publishers is that they use cheap, under-performing affiliate softwares. These softwares are often very confusing or difficult to navigate.

However, our chosen software and platform isn’t! We use CAKE, a user-friendly interface and real-time tracking optimization platform that lets you have your links and check your stats whenever you need to (that’s right – you can have your cake and eat it too).

3. High Commissions on Every Product Paid Out on Time

You want to work with a company that offers optimal commission rates and still allows room to expand, and that pays on time – everytime.

You can count on receiving your commission payouts after the refund period is over via Paypal. Plus – you’ll earn 50% on all other up-sells. There’s more: as a high-earning affiliate, we reward you when you sell more than others by granting you some extra perks.

Lastly, you want to secure your customer base for as long as you are an affiliate. With the Mindvalley Affiliate program, we provide you with cookies that will last an entire 90 days.

We also operate on a last-cookie basis, which means that you can still jump in later in the launch to participate

4. Extraordinary Customer Service that Wows

Without service, support and commitment, customers will not remain loyal or get the best experience from your products. Here at Mindvalley, we’ve set a goal to create the best customer service in the personal growth industry – check out some gratitude notes from our customers on our Customer Love blog.

Our Customer Support team is in the top 2% of companies worldwide that use Nicereply, and our team speaks 12 different languages. Each and every one of them (in fact, the entire Mindvalley team, really) has taken the Mindvalley Oath of Awesomeness that includes a commitment to “Turn Customers Into Raving Fans”.

What does this mean for you? A happy and reliable team that’s absolutely committed to upholding your customers’ satisfaction – and your dynamite reputation.

5. Great Pre-launch and Launch Conversions

You want to work with a company that knows how to launch big. All of our launches are carefully tested, refined and are ensured to give your subscribers great value even during the pre-launch and the actual launch.

We always keep our affiliates updated on upcoming launches through our Mindvalley Affiliate Blog and weekly email updates. We even share trade secrets on how to grow and innovate on your business using the same strategies, techniques and tools used by our own team on our business blog, Mindvalley Insights.

6. Valuable Affiliate Tools

When you’re taking part in a launch, the most important thing is to keep your list engaged and active. How do you do that? By giving them great content.

For every one of our launches, we make sure you have valuable and inspiring content to send to your list. We do this by preparing swipe copies customized for respective niches, in-house produced videos, handy social media posts, beautifully designed banners, and Facebook promoted post images for you to play with. We know how to create good affiliate tools that get your list hooked.

What Our Top Affiliates Are Saying

Blair Gorman

Founder of

“Mindvalley has done a fabulous job in creating custom email copy for our marketplace, and I think that has been a key contributing factor to the clickthrough rates, consequently to the conversions. The earnings per click are top-notch.”

Glen Ledwell

Speaker and Founder of Mind Movies

“Mindvalley has been one of our top partners; we’ve always made extremely good money. These guys are the real deal – they test everything they do, which as you know in this business is a little bit rare, unfortunately!”

See Yourself As a Mindvalley Affiliate?

We believe in the power of networks and spending time on nurturing high quality relationships with our partners. We place an importance on not only your list size, but also on your level of connection and commitment to your list.

Which is why the Mindvalley Affiliate Program is invite-only, so that we can preserve a high-quality ecosystem of like-minded players that align with our values and our mission.

If your list is in anything related to personal growth, go ahead and apply for the Mindvalley Affiliate program!

Here Are The Three Key Things That We Are Looking For:

1. A well established list of followers

We require our affiliates to have a minimum list size of 50,000 fans/followers.

2. Highly engaged audience:

Popularity and good relationship with your fans are two crucial factors we value the most.

3. Consistent

We analyse your traffic usingwww.alexa.comand other traffic search engines.

Then click on the button below to Apply or shoot an email to our team, at for any queries we can help answer before you do!

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Note from the Mindvalley Affiliates Team:

We receive large volumes of application weekly.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to respond as thoughtfully as we’d like to every applicant.
However, we can assure you that we read and carefully review every application with the greatest amount of consideration before making our decision, and if we feel your application is the right fit, we’ll generally respond within 7 days and you will receive your login details for our affiliate program via email. If you do not hear from us within 15 days it means your application was unsuccessful.
That said, if you further develop your program/site/blog at a later date, we’re always happy to review your application again.