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Never Stop Growing with Mindvalley Quest All Access

Level Up Your Life With Unlimited Access To 27 Quests (And Counting) From The World’s Best Teachers.

The Best of Mindvalley, for the Best You.

The Mindvalley Quest All Access subscription program gives you every single Quest Mindvalley has ever produced - and that we ever will produce - at a surprisingly low annual fee. You’ll save big on your lifelong education. You’ll discover transformational wisdom and ideas not yet covered in mainstream learning. And you’ll connect with the world’s best teachers and community. All on one revolutionary online learning platform.

App interface for personalised experiences

A Curriculum as Unique as You Are.

Included in your Mindvalley Quest All Access subscription is the Mindvalley Life Assessment: a highly accurate 20-minute test revealing which areas of your life need the most urgent attention. You can then use your assessment results to pick the right Quests for your personal needs and goals - and design your own bespoke learning curriculum.

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Transformational Education for All.

Most individual Quests cost $299 each. With Mindvalley Quest All Access, you get all 27 of them for just $595 a year. And with a dozen new Quests added each year, there’s always something new to learn.

Plus, it’s not just savings: Mindvalley Quest All Access students also enjoy various perks, including free digital certificates and premium support from our award-winning customer support team.

Mindvalley Quest on multiple devices, including laptop, tablet and mobile phone

Experience the Evolution of Online Learning.

The Mindvalley Quests online learning platform combines the power of daily microlearning and community to transform you in ways traditional education never could. You’ll experience life-changing personal growth in just 20 minutes a day. And enjoy support, accountability, and friendship from thousands of Quest students worldwide.

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With Teachers Like These, You'll Never Want to Graduate.

Jim Kwik

Accelerated Learning Coach

Robin Sharma

#1 Bestselling Author & Leadership Expert

Emily Fletcher

Meditation Instructor

Lisa Nichols

Motivational Speaker & Influence Expert

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley

Steven Kotler

Award-winning Neuroscience Author

Ben Greenfield

Biohacker & Fitness Visionary

Marisa Peer

Britain's #1 Hypnotherapist

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Inventor of Conscious Uncoupling

Neale Donald Walsch

Author of the Conversations with God

Christine Bullock

Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

Srikumar Rao

America's #1 MBA Lecturer

Michael Breus

The Sleep Doctor

Michael Beckwith

Spirituality Speaker & Author

Shefali Tsabary

Founder of Conscious Parenting

Products cover including Superbrain, The Mastery of Sleep, The Longevity Blueprint, etc

Enroll in Mindvalley Quest All Access $595 per year.

Unlimited access to Mindvalley’s vault of 27+ Quests that you can take over the next 12 months. (Excluding WildFit, Lifebook Online and Unlimited Abundance)

All Access, Anywhere You Go.

Access all your Quests on the go with the Mindvalley app. Just search for ‘Mindvalley’ on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Or use the links below.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, use your account email and password to login.

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The Love is Real.

Steve Choong

I got so excited when I received the email about All Access Pass.

I got so excited when I received the email about All Access Pass, it proves that Mindvalley has grown so big and able to reduce the price so much. I am proud to be one of the contributors to make Mindvalley grow and I am so grateful to be one of them to grow together with Mindvalley. The price now is sooooo cheap with the All Access Pass, with this I can learn from all the quests that I planned to subscribe.

Steve Choong
Steve Choong


Michael Marchetti

This is the best learning environment on the Internet.

This is the best learning environment on the Internet. I love the variety of teachers and guides, the Tribe interaction is both valuable and interesting. I like how tribe members will respond to questions and will provide information in a loving way. I like to read the comments and learn from the others growth .

My last 6 years have exceeded the first 55 in personal growth and joy.

Michael Marchetti
Michael Marchetti

California, United States

Susannah Pringle

The production quality, course design and content are all excellent.

I love having access to such a variety of inspiring programmes from expert leaders. The production quality, course design and content are all excellent. As a mindset coach, researcher and writer currently writing a book on mindset mastery, I wanted to access the latest mind/body/spirit thought leadership and this is exactly what the pass and Mindvalley deliver. I am more inspired, energetic and driven than ever before. The hardest thing is selecting which course to take from the smorgasbord available.

Susannah Pringle
Susannah Pringle

Cote d'Azur, France