Neale Donald Walsch

Explore The Ideals Of The Highly-Evolved Being With Neale Donald Walsch, And Prepare Yourself For Humanity’s Next Evolutionary Leap

Experience 75-Minutes Of Life Transforming Wisdom From The Bestselling Living Legend Behind The Conversation with God Book Phenomenon.

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What You’ll Learn

  1. Hear Neale’s inspiring story of how he went

    V from hitting rock-bottom in his health, career, and relationship, to receiving his first “download“ which led him to write the first Conversations with God book.

  2. Learn why we need to build upon religion

    (rather than completely dismissing it or dogmatically following it) by expanding our notion of God so we, as a species, can confidently take the next step in our spiritual evolution.

  3. Dispel the myth that human beings are inherently mean or cruel

    but instead, learn how humanity is simply a young and innocent species learning how to handle the information we’re receiving by our collective consciousness.

  4. Discover how humanity is only at the infancy of our evolution, and that we still have a massive reservoir of potential we have yet to tap into.

    This idea alone will make you wonderfully optimistic for the future.

And Much Much More

About Neale Donald Walsch

An auto accident broke his neck and nearly ended his life. He needed a year’s rehab to learn to walk again. Not one but several failed marriages. Living on the streets homeless. His health declined. He was behind on his bills. He was collecting cans and bottles to return them for the deposit. He was at rock bottom.

On one particularly frustrating day, he scratched a series of angry, spiteful questions into a legal pad – starting with: “What does it take to make life work???”

Now well chronicled and widely talked about, it was this questioning letter that received a Divine answer. Neale Donald Walsch says that he heard a voice, soft and kind, warm and loving, that gave him an answer to this and other questions.

Awestruck and inspired, he quickly scribbled these responses onto the pad. More questions came, and, as fast as they occurred to him, answers were given in the same still soft voice, which now seemed placed inside his head. Before he knew it, Neale found himself engaged in a two-way on-paper dialogue. He continued this first “conversation” for hours, and had many more in the weeks that followed, always awakening in the middle of the night and being drawn back to his legal pad.

Neale’s verbatim handwritten notes would later become the best-selling Conversations with God books. He says the process was “exactly like taking dictation,” and that the dialogue created in this way was published without significant alteration or editing.

Conversations With God was a runaway bestseller. It was on the New York Times Bestseller list for 2 ½ years! It’s been translated into 37 languages.

Then lightning struck again. Neale channeled two more books in the exact same way. Both became international best sellers and Neale rapidly became a recognized transformational teacher.

Today, Neale is once again channeling Divine wisdom through this Quest – and by collaborating with Mindvalley, he aims to touch millions more lives with it, and spark a global spiritual awakening at a time when the planet needs it most.

Neale Donald Walsch
 Neale with over 300 of his students at Mindvalley University, Barcelona

Neale Donald Walsch delivers a 4 day Seminar at Mindvalley U 2017 in Barcelona for a private audience of 150 Mindvalley students. The inspirations and life changes sparked here helped inspire this Quest.

Neale with fellow Mindvalley Authors

Neale with fellow Mindvalley Authors

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This Masterclass Is Hosted By Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen is the founder of the world’s largest personal growth company, Mindvalley. He’s the author of the NY Times bestselling books, “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” and “The Buddha & the Badass” and is regarded as one of the foremost experts in the field of human development. Vishen and his team of 250 education innovators at Mindvalley have created many of the world’s foremost brands, apps, tools and events in the field of human development including Mindvalley University, Omvana, A-Fest, Soulvana and more. As a host, Vishen uses his experience in learning design to draw out the best ideas and wisdom from each trainer.

Neale Donald Walsch and Vishen Lakhiani

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