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You may have heard of the scientific benefits of breathwork: and now you can gain them all in just 14 days with this training program powered by the acclaimed breathwork methodology used by thousands of people worldwide.

If you’re looking to heal, transform, or transcend, it’s vital to know the quality of your breath shapes the quality of your life.

Most of us don’t pay attention to how we breathe.

And often we unknowingly develop breathing habits and rhythms that leave a negative impact on our health and performance, our resistance to stress, and even our lifespan.

Optimal breathwork is the foundation of many healing modalities, both spiritual and scientific.

Medical professionals now prescribe breathwork to millions, including to long Covid patients. And whether you’re deep in meditation, yoga, self-hypnosis, or even tapping into altered states: your breath is always the key focus.

This program is about gaining deeper awareness and mastery of your daily breaths - and elevating them into a limitless source of healing, spiritual bliss, and peak performance.

Your guide on this journey is Niraj Naik: founder of SOMA Breath, the world’s fastest growing breathwork movement with 1,700+ instructors worldwide.

In just 14 days, Niraj will permanently transform the way you breathe.

You’ll discover how to heal and feel better. How to think and perform at your peak. And even how to access higher states of consciousness and connection:

All through simple, instantly rewarding SOMA techniques that awaken a better you with every breath you take.

Master your breath with SOMA Breath, a science-based breathwork methodology that heals and uplifts you on a cellular level

SOMA Breath is a uniquely perfected blend of modern science in fields like biochemistry and neurosomatics, with ancient Ayurvedic and Pranayamic practices:

All synthesized into an accessible breathwork meditation technology that transforms how you feel and heal in seconds. Some of its advantages include:

Training you to breathe in beats

Rhythmic breathing is the foundation of SOMA Breath, and ‘breathing in beats’ with rhythmic music is what makes its technology so rewarding.

Groundbreaking music technology

Using special SOMA Breath Entrainment music technology invented by Niraj Naik, a pioneer of therapeutic music technology, you can entrain your breathing to be smooth and rhythmic throughout your day, leading to better health and wellness.

Makes meditation fun and easy

SOMA Breath’s proprietary musical method, tested in scientific studies, allows you to meditate easier and go even deeper into transformative states in a much faster time.

Unlocks your inner pharmacy

You can use specific breath patterns for switching off stress, entering deep sleep, increasing your energy levels, and more: naturally and without unwanted side effects.

What you’ll gain from Breathwork for Life

  1. Master your breathing in every moment

    In addition to breathing exercises for different outcomes, SOMA Breath conditions you to optimize the quality of your regular breathing patterns. By retraining the pace, speed, and depth of your every breath, you’ll find yourself more alert, energized, and focused in every moment.

  2. Ascend to peak performance and wellbeing

    You’ll gain specific SOMA Breath exercises that instantly elevate you to peak levels of focus, clarity, intuition, and even creativity. You’ll find yourself getting more done at work, finding inspired solutions to problems, and showing up as your best self - just by breathing.

  3. Lengthen your lifespan

    Poor breathing habits can shorten your lifespan. On the flip side, SOMA Breath retrains your body to optimize its use of oxygen, and to even reverse the effects of premature aging causing you to look and feel older than you are.

  4. Access altered states of consciousness

    Breathwork is the gateway to regulating your brainwaves, and achieving higher states of being. With SOMA Breath you’ll master the process of accessing not just the alpha level, but the theta and gamma levels usually only accessible to master meditators.

  5. Release stress and become stress resilient

    Your SOMA Breath exercises are the perfect remedy to overwhelming days, or stressful periods in your life. You’ll use them regularly to flush out the neurochemicals that cause stress and anxiety, and return to calm in minutes.

  6. Achieve inner peace

    When accumulated situational stress is left unaddressed for too long, it can lead to a more lasting state of inner turmoil that’s hard to shake off. Your SOMA Breath exercises help you overturn that state, and return to a disposition of inner peace and balance.

  7. Heal and return to optimal health

    Effective breathwork is scientifically proven to improve your digestion, stamina, sleep quality, and many other key markers of health. SOMA Breath also trains you to repair yourself on a cellular level, so you can heal and reduce the symptoms of various health conditions.

  8. Make bliss your natural default state

    When practiced regularly, SOMA Breath helps regulate your mood and emotions, and increases your baseline of happiness. And while you’ll still experience the full range of human emotions at different times, you’ll find yourself returning to bliss far faster than before.

The Curriculum

Explore the Breathwork for Life curriculum

Breathwork for Life is a 14-day online program for extraordinary health, longevity, peak performance, and spiritual bliss by mastering the simplest of all bodily functions.

On each day you’ll join SOMA Breath founder Niraj Naik for an immersive bite-sized lesson, as he guides you through the signature SOMA breathing techniques, meditations, and subtle lifestyle shifts that transform your breath into an infinite source of healing and wellness.

In the program you’ll quickly discover that optimal breathwork is not hard: and that by following the right gradual steps, it will come to you as effortlessly and naturally as how you’ve breathed all your life.

By the end of the program, you’ll emerge with a permanently transformed relationship with your breath: and a toolkit of techniques and practices you’ll use for a lifetime to breathe into a better you.

Breathwork for Life on multiple devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV

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Part 1

Correct your breathing (Day 1-3)

Part 2

Healthy lifestyle for correct breathing (Day 4-9)

Part 3

The SOMA within - SOMADI (Day 10-14)

Day by day schedule

Lesson 1-7

Lesson 1

Become your own guru

Lesson 2

The science of SOMA breathwork

Lesson 3

Increase your breath hold time (BHT)

Lesson 4

Breath as your inner pharmacy

Lesson 5

Improve your digestion with optimal diet and breath

Lesson 6

Achieve deep restful sleep

Lesson 7

Increase your vitality through intermittent hypoxia

Lesson 8-14

Lesson 8

Achieve intermittent hypoxia with anaerobic exercise

Lesson 9

Build strength with SOMA breath yoga

Lesson 10

Unlock the SOMA within: the bliss molecule

Lesson 11

SOMADI intermediate 1: experience GAMMA frequencies

Lesson 12

SOMADI intermediate 2: experience GAMMA frequencies

Lesson 13

SOMADI advance: full power

Lesson 14

Your SOMA daily routine

Bonuses included when you join today

Bonus #1:

Live breathwork experience call with Niraj

Join this exclusive live online session with Niraj and the Breathwork for Life community, as he guides you through a breathwork experience designed to enhance your connection and mindfulness to your breath, and give you the best possible results with the program.

Live Breathwork Experience Call

Bonus #2:

The Scientific Om meditation audio for instantly vaporizing stress

Having a challenging day or trying to recover from one? Just press play, and experience a SOMA Breath guided meditation that melts away stress, anxiety, physical tension, and mental toxins in minutes, leaving you refreshed and as good as new.

Scientific Om Meditation

Bonus #3:

The Rest Sleep Heal bedtime meditation audio

Set aside the sleep medications: and instead embark on a relaxing journey of rhythmic SOMA breathing, as your body and your thoughts drift into a state of unshakable peace and calm. The perfect nightly remedy to deep and restful sleep.

Best Sleep Heal

About Niraj Naik, your breathwork coach

Niraj Naik is one of the world’s most sought-after breathwork instructors, Mindvalley’s resident breathwork expert, and founder of the SOMA Breath school with 1,700+ instructors globally.

A former practicing pharmacist, Niraj traded conventional medicine for holistic healing as a way to overcome ulcerative colitis: an ‘incurable’ autoimmune condition only made worse by the side effect-laden medication prescribed to him.

Niraj found his cure through a combination of Ayurveda, yoga, nutrition, self-hypnosis, music therapy, and breathwork: a formula he and his instructors have perfected, and now share globally through the SOMA Breath school’s retreats and workshops.

Niraj’s breathwork and music sessions are a crowd favorite at Mindvalley events: and through this program, we’re thrilled to present his signature teachings to an even wider audience.

Portrait of Niraj Naik

Trainer credentials

  • Niraj’s SOMA tools are studied and highlighted in various leading educational institutions and media platforms: including Cambridge University and Yoga Magazine.

  • Niraj experienced a complete recovery from debilitating ulcerative colitis after rejecting his doctor’s two options: remove his colon or take an untested drug. He instead embarked on a holistic journey combining science and spiritual modalities, which now forms the basis of his SOMA Breath school.

  • A prolific music producer, Niraj hosts dance events around the world that combine sound therapy, breathwork, and various healing modalities to induce transcendent states. He is the lead music producer of the Wim Hof Method.

Niraj with fellow Mindvalley authors

Niraj with fellow Mindvalley authors

Niraj on stage teaching students their optimal breathwork

Niraj on stage teaching students their optimal breathwork

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