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Turn Epic Growth Into Your Company Culture

A lifelong passion for learning. Peak performance of the mind and body. A we-centric view of the world. An unquenchable desire to bend reality, and achieve extraordinary outcomes. This is the Mindvalley manifesto - and it’s precisely how your people transform, when they’re immersed in one of our tailor-made corporate growth programs.

The result? Awe-inspiring productivity, motivation, and synergy in every corner of your organization. And a company where business as usual means epic growth every day.

Corporate Growth Programs That Awaken...

Enhanced productivity and human excellence

Higher profits through optimized performance

Blissed out work-life balance

Improved employee engagement and retention

A culture of accountability and compassion

More interest and applications from top talent

Highly productive and efficient meetings

Effective teamwork and co-creation

Minimize absenteeism and burnout

Greater innovation and creativity

Stronger leadership and ownership

A joy and passion-driven company culture

Mindvalley's Transformational Curriculum Applied to Your Business

Education & Human Potential, Reimagined

Mindvalley is one of the world’s top education movements, with over 3 million students worldwide. Our goal is to reimagine education for humanity - and we apply our highly optimized learning methodology to your corporate growth program. Fully tailored to your unique culture, people, and goals.

The World’s Best Teachers

From peak performance visionaries like Robin Sharma, Dave Asprey, and Jim Kwik. To culture hackers like Ken Wilber, Jon Butcher, and Lisa Nichols. To wellness experts that defy the boundaries of human potential, like Wim Hof and Eric Edmeades - your team gets intimate training from some of the most inspiring minds on the planet.

Leading-Edge Learning Technology

Mindvalley’s proprietary learning technology works seamlessly on any device, giving you access to beautifully designed personal growth experiences with a tap or a click. The result is up to 800% higher engagement and completion rates compared to traditional online courses.

A Holistic Curriculum

Mindvalley’s holistic curriculum covers all areas of personal growth and peak performance. Before your program begins, we’ll work with you in designing a customized curriculum that grows your people in the best possible way. Available subjects include:

Fitness & Nutrition: yoga, healthy diet, minimum effectiveness dose exercise

Physical Health: mind-body awareness, energy management, peak performance

Emotional Health: self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience

Intellectual Health: adaptive mindset, design thinking, intercultural intelligence

Spiritual Health: mindfulness, higher purpose, peak states of consciousness

Social Health: empathic communication, gender sensitivity, effective co-creation

Powered By Community

All Mindvalley training is designed for maximum interaction and co-creation between team members. Your people will inspire, uplift, and support each other every step of the way towards the finish line.

Highly Measurable Results

You’re always kept in the know. As your team moves through the program, each member’s progress is tracked and measured through our robust Dashboard tool - giving you an easy way to celebrate milestones and identify opportunities for improvement.

Why Mindvalley

The Mindvalley Effect

Mindvalley has won numerous awards for company culture, including WorldBlu’s World’s Most Democratic Workplace Award for 8 years running, and top 10 in worldwide customer support by Nicereply.

We're committed to reimagining the workplace experience. And exploring new heights of work-life integration and career fulfillment.

Each member of our team enjoys access to our Human Engineering Lab: where they can experience every peak performance, fitness, biohacking, and modern spirituality protocol we share with our millions of students.

The effect this has had on our team’s performance, retention, and happiness levels is incredible - and when we work with your company, we bring every aspect of that growth to each of your people.

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