Introducing Mindvalley’s premier holistic health and fitness certification

Transform peak wellness into your new normal, and guide others towards life-changing body breakthroughs as a Certified Holobody Coach

Mindvalley’s Holobody Certification empowers you with lifelong mastery of your health & fitness: and the skills, support and guidance to build a thriving coaching business

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If you want a permanent transformation, you have to go beyond surface-level diets and exhausting cardio routines

Exercise and nutrition alone are not enough. You have to go deeper, much deeper. It’s about creating a deep mind-body integration that transcends the surface-level approach of diets and exhausting exercise routines. When you begin doing this, you’ll experience a profound and permanent transformation for the biggest wellness breakthrough of your life. From your lifespan, weight and metabolism, your ability to heal and recover, and even your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. No more broken New Year resolutions or post-holiday slumps. No more fighting yourself to eat right. And no more experimenting with random diet fads. HoloBody delivers these series of science-based practices to you in a rigorously proven and easy-to-follow framework.

This opportunity is especially for you if you’re:

1. Looking to transform your own health and fitness: without the frustration, inconsistent results, and endless sacrifice that comes with most other approaches to nutrition and exercise.

2. A health or fitness professional who wants to level up: so you can facilitate better, faster, easier body transformations for you and your clients.

3. A coach looking to expand into health and fitness: and you want the best available tool set, skill set, and strategies for delivering extraordinary results while growing your client base and income.

4. Searching for the best way to help your loved ones return to health: whether it’s a parent, spouse, friends, or even your community.

The disturbing trillion-dollar controversy of the health industry

Despite our technological advancements and the trillions of dollars spent by the health and wellness industry, The latest trends and statistics show that our society is sicker than ever:

  • Global obesity rates have more than tripled since 1975: over 1 billion people are now clinically obese to date
  • A global study in across 52 countries showed more than 1 in 5 adults are experiencing chronic pain each year
  • Cancer diagnoses continue to multiply annually, and since 1975 have even increased by over 35% among younger adults

What’s happening here? How are we still falling so far behind in the health frontier in the face of the acclaimed trillions of dollars being spent?

Thats because:

99% of diet and exercise ‘solutions’ are failing to tackle the root cause of our health challenges

There’s a good change you’d have experienced this frustrating reality - by drastically change your food choices, going on near-starvation diets or spending hours at the gym. But everytime there’s little results to show for it, or you went right back to your old routines and reversed all of your hard work.

There’s a simple reason for this - the traditional approach to health and fitness is completely broken.

By focusing solely on ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’, you’re ignoring the remaining 8 other scientific markers that dramatically shape how you look and feel:

Put some alt text here
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The 108 variables shown on the map were compiled from the 38 scientific reviews to accurately represent the multiplicity of factors driving the obesity epidemic.

As seen on the diagram, diet and exercise are only 2 tiny components of the big picture of extraordinary health.

The solution? A new approach that addresses the 5 key dimensions of true wellness

Ronan and a women training

The solution to lifelong health and peak performance is crystal-clear for everyone who knows where to look.

Because by harnessing the 8 key scientific markers of human wellness - which include social psychology, environment, individual physiology, and much more…

It’s now possible to permanently transform every measure of any person’s health, fitness, and even longevity: far more easily and rapidly than once thought possible.

The 5 HoloBody Pillars represent a comprehensive and holistic approach to achieving optimal health and peak performance.

Based on cutting-edge scientific research and a deep understanding of human wellness, these addresses every dimension of wellness that matters - from physical, mental, and even your social well-being - to empower individuals such as yourself to achieve lasting and permanent health transformation.

What life could look like as a Mindvalley Certified Holobody Coach

As a certified HoloBody Coach, you possess the knowledge and expertise to make optimal health and wellness a reality for both yourself and your clients.

In this abundant lifestyle, you’re not just experiencing the benefits of peak health for your own body, but helping others achieve their own transformational breakthroughs.

Because of the gamechanging results you’re delivering to your clients, business is thriving and financial worries are now a thing of the past.

Want to hit the waves surfing in the middle of a workday? No problem. Go on a spontaneous month-long vacation? Done.

Or just have so much free time that you can spend all day with your kids and family being fully present with them? You got it.

All this becomes possible with…

Mindvalley’s premier holistic health and fitness coaching certification

The solution to your own life-changing body breakthrough.

The remedy to the global health crisis affecting billions.

And the key to helping and transforming the people around you, and even building a rewarding career, income stream, or coaching business through it.

Mindvalley’s one-of-a-kind certification program is designed for all these goals: and now you’re invited to join us as a partner and ally, as together we make a legendary impact beginning with you.


The Holobody Coaching Certification Program By Mindvalley

An immersive online experience that guides you towards a lifelong health & fitness breakthrough, and the skills and tools to coach others towards theirs

Holobody on various devices

Here’s what you can achieve for yourself and others with your Holobody Certification

  1. Create rapid & lasting body transformations

    You’ll master leading-edge mind-body practices that efficiently and permanently transform every marker of health and fitness in the human body, and raise it to its fullest potential - from strength and flexibility, to gut health and longevity, and much more.

  2. Rewire the human mind for lifelong health & fitness

    Through advanced habit formation and identity shifting techniques, you’ll be able to dive deep into the subconscious mind - and reprogram the invisible patterns that sabotage a person’s discipline and relationship with food, exercise, and healthy lifestyle habits. The result is smooth, resistance-free transformation that sticks.

  3. Heal the body & reverse aging

    You’ll harness science-based protocols that accelerate healing and recovery, improve sleep quality, and turn back the clock on premature aging - resulting in a body that looks and feels younger than ever, with an abundance of energy for life’s daily adventures.

  4. Personalized nutrition

    You’ll leverage the latest findings in optimal nutrition and gut health to help you discover your (or any individual’s) unique dietary requirements - and create a personalized nutrition game plan that matches unique needs and lifestyles.

  5. Optimized weight & metabolism

    You’ll get a step-by-step game plan for increasing the body’s metabolic turnover rate. This helps improve the body’s internal functions, reverse aging, and raise the overall health baseline, while keeping the body in its optimal weight range without having to struggle with yo-yo diets or sudden weight changes.

  6. Awaken peak productivity & personal power

    You’ll create quantum leaps in your and anyone else’s confidence, self-identity, and personal and professional effectiveness. In this state self-love and agency becomes the default, along with a high-performing body that facilitates the achievement of any goal or mission.

  7. Become an effective coach for yourself and others

    A world-class coach harnesses powerful skills and tools to facilitate rapid and lasting transformation in anyone regardless of circumstances. You’ll gain mastery of today’s best coaching models, and discover how to best apply them in your own life and for others.

  8. Uplift and support your loved ones

    If someone close to you needs a health transformation - you can be the one who changes their life. From guiding them through the process, to keeping them accountable and on track with love and reverence - you’ll gain the practical and soft skills to guide them to a better future.

  9. Build a career, new income stream, or personal mission

    Your Holobody Coaching Certification equips you with the proven strategies and frameworks used by today’s most successful coaches to build thriving, scalable, and profitable coaching businesses. If helping others is your passion, you can now elevate that into your business and your mission.

The curriculum

Explore the Holobody curriculum

Upon beginning your certification program, you’re guided through engaging weekly video tutorials, live virtual classrooms, and peer practice sessions designed to fit your busy schedule, and level you up rapidly and consistently.

The focus of this experience is in empowering you with a holistic mastery of facilitating optimal health and fitness.

You’ll be taken deep not just into today’s best science and tools for peak health, nutrition, and body transformation - but also the habit formation, psychological, and identity shifting principles that create lasting, resistance-free results in anyone.

Holobody Certification on multiple devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV

Click below to read more

Part 1

The Foundations Of Powerful Coaching

Part 2

The Foundations Of Body Transformation

Part 3

The Racing Mode For Body Transformations

Part 4

The Cruising Mode For Body Transformations

How the certification program works

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Weekly drip-fed training

Learn at your own pace with 60-90 minutes per week of training videos.

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LIVE weekly classrooms

Join online group sessions with Mindvalley facilitators to dive deeper into the materials.

Student Icon

Weekly Coaching Pods

Practice new skills and gain practical experience with business coaching case studies.

Student Icon

Periodical assessments

Stay accountable to your goals and track your progress with actionable data.

Enjoy a flexible and adaptable training timeline, perfect for even the busiest schedule

Total training time: 3 hours per week

Not to worry: you can catch up on your weekly training videos (60-90 minutes) and live sessions (60-90 minutes) when you get the time. And all live sessions are recorded, so you can watch them at any time even if you miss one.

You’re never alone: Enjoy mindful & personalized support through every step of your Journey

  • Holistic and in-depth training

    Gain best-in-class coaching skills to create deep transformation, attract and retain high-paying clients, and make an extraordinary impact as a body transformation coach.

  • Live training with Holobody founders & facilitators

    Connect, ask questions, and get your challenges solved by the world’s leading *Holobody* experts - saving you from the trial-and-error that comes with most coaching certifications.

  • Confidence training

    Develop the confidence you need to exceed your goals, land your dream clients, and show up as the best version of yourself for your clients and your business.

  • Practical hands-on experience

    Accelerate your growth by practicing and implementing everything you’ve learned week-by-week through virtual practical sessions with your fellow coaches

  • A passionate community

    Build meaningful connections and even collaborate with your fellow Holobody coaches through interactive sessions, a private Telegram group, and the Connections by Mindvalley app. .

  • Consistency & accountability

    Track your progress, sustain your focus, and stay accountable to your goals with useful assessments that keep you on track, every step of the way.

Plus, you’re supported in channeling your coaching skills into a profitable & scalable business

  • Create health and fitness breakthroughs from anywhere in the world

    Too far? No such thing. We’re building a virtual platform that empowers you to facilitate borderless online coaching sessions with your students - wherever you (or they) are in the world. Just log in, connect, and let the transformation begin.

  • Your personal profile on Mindvalley’s official coaching platform

    Create your personal profile is accessible to millions of our students worldwide, so you gain a constant stream of new leads.

  • Mindvalley’s students are now your future clients

    Finding new clients can be challenging: but we solve this for you by connecting you with our millions of students worldwide through members-only events headlined by the world’s best teachers. You can even use these events as a launchpad for an international speaking career.

800,000+ lives transformed (and we’re just getting started)

Mindvalley’s health and fitness programs serve a global community of students from a diversity of backgrounds, fitness levels, and circumstances. We’re proud of the life-changing results they’ve achieved. And we can’t wait to work with you to create even more.

Collage of before and after transformations

Meet your Holobody certification coaches

Ronan Diego de Oliveira

Ronan Diego de Oliveira

Mindvalley’s Head of Health & Fitness, Co-Creator of Holobody

Ronan is Mindvalley’s in-house health and fitness expert, and the co-creator of many of our bestselling fitness programs: including Holobody, 10x Fitness, and Beyond Fasting.

His personal journey started with a path of over-exercising, unhealthy dieting, and eventually major health issues: which became his wake-up call to study a more healthy, sustainable approach to wellness. Today, Ronan engages in leading events and programs to share his discoveries with a global audience.

Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha

Co-founder, Evercoach

Ajit Nawalkha is a builder of businesses and coaches, and serves as the mastermind behind a variety of brands in the human evolution and education space.

He is the co-founder of Mindvalley Teach, the Global Grit Institute, and Evercoach: a global coaching education center that serves over 100,000 coaches around the world.

Over the past decade, Ajit’s mission has been to empower entrepreneurs and coaches to live lives and build businesses with a greater purpose, in addition to optimizing revenue and impact.

Ajit’s role in the Mindvalley Life Coaching Certification program is to help you master not only the business aspect of your coaching career, but yourself: by empowering you to set and achieve inspiring goals for yourself, and transform even more lives through your passion for coaching.

Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley, Co-Creator of Holobody

Vishen Lakhiani is the Founder of Mindvalley, an award-winning education movement with millions of students worldwide. Through Mindvalley, Vishen has spent over 15 years exploring the science of helping humans break free from the shackles of their past, reprogram their minds and identities, and breakthrough their glass ceilings as they reach their fullest potential.

Vishen is the creator of Mindvalley Quests, A-Fest, Mindvalley University, and various other platforms in the field of personal transformation. He has led Mindvalley to enter and train Fortune 500 companies, governments, and millions of people around the world - including professional athletes in every major American sporting league.

Throughout your certification process, Vishen will support you with advanced personal transformation tools that help you create a new identity as a successful life coach, and shift your mind to effortlessly think bigger, perform better, and make a legendary impact.

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Here’s What You Get In The Holobody Certification Program:

  • The complete 4-month Holobody Certification Program: you’re guided through weekly 60 - 90 minute video training sessions for learning, embodying, teaching, and building a successful business with the Holobody protocol.

  • Weekly Live Classroom sessions with Holobody founders & facilitators: join Ronan, Vishen, and Ajit for weekly interactive group sessions as they answer your questions, clear your roadblocks, and keep you on track.

  • Weekly Interactive Peer Coaching Labs: practice your skills with your fellow Holobody coaches, grow your confidence, and accelerate your growth.

  • Your Certified Holobody Coach profile on Mindvalley’s coaching website: accessible to millions of Mindvalley students worldwide.

  • Get featured at Mindvalley’s annual events: connect with our global community and build your client base at events headlined by the world’s best teachers and coaches.

  • Placement in the official Holobody coaching community: so you get all the support, guidance, and inspiration you need to build your coaching business - even after the program ends.

  • An unconditional 15-day money back guarantee: test drive the program with total peace of mind, and give yourself a full refund if you’re not satisfied for any reason whatsoever.

A highly recommended skill set upgrade for Holobody coaches:

Level up your Holobody skills with an official certification in 10x Fitness

The hyper-optimized exercise protocol that creates profound physical transformation in a fraction of the time

10x Fitness Coaching Certification

How the 10x certification upgrade works

The 10x Certification Program is a three-month online program that’s designed to flow seamlessly with your Holobody Certification.

If you choose this upgrade, you’ll begin the three-month process at the end of your four-month Holobody Certification, for a total of seven months.

By the end of this time, you’ll be equipped with an unbeatable coaching repertoire in the form of Holobody’s holistic approach to health and fitness - and the specialized exercise and peak performance protocol offered by 10x.

Mold Or Transform Any Body Type, At Any Age

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The program begins on October 7

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The program begins on October 7

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Initial application deposit

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Apply now by leaving a $200 fully refundable deposit.
*VAT charges might apply as per the billing address.
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