Mindvalley’s New Quest From Leading Chakra Expert, Anodea Judith

Experience the Fastest, Easiest Path Towards Balancing Your Chakras & Your Life

Embark On A Transformational Journey That Re-Aligns All Aspects Of Your Being — Mind, Body & Spirit — So You Can Awaken Your Fullest Creation Power.

Introducing the World’s Most Comprehensive and Practical Program on Healing Your Chakras and Unleashing Your Greatest Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Did we Drop The Price by 24%?

Who is this Quest for, and what can it do for me?

How does this Quest work?

I’ve seen many courses and books on the subject of the chakras. How is this Quest different?

Will I still have access to the daily trainings once the Quest is over?

My schedule is uncertain, can I complete the Quest at my own pace?

Do you guarantee this Quest will work for me?