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Whether it’s building your career, getting in shape, fixing your love life or unleashing the tiger within you, Mindvalley Coaching brings you remarkable growth.

Vishen Lakhiani

including Vishen, who will share his transformational learnings and deep dive with you, every month.

What You’ll Learn

Here’s How You’ll Grow With Mindvalley All Access Premium Coaching In 12 Months

  • Achieve Breakthroughs
    Receive real-time coaching from Vishen & hand-picked Mindvalley coaches. Gain clarity, success at work, achieving health goals, igniting passion in your relationships, and tapping into confidence overcoming any barriers.
  • Small Commitments with Massive Results
    You get a personalized learning journey with the best Mindvalley Quests. Each program is designed to help you take small, daily actions so you can ease into new habits, absorb your learnings, and get focused on your growth.
  • Accountability & Networking
    When you’re on the path to the next level, it helps to have people to journey with you. You’ll receive amazing support and accountability as you transform your life with like-minded Growth Partners.
  • The Best Tools for Your Growth
    You learn first-hand about the most cutting edge personal growth ideas & techniques from Vishen. Taken from his lifelong dedication to personal growth -- some of these extraordinary ideas haven’t even been enclosed to the world yet.
How The Program Works
Part I: Getting Started
Screenshots of the Mindvalley App
1. Identify Your Area of Focus. Powered by Tribe Intelligence

Take the Mindvalley Lifebook Assessment to determine your focus areas of growth.

A Personal coach will go through your results and help identify the best program for you. Our coaches are equipped with Mindvalley’s New Eve Artificial Intelligence will identify the best programs for you to get started in based on thousands of past success stories from students around the world. We call this tribe intelligence.

See for these success stories.

Our customer on her first coaching call
2. Get On Your First Call with Your Coach.

Your coach will dive deep with you into your desires and roadblocks in life and work. This also includes training you on principles of habit hacking and behavioral modifications, leveraging your Mindvalley access to All Access Quests to get the best results possible.

3. Get Started On Your Chosen 30 Day Program

Whether it’s reversing aging with Ben Greenfield, developing public speaking skills with Lisa Nichols, developing your energy body with Jeffrey Allen, or become a superstar at work with Robin now get to dive into your Mindvalley program. And all the other programs you choose to dive deep into for the following months.

Total Time per Day:
5 to 20 mins.

Mindvalley Quests are designed to maximize learning in minimal time.

Part II: Monthly Coaching And Your New Mastermind Group
Every month, you’re also invited to participate in specific trainings, calls and masterminds to further accelerate your growth.
Each Month You Will Get:
1. Your Personal 1 on 1 with Your Coach

Once a month with the yearly subscription and twice a month with the monthly one, you get on a call with your coach to uplevel your life and to receive personal guidance in overcoming obstacles and achieving milestones.

Vishen Lakhiani's Portrait
2. Monthly Training with Vishen Lakhiani

As one of Mindvalley’s top students, you get to join Vishen Lakhiani on a monthly group call where he shares his biggest learnings of the month while answering your questions too. You will even receive premier insights into unique parts from his newest book (in creation).

User on her laptop
3. Your Private Mastermind Group

You’ll also leverage the power of accountability through focused groups. Monthly, get on a call with the Coach and your 5-10 Growth Partners of your mastermind group. These coaching sessions will cover our key life areas like Career, Mind, Health and Relationships.

Your Commitment is 4 Hours a Month

Calls happen via Zoom Calls and are Live but recorded for you too.

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