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From beating stress, better focus to improving your well-being: you’ll find immersive guided meditations for anything and everything.

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Mindvalley’s most beloved teachers are now your personal meditation guides.

Choose from over 1000 inspiring, uplifting, and soothing vocal tracks to accompany you on your inward journey.

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In just a few clicks, our easy-to-use Mixer lets you design your own one-of-a-kind meditation sessions.

You can layer your chosen vocals over your favorite audio tracks, decide on your preferred length, and explore various other customization options to create an inward journey that’s truly your own.

The mixer software lets you design your own meditation


Choose from a wide variety of sounds to enhance your meditation: including binaural beats and relaxing ambient loops for sleep, focus, inner clarity, and more.

You can set a timer on your chosen sounds, or have them play on autoloop.

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Wide range of categories

From confidence and self-love to spiritual awakening and self-mastery. Everyday, you will get access to a variety of meditations tailored to different moods, goals, and moments.

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