Before You Submit Your Lifebook Online Refund Request

A Personal Message From Jon & Missy Butcher

Portrait of Jon & Missy Butcher in their garden

Our Dear Lifebook Online Graduate,

Congratulations on coming this far on your Lifebook journey.

You now have a Lifebook - a personal blueprint for your highest self and your very best life. It’s something very few people ever do and it’s a huge accomplishment you should be proud of. We surely are :)

If you are on this page we assume that you have decided to NOT continue your Lifebook journey with the Lifebook Mastery Membership and that you’d like to apply for your Lifebook Online $500 accountability deposit refund.

Please know that we absolutely respect your decision for choosing to end your Lifebook journey with us…

If you simply need your $500 accountability deposit back - we totally understand. The past months of the global pandemic were really tough financially for many people and $500 goes a long way, we get it. If you need your money back - just scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill up your refund application form, no questions asked.

Now - if money is not the main obstacle for you to continue your Lifebook journey with us - we want to address a few other reasons that might be keeping you on the fence, so you can make a well informed and best decision for yourself.

If you haven’t finished your Lifebook yet…

Some students feel like they need more time to finish or perfect their Lifebooks before taking the next step. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way - and this is precisely why we created Lifebook Mastery Membership :-)

You see, 6 weeks of Lifebook Online is meant to help you create your first Lifebook draft - not the final version. Lifebook Mastery Membership is designed to dive deep into one Lifebook category each month - so you can refine your Premise, Purpose, Vision and Strategy for each of the 12 areas of your life and start taking consistent, focused action that gets you closer to your vision every single day.

Our statistics show that if you don’t start executing on your Life Vision now, your chances of continuing at all go down significantly, so we highly encourage you to eliminate the “I’m not ready yet’ objection and do what the most successful Lifebookers do – trust the process, ride the MOMENTUM of creating your Lifebook and focus on taking ACTION with the support of Jon, Missy and entire Lifebook Mastery Membership tribe.

If you don't have enough time...

For some students dedicating 6 weeks to Lifebook Online felt like a big time commitment, and they worry that they won’t be able to carve out the same amount of time moving forward.

First of all, if you struggle with finding free time - please know that applying the signature Lifebook Mastery Bootcamp ‘Funnel Of Focus’ methodology will help you easily free up many hours of your precious time, so you can use it for what matters to you the most.

You’ll need about 10h for the Lifebook Mastery Bootcamp program (to watch the videos and complete worksheets).

When you are done with Mastery Bootcamp you can decide how much time you want to commit to mastering the 12 categories by exploring the content library, attending live calls or interacting with other Lifebookers. There are no cohorts, no pressure of time or completion deadlines.

We hope this gives you a bit more clarity so you can make the best decision for yourself. But no matter what you decide to do next, we want you to promise us one thing:

Don’t Let Your Life Vision Remain Just a Vision

You’ve worked so hard on your Lifebook and you’ve come so far, and no matter what you do next, we really hope you won’t let your Lifebook become a fancy coffee table book with a bunch of pretty pictures collecting dust.

We sincerely encourage you to continue working towards your Life Vision and to help you get started we want to gift you the first video from the Lifebook Mastery Bootcamp, as our way of saying thank you for coming this far:

We hope this video will inspire you to continue your Lifebook journey (and we not-so-secretly hope it will change your mind about Lifebook Mastery Membership too!).

In the video, you’ll find a powerful roadmap for realizing your Life Vision – and that’s just a tiny sample of the goal-achievement guidance you’ll get from Lifebook Mastery Membership.

But whether you choose to realize your Life Vision alone, or with us and our Lifebook Mastery Membership family – please make sure you follow through immediately. Because as stats show, the longer you delay on implementing a vision, the less likely it is you’ll achieve it.

It’s time to make a final decision. If you still want to proceed with your accountability deposit refund, please review the details below.

Are You Eligible For The Lifebook Online $500 Accountability Deposit Refund?

To qualify for your Lifebook Online $500 accountability deposit refund, you need to have completed the entire program on the Mindvalley platform. This means you must have:

  • Watched all 14 program videos (or listened to the audios)
  • Written down your Premise, Vision, Purpose & Strategy for all 12 Lifebook categories in your program templates.

Please make sure you fulfill all above conditions before submitting your refund request form.

If You Fulfilled All The Above Conditions, Here Are Your Next Steps

Step 1

Fill in and submit the refund request form below by March 5, 2021 (Friday) – 11PM US Central Time.

Step 2

After we receive your refund request, we will proceed with the refund eligibility verification process. If we have questions or need additional verification, we will get in touch via email.

Step 3

If you don’t hear back from us, you can expect your refund to be processed by the following week after the end of the refund period.

Step 4

Once we process your refund, you’ll lose access to the Lifebook Online program on the Mindvalley platform.


Please note that Mindvalley will not grant refunds to any late refund requests.

We will only grant refunds to customers who submitted the Lifebook Online refund request form on this page.

Emailing Mindvalley customer support, and/or filling in the form on the Mindvalley refund page, DO NOT COUNT as refund requests.

AFTER REFUND: When refunds are processed, they are posted to your account (credit card, bank account, or pin-less debit card) by your issuing bank with varying timelines.

But in the case that your credit card has expired by the time we process your refund, Mindvalley will issue the amount via PayPal.

Fill in your Lifebook Online $500 accountability deposit refund request form by clicking ‘Submit My Refund Request’ below.